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Castle Crashers Cheats

Castle Crashers

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Steam Achievements:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your
achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then "My profile", then "View
all my games", then the game and view stats.

Achievement         How to Unlock
Animal Handler    - Collect all the animal orbs.
Arena Master      - Win 40 Arena Online Matches.
Deer Trainer      - Navigate the Abandoned Mill without hitting any obstacles.
Glork             - Win 20 All You Can Quaff Online Matches.
Kay Eye Ess Ess   - Collect all 4 princesses' kisses in a multiplayer game.
Maximum Firepower - Using a catapult, fling a knight with maximum power.
Medic!            - In a 4 player game, resuscitate each of your fallen
                    comrades at least once.
Melee Is Best     - Defeat any end boss without using any magic.
The Traitor       - Defeat any boss by playing one of his own minions.
Traditional       - Complete the game using any character.
Treasure Hunter   - Find and dig up ten buried items.

The Compass Glitch:
When you are fighting the Giant Red Dragon at the end of "Lava World", Use your magic 
jump by the Giant Red Dragon and keep pressing X and Y repeatedly and soon you will be
right next to the compass on the cliff!
Note: Make sure the Giant Red Dragon is nowhere near Dead when using the Glitch!

Catfish / Barbarian Boss Glitch:
* These are glitches you can exploit to get experience much easier. 
* Although, you WILL need 1 thing first:

01 Boomerang (Obtained in the forest. 
Its in the bush where the Owl is crapping himself)

Once you've gotten your Boomerang, you head back to the Catfish or Barbarian Boss battle's
and start trying this trick out. The steps to do this trick are:

01 Throw the boomerang behind the boss.
02 Align yourself with the boss.
03 Shield so you do not get hit. 

For the Barbarian; You'll only need to be worried about his attack where he grabs the
large piece of metal from his back and slam it onto the ground. That is the only move
that will damage you when using your shield. He also uses a drink and burps after you've
taken him down to half life. Those are the only 2 you'll have to dodge and re-throw your

For the Catfish; You need to be a bit more accurate in your throwing with this boss. 
You first have to get on a log, Alligator, or thief and position yourself "above" the 
boat. You'll bring out your boomerang and let it get to max power. Once the Catfish 
has started throwing up the hairball, you may throw the boomerang. You next need to 
get in front of the boat and shield. Make sure you attack the hairball before it rolls
into the boat.

Color Glitch; This happens while doing the trick to the Catfish most (The Barbarian one
is random and hasn't been able to "stop" ). The problem is when your boomerang is back 
behind the Catfish, the Catfish may die just before the cannon is fired. Which will 
cause the cat to be hit as it's sinking and cause the game to have a "color" glitch. 
The only way to fix the glitch is not let the cannon fire before the cat dies. If you
experience the glitch, head to the dashboard after you hear the Overworld music. 
You'll still have your experience you gained from that Catfish EXP Glitch run.

Defeating the Painter:
Note the color of the brush while fighting the Painter in the Wizard's Castle. 
It will give a clue as to what he will paint next.

Light pink   - Unicorn
Light purple - Nose-Snail
Light orange - Cat
Magenta      - Clown
Orange       - Carrot Clock
Purple       - Octopus
Red          - Big Monster
Teal         - Angry Person
Turquoise    - Zombie
White        - Elephant

How to Beat Castle Crashers Faster:
Written by iiBuffering

This guide will help you beat Castle Crashers faster.

If you spend time into this game, you know how long it takes to unlock every 
character, or carry one to a golden skull. However, as long as you have a 
character with all the levels beaten, it is possible to beat specific levels 
for the ones you skipped to count as completed. Below is a list of necessary 
levels, and tips on the best characters to use.

-=Levels Required=-
Below is a list of the levels that need to be completed:

Castle Keep.
Barbarian Boss (can exit to map after chest disappears).
Thieve's Forest.
Catfish (can exit to map after boss health bar disappears).
Pipistrello's Cave.
Cyclops' Fortress (can exit to map after chest disappears).
Lava World.
Industrial Castle.
Pirate Ship.
Desert Chase.
Sand Castle Roof (can exit to map after your character acquires the Map).
Corn Boss (can exit to map after your character acquires the Horn).
Medusa's Lair.
Full Moon.
Ice Castle (can exit to map after boss chest disappears).
Final Battle (need to go back to title screen and do level again).

-=Recommended Characters=-
The best characters to use when level skipping depend on what levels you're 
doing, especially in Insane Mode. Below are the ideal characters to use for 
level skipping:

Red Knight - good for taking on large crowds of enemies.
Blue Knight - good for freezing enemies to take on one at a time.
Industrialist / Fencer - good for taking on bosses.

The Final Countdown Achievement (Easiest Way):
Written by Javo Sixty Four

Note this guide requires the the game to be played in multiplayer with all 4 
slots being used. Whether it be 1 person or multiple, there needs to be a way 
to control all 4 characters. I did this with 3 controllers and a keyboard by myself.

The characters and controllers will not matter as long as you can use them during 
the game.

When trying to face this achievement I found some commonly agreed upon things: a 
larger map without small paths to trap you, when in a pinch button mash to make up 
some ground and pausing will give you time to think out your next move. 
What I uncovered was in a 4 player game on a specific map, one of the characters 
will spawn out of bounds and be untouchable to the enemies. The map is an ice stage 
and as far as I am aware, will only spawn a character out of bounds on a 4 player 

I recommend playing locally off one PC instead of playing online for a few reasons. 
Online games tends to lag in the wrong moments, occasionally you can get kicked out 
of the party putting you back at the main menu and the biggest reason is that you 
cannot pause an online game.

This is the stage you should look for. 
Note that the Orange Knight is on the water tile and unreachable.

-=Important Things You Should Know=-
* The movement in the game consist of pushing the button with the matching color 
  (arrow if you use keyboard) or using the control stick pushing in the direction
  of the arrow. This means you can spam with the buttons and control stick on your
  controller making it easier if you prefer one or the other.
* The enemies gradually get faster and start getting brutal around the 1:45 mark. 
  They will also gang up on one character commonly, including the one on the water
* When a player dies in a multiplayer game a potion will spawn to revive them and 
  if there is multiple dead then it will randomly revive them. If there is one 
  player left alive then a sad meter appears and usually potion with it.
* The sad meter will eventually kill the last player if they do not revive another 
  person as seen in the image below. It takes about 15 seconds for the bar to fill 
  up completely.

-=Going Live=-
* First things first, pick your characters and remember which character is on which 
* Seek out the stage in the picture above. No other stage will work so just ether 
  wait for the game to kill you or move towards the enemies to get killed.
* When you find the find the stage be careful to not move the character that is 
  on the water tile and I isolated the controller so I didn't attempt to touch it.
* Spread out the characters to different sides of the map to be able to see the 
  whole map and to keep them from getting bunched up/caught on each other.
* Survive till the 2:15 mark as the sad meter will only last 15 seconds when 
  the character on the water tile is left. Remember you can pause if you need a 
  moment to think or map yourself.
* Around the 1:45 mark this gets extremely difficult so I spammed the controllers 
  if an enemy was by the character and locked onto the potions when they spawned 
  with one that wasn't under a lot of heat.

-=Done and Done!=-
I got the achievement my 1st try doing it using this method and my friend who I 
shared it with got it on their 2nd try. It still requires luck and a small bit 
of skill, but is a vastly easier way to get it then any other method I've seen.
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