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Cascade Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Restore lives:
Instead of waiting half an hour per life to replenish, advance the time on your 
device by the amount necessary to restore all of them. Then, set the time back 
to its correct value. 

* Your matches do not have to be in straight lines. You can form "L"-shaped matches
  as well as matches from groups with more than three gems. 
* Rainbow-colored wild gems can be matched with any color. Use them strategically 
  to get yourself out tough situations when you are low on spins and still have 
  lots of obstacles to remove. A single wild gem can set off a large chain of 
  matches. Save wild gems for when they are needed most. 
* Matches can be done vertically or horizontally. Try to match as many big 
  formations as possible. 
* Search for bonus gems with spikes coming out of them. Depending which way those
  spikes point, they can clear out rows or columns. Although you need three or 
  more gems to match up, sometimes you can fill in the gap with your gem. 

* Clear the level of crates, fog, rocks, and other obstacles within your allotted
  number of spins. When placing gems focus on clearing debris while making matches
  out of big groups of gems when possible. This can form super-gems that can clear
  rows and columns when they are matched again, thus also clearing obstacles. 
* After clearing obstacles away using as few spins as possible, your remaining 
  spins will help create a cascade of gems. 

* Use score multipliers to increase your points, and thus are one of the best 
* Try to slot your gems into larger formations. The more gems you eliminate in a 
  single run, the higher your score, and the more spins you will retain.
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