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Carmageddon 2 - Carpocolypse Now Cheats

Carmageddon 2 - Carpocolypse Now

Cheat Codes:
Enter the following codes during play.

Code                    Result 
WOTATWATAMI           - Get Flame Thrower
LEMMINGIZE            - Disable pedestrian AI
FASTBAST              - Fast pedestrians
WETWET                - Credit bonus
SMARTBASTARD          - Finish race
TINGTING              - Free repairs
CINTONCO              - Hot rod
MOONINGMINNIE         - lunar gravity
BIGDANGLE             - Mutant tail
MRMAINWARING          - Panicked pedestrians
TILTY                 - Pinball mode
STIFFSPASMS           - Timer reversed
STOPSNATCH            - Toggle timer
WATERSPORT            - Underwater capability
ZAZAZ                 - Pedestrian annihilator
POWPOW                - Opponent repulsificator
STICKYTYRES           - Climb walls 
TIMMYTITTY            - Time bonus
GOODHEAD              - Peds With Stupid Heads
EVENINGOCCIFER        - Drunk Driving
FRYFRY                - Gives Pedestrian Flamethrower
Clangclang            - Bodywork Trashed
Bloodyhippy           - Drugs
Xrayspeks             - Ethereal Pedestrians
Twatoff               - Explosive Pedestrians
Didedodi              - Mine ShittingAbility
Dotaction             - Pedestrians on Map
Oypowerupno           - Powerup Cancellificationisizer
Bigtwat               - Solid Granite Car
Takemetakeme          - Suicidal Pedestrians

Submitted by: Vikram

In the Main directory open the file data.twt using 
wordpad, change anything u want and use the cheat 
LAPMYLOVEPUMP whenever u want in the game. 
Backup the file before editing it. 

Submitted by: rich

if you go into the main directory where you installed 
Carmagedoon 2, and open the data text, you can change 
the time settings for the game levels up to 900 secs.
some versions of Carmagedoon 2 do not accept typed in 
cheat codes, so this is a good way around that problem.

Dale, Submitted the following Information:

To enable cheat mode, start a new race and 
After the race begins. you should receive a
CHEATMODE: ENABLED, message, and can now enter any 
of the following codes by pressing the corresponding 
number key, as indicated below:
1 credit
2 greased tires
3 giant peds
4 explosive peds
5 hot rod
6 turbo peds
7 god mode
8 free repairs
9 instant repair
0 credits
Hold SHIFT and press:
1 underwater abilities
2 time bonus
3 trash body
4 trash engine
5 freeze opponets
6 freeze cops
7 turbo opponets
8 turbo cops
9 lunar gravity
0 stop the time
Hold CTRL and press:
1 drugs
2 grip tires
3 peds, big heads
4 mutabt corpes
5 jupiter gravity
6 trash body and engine..toss around
7 slow peds
8 small peds
9 nitro
0 rock springs
Hold ALT and press:
1 wall climber
2 bouncy
3 jelly suspension
4 peds on map
5 ped destruc ray
6 greased tires
7 damage magnifer
8 bumb peds
9 fat/round peds
0 pinball mode
Hold CTRL+SHIFT and press:
1 after burner
2 mine
3 oil slicks
4 kangeroo
5 ped ray
6 car repulisifer
7 dismeberfest?
8 ghost peds
9 grooving peds
0 20 000 credits!
Hold ALT+SHIFT and press:
1 random effect/bonus
2 instant hand break
3 immortal peds
4 turbo car
5 mega turbo car
6 dumb peds
7 suicidal peds
8 5 free recovery couchers
9 solid car
0 ACME damage amplifer
Hold ALT+CTRL and press:
1 helium preds
2 drunks peds
3 fat/round peds
4 stick men
5 ped repulsifer
6 extra amor
7 extra power
8 extra offense
9 extra armour power and offense
0 ped panic
Hold SHIFT+CTRL+ALT and press:
1 75 000 credits!

Submitted by: gaurav
to complete the mission in which the infectious 
patients located in the control tower,try to climb 
to the top & press 'fryingtonight'  

type this Code when your are racing.
and press the button f4.
and if you now press the buttons 1tmt0 you al lot 
of goodies.

Submitted by: Ea Ytsma

Always keep your finger poised over the repair key so you can 
save yourself from disaster should you fall off a building or 
wind up on the receiving end of an opponent's vicious attack. 
If you're not quick enough you could end up getting wasted.

To complete the mission in which all of the escaped mental 
patients must be killed and a lone patient is located atop an 
inaccessible plateau, drive to the base of the hill where the 
straggler is standing. Then honk your horn continuously. 
He'll eventually panic and fall to his death.

If you wish to maximize your credits in any given level, forget 
about completing the race. Instead plan to waste all but one of 
your opponents and then use the bonus time you've established to
clean up on the pedestrians and power-ups. Once you've had your 
fill, you can waste the final opponent to end the level.

Door Cheat 
During the game, if there are a bunch of peds, 
press shift then enter and you will open your 
doors and kill them (press enter again and you 
will close the doors and you will have to just 
hit enter any other time). 

Retail Version:
If you want a quick cheat, you will have to edit the 
...\data\Peds\Settings.txt file 
(... is the directory into which you installed Carmageddon 2).

Near the start of the file (in the general stuff section) you 
should see a line that has three numbers followed by the text 
"// Points score per ped (each level)". Edit the threenumbers 
to three other larger numbers. This will change the number of 
credits you win for killing pedestrians.

In addition, on the line below you should see three numbers 
followed by "// Time score per ped (each level)". 
Increasing these three numbers gives you more time per 
pedestrian killed.

While playing Carmageddon2, I figured out a way to 
take off at the start of a race before the announcer 
finishes counting down: As soon as the race comes up, 
and you arer ready, hold down the Z key or your wheel 
spin while holding down the gas, then let go of the 
wheel spin key and keep on the gas, the anouncer will 
say, "Hey you!" and then you're free to take off with 
a mighty advantage way before the announcer finishes 
counting down!

Carmageddon 2 - Hexcheat
If you want to play with 100,000,000,000 credits, 
then all you have to do is change one line in the 
GENERAL.TXT (which is in the DATA folder), which 
reads, "// Starting money for each skill level" 
(look closely, its hard to find) 
to 100000000000,1000000000000,1000000000000.

Submitted by: Vic
when you drive always staybehind your oponents
and always have mini map on also when you tipe 
cheats do it slowly and stop driving but keep 

code            action
fryingtonight - zaps pedestrians and gives you mega credits

Carmageddon 2 (Demo):
submitted by jeansy

* Play as any car (excluding the truck):
- Open the file GENERAL.TXT (in the data directory)
- Change the line which reads EAGLE3.TXT (it's right after 'Cars to use as
defaults:' ) to another filename describing a car.
The names of the cars you can use are found in the data/cars dir.

If you try this with the truck (using VOLVO.TXT) the game might crash.

Submitted by: Mike Devey

for the mission; control freak, i've found a much easier way of completing 
the level not included. if you go to the runway strip on the east of the 
level, ride all the way to the end and you'll find an earth ramp to reach 
over the water. the first red crate is electro-bastard ray, then quickly 
make your way to the tower using the east jump ramp to launch yourself, 
provided you come within a realistic distance of the tower the ray will 
kill all four controllers with ease, level finished in under a minute.

Flight mode controls:
Enter one of the following codes after activating the 
iwishicouldflyrightuptothesky code. 

Effect                               Code 	
Toggle flight mode                 - [Ctrl] + [Keypad 1]
Rotate car sideways 	           - [Shift] + [Keypad 4] or [Keypad 6]
Rotate front/back (to fly up/down) - [Keypad 9] or [Keypad 3]

Bonus cars:
Successfully complete the game to unlock new colors for the Eagle 3 and 
the "Flower Plower". 

Skip pre-race countdown:
Press [Wheel Spin] during the countdown. The message "Bad boy! 1000 credit 
fine" will appear, and you will skip the countdown.

Recover from crashes:
Press [Insert] if your car flips on its back or repeated tap Z if stuck on
your side to get back on your wheels. Hold [Backspace] to fix any damage 
done to your car.
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