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Capoeira Fighter 3 Cheats

Capoeira Fighter 3

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Mashera

Capoeira Fighter 3 Ultimate World Tournament Win Match:
You must enter the cheat "tester" to use the WIN match cheat.

During any match press "k1" or "K2" to KO that player and finish
the match.

Gameplay Passwords:
Submitted by: Stephe Ivan
Enter using password button on the bottom of the game mode screen:

Code      Effect
muito   - Unlocks impossible arcade, and survival modes.
          (Makes oppononts harder and gets 5 credits each match)
morte   - relocks all unlockable content.
          (restores the game to the out of the box state)
zum     - start survival mode on round 10.
rapido  - permanent speed.
          (doesn't work in arcade, minigame or survival modes)
vida    - permanent regeneration and extra damage.
          (doesn't work in arcade,mini game or survival modes)
macumba - permanent hyper regeneration.
uber    - speed, health and hyper cheats all at once.

Free 1000 Credits:
At the character selection menu press "io9" then press "m" as many
times as you want to get +1000 credits.

Use "loadtest.swf" to browse cut scenes and endings for any character.

Easy credits win:
Submitted by: Emanuel

Enter "tester" password and after start up "speed KO" Minigame. When you 
start the battle press "ko2" and u will win the match. Do this again, and
again and u will get a lot of credits.
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