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Canyon Defense Cheats

Canyon Defense

Submitted by: David K.

* In first levels place some towers near the entry point and at least one tower about a 
  third of the way on the map to kill enemy who evade the early towers.

* Flying enemy aircraft appear about the 7th attack wave, so make sure you place and anti
  air gun around the middle of map.

* To place anti air gun click advanced tab and select the AA Gun which costs $150.

* After that it's just a matter of personal strategy, placing defense towers where you 
  think they are best able to protect your city from each wave of attack.

Next attack:
To bring next wave of enemies onto map early, click the play button.

Submitted by: matt strausberger

If you have enough money to buy a wall factory buy it and the wall part will show up if
you want more walls to put instead of waiting for it to load put the wall where you want
then sell the wall factory an buy it again an put it back in the same spot the wall thing
will show up loaded so if you do it over and over again you can put as many walls as it 
lets you.

Stacking towers:
Submitted by: justin tacy

You can put unlimited AA guns in one spot! Just click on the AA gun and keep putting them 
in one spot until you cant buy anymore. You can try this with other towers but all towers 
cannot do this.

General Brokenness:
* After there are enough objects on the screen, you can stack buildings, at which point 
  the game is very easy. This happens pretty early in the game.

* Once you can build the Recycler, just stack as many of those as you can while maintaining 
  defences. The amount of money you're making will increase exponentially, so you'll soon 
  have far more money than you'd ever really need. Once you can build the armour piercing 
  guns and the chaingun, a few stacks of maybe 10 or 20 of those will be all you'll need, 
  and you can focus on building heaps of Recyclers for the score increases.

Slow Enemies:
Submitted by: jonathan camacho

* When your place is all covered and you unlock the goo cannon then do this.
* If your enemies are too fast you can put goo Cannon in one side in other side as many 
  as you want to make them slow and get out their life really fast so you can win!

How to get alot of money:
Submitted by: dragonslayer566

At the begining of the game get all the requirements for the recycler building and then 
buy as many recycler buildings as you can ......dont buy more than 5 cuz then u wont have
enough room for other things.
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