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Call of Cthulhu Cheats

Call of Cthulhu

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Sanity” Effects:
Chapter 1: default (nightmares)

Chapter 2: hallucination when you try to get to warehouse no. 36.

Chapter 4: ritual in caves (story related)

Chapter 6: read unholy book + meet the Shambler (story related)

Chapter 7: read Necronomicon (story related)

Chapter 9: puzzle with two lamps + use R’lyeh respond + Charles Hawkins + 
examine ritual circle again.

Chapter 10: vanish of the Shambler (story retaled)

Chapter 12: killing Bradley (story related)

Chapter 13: Leviathan (story related) + take medicine, eat flesh, take gun and shoot.

Endings Guide:
-=Nameless Cults=-
* Suicide ending. To obtain this ending, follow these steps:
* Drink no alcohol
* Read all unholy books
* Tell Bradley truth
* Always choose R’lyeh
* Accept Drake’s help
* Save Drake
* Accept Leviathan’s knowledge, try to breath, accept to drink medicine, 
  but refuse to eat flesh and kill Dr. Fuller
* Give medkit to Cat instead of Mitchell and examine Mitchell’s body
* Kill Bradley

-=Fight destiny=-
* Counter ritual ending. To obtain this ending, follow these steps;
* Drink no alcohol
* Accept Drake’s help
* Read all unholy books
* Always choose R’lyeh
* Kill Bradley
* Save Drake (It’s important, cause you can’t obtain this achievement without him)
* Accept Leviathan’s knowledge, try to breath, accept to drink medicine, 
  but refuse to eat flesh and kill Dr. Fuller

* Sara’s suicide ending. To obtain this ending, follow these steps;
* Drink alcohol
* Read all unholy books
* Don’t choose answers with R’lyeh language
* Accept Drake’s help + save Drake
* Refuse to accept Leviathan’s knowledge
* Refuse to drink medicine, refuse to eat Leviathan’s flesh, refuse to take the gun, etc
* Spare Bradley

How to Skip Intro Videos:
Steam Version

To get rid of the annoying and unskippable intro movies, do the following;

1.In your games list, right click on Call of Cthulhu and select “Properties”.
2.Click on the tab “Local Files” and then click “Browse local files”.
3.This will open up the games folder. From there go into Cya/Content/Movies and 
  delete the file “splash-logos”.

Now when you launch the game it will take you right to the main menu.

Endings Save File:
Written by Cake

Here's a save file I made for anyone having trouble unlocking all of this game's endings. 
Currently I've only unlocked three (Sacrifice, Counter-ritual, and the default) but I might 
play through it once more to get the one I'm missing. The following choices were made to get 
where I'm at right now in the save:

* Never drank any alcohol.
* Accept bradley's help.
* Told bradley the truth.
* Read all unholy books.
* Choose R'lyeh dialogue whenever possible.
* Accept drake's help.
* Save drake.
* Accept leviathon's knowledge, submit option when talking to him, drink the medicine,  
  and don't eat the flesh.
* Give medkit to cat.
* Killed fuller.
* Kill bradley.

I'm not sure which of those are required and which aren't but I can tell you I did not have 
100% occult. I'm creating this guide for anyone experiencing corrupt/missing save files, mistakes 
made through one of the key choices in the game or just to save time and watch all of the endings 
except for the "It's Over" one.

-=Google Drive Link.=-
The save files are in a hidden folder titled "appdata" under your username directory. 
Mine looks like this: "C:>Users>YourUserName>AppData>Local>CallOfCthulhu>Saved>SaveGames"
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