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Burntime Cheats


If you always wanted to make a fast location change,
here are the loaction specs that you have to fill in
with a hex editor in the savegame on offset 780.
 13 Acit Town
 25 Anif
 0E Antella
 04 Baerwalde
 11 Big Hole
 10 Dead Wood
 03 Death Town
 0A Desert Point
 14 Devil Rock
 12 Dog Shit
 21 Eagles Nest
 17 Factory
 15 Gold Town
 20 Hard Mens Dead
 16 Heavens Gate
 0D Monastery
 0C Left End
 08 Lost Hope
 18 Mak Canyon
 06 Muarab
 07 Nakara
 22 Nameless
 01 New Sandez
 23 Nirvana
 05 Nob Hill
 0F Numea
 1B One Mens Heaven
 1D Outback
 1F Paradise Camp
 1C Raffinery
 1A Restaurant
 24 Right End
 02 Sana
 19 Sherwood
 1E Snake Hills
 0B Stone Vent
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