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Broken Sword Cheats

Broken Sword

Having trouble with that goat in Loch Marne? Oddly 
enough, this is one of the most difficult puzzles of 
the game. It's a timed sequence, although it doesn't 
look like one. Let the goat knock you down on the 
right side of the screen, click on the ladder, and 
then click on the plow on the left side of the screen 
as quickly as you can.
Run into a funds problem in Syria? Dwayne, the tourist 
wandering around the marketplace, has the $50 you need. 
You just need to find an "antiquity" to sell him, and 
buff it up a little.

The Jungle:
-The Missionary Position
After his boat is destroyed, George is washed up somewhere in the jungle.
Although his shades are intact, he has managed to lose Nico again. 
Walking left, you notice a hut, which, as it happens, contains your young 
lady friend, but requiring some medical attention. Take the Vine from the 
machine on the right. Put the Bank Statement from your inventory onto the 
bushes below the hut, and place the Vine you have just collected onto the 
Press to the left. Use the Fetish from your inventory on the Waterwheel to 
light the bank statement and pile of leaves. Hubert, the Missionary, will 
come out to investigate what's going on, so talk to him about Nico and 
twice about the Root he mentions. He wants a straight collar, so place it 
on the Press. Pick up the Cross below the hut, and use it on the press. 
Pick the collar back up and talk to Hubert again about his collar and 
then the Root. George is accompanied to the Indian Village. 

-The Indian Village
Talk to the Indian Guards about Nico, the Missionary and the Shaman. Give 
the Dog Biscuits from your inventory to the guards. When one guard returns 
with the empty box of dog biscuits, put the Coyote Stone in the box and 
hand it back to the guard. Walk left into the village and talk to the 
Shaman sitting by the camp fire. Ask about the Missionary, Nico (twice), 
the Root (twice), the Missionary again, the Coyote Stone, the Jaguar Stone
(twice), the Eagle Stone (twice) and the Coyote Stone once again. Finally,
after the history lecture and an indication of what you have to do, talk 
about the Root to get it. 

-The Missionary Position
Use the Cone in your inventory on the Press, so that George places it 
underneath. Put the Root on the Press, then use the cross again to squeeze
the root into the cone. Collect the cone and walk up the ladder to the hut.
Nico will be healed and it's off to the Caribbean with you. 

The Caribbean:
-Ketch Island Beach
Right click on the Theodolite to examine it. Talk to the surveyor, Bronson,
about the Theodolite (twice). Walk up the steps at the back of the screen 
and left click on the cat. Click on the ladder to put it up, and then click
on the door of the house to try and enter. After talking to the Ketch sisters,
walk back to the beach, along the pier and talk to Rio, the little fisher kid,
about the Ketch Treasure and the Sisters. Walk back to Bronson and ask him 
about the Sisters and his Plans. Go back up the steps to the museum and talk 
to the Sisters about the Cat, three times about Rio and twice about Emily, 
about the Cat again, and finally about Emily again. Pop back to the beach and 
talk to Rio about Bronson, Emily and a Fish. Give Rio your worm (ahem) then 
walk away and talk to Bronson. It doesn't matter what you talk to him about, 
since you're just giving Rio time to catch something. Walk back to Rio and 
ask him about a fish again so that he catches the bicycle wheel. Click on 
the bicycle to collect the inner tube, talk to Rio again so that he catches 
a fish this time, and then about the Inner Tube. Trot off to the museum and 
climb up the ladder. Tie the Inner Tube to the flagpole next to you and walk 
down the ladder. Tie the fish to the inner tube and when the cat is distracted,
pick up his ball, if you see what we mean. Walk back up the ladder and untie 
the inner tube. Walk back down the ladder and tie the inner tube to the forked 
tree, just to the left of the house by the cliff face. Use the Ball on the 
inner tube to knock the reflector off the left flagpole. 
When Bronson walks up the steps and climbs the ladder to affix the new reflector,
remove the ladder to trap him. Pick up the marker and return to the beach. 
Pick up the Theodolite and Bronson's plans. Walk back up the cliff and give the 
plans to the old ladies that have reappeared. They let you into the museum, just
as, coincidentally, Nico finds her way to the British Museum in London. 

- British Museum
Right-click on the Cabinet containing the Jaguar Stone off to the right of the 
room. Talk to the Attendant about the Jaguar Stone (twice), and when reintroduced
to Oubier, ask him about the Stone. With Oubier gone, talk to the Attendant about
the Docks, and about the Jaguar Stone once more. When it has been discovered as 
missing, pick up the key in the lock and walk over to the cabinet by the telephone.
Use the key to retrieve the dagger and then give the key to the Attendant. Click 
on the curtain to the left and use the dagger on the revealed door to escape. 

- Ketch Museum
Pick up the Quill in the foreground. Click on the Ship's Wheel to the right, on 
the Portrait behind you and then on the Sea Chest. Ask Emily twice about her 
Cross, and then leave the museum. 

- Ketch Island Beach
Use the Quill on the Cat, and then pick up the shredded feathers. Walk back to 
the beach and talk to Rio about Emily, his Sister and the Feathers. When you've 
got the Conch, walk back to the museum. 

- Ketch Museum
Talk to Emily about the Conch to get her cross. Click on the Chart behind you, 
and place it on the desk. Put the Cross on the pen holder in the corner of the 
desk. Pick up the lantern behind you and place that next to the desk, in the 
Inkwell to reveal the location of Ketch's treasure. Walk back to the beach. 

- Ketch Island Beach
Talk to Rio about the Treasure, and then the Zombies.
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