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Broken Age Cheats

Broken Age

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Retro 8-bit Mode:
There is a hidden 8-bit retro mode in Broken Age that resembles early PC 
adventure games.

-=Here's how to unlock it=-
In the options menu, set the resolution to 640x480. Activate "key remapping"

Look for a new button showing Shay and Vella in the lower right and click it. 
You can now use this button during gameplay to toggle between resolutions. 
You can also map a key for the Shay/Vella button, allowing you to toggle 
between resolutions quickly. 

When you do this, you can actually change the game's resolution back to your 
your monitor's resolution and still toggle between a retro and modern look. 
It looks much better this way, since it's not stretched out.

Tips to Solve Wiring Puzzle:
For some tips here, the first wire you deploy will be blue (which shows up 
as the top symbols), the second you deploy will be yellow/green (which shows
up as the middle symbols), and the third you deploy will be red (which shows
up as the bottom symbols).

Each of the six points has a different symbol, and the direction you do the 
wiring also matters (the starting point is the left symbol and the ending 
point is the right symbol).

So if you want blue <> /_\ then your first wire should go from the terminal 
thatís <> to the terminal thatís /_\ and you can figure out which terminal 
is which by doing some wiring and checking at the recharge station what 
symbols show up.

For example, you can wire the left point to the upper left point, then wire 
the upper right point to the right point, and then wire the bottom right 
point to the bottom left point. When you check this at the charger, itíll 
show you all six of the symbols for each of the points in clockwise order 
starting from the left side.
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