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Brink Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Steam achievements:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement.
To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then
"My profile", then "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

Achievement          How to Unlock
Boom!              - Detonate a HE Charge.
Brinksmanship      - Complete an Operative Primary Objective within 5 
                     seconds of breaking disguise.
I live... again!   - Revive yourself.
It's a trap!       - Take down an enemy with a Satchel Charge.
King of the world! - Complete all 3 Star Challenges.
Tough as nails     - Win all storyline campaign missions (not including 
                     What-If missions) playing either Online Versus, or 
                     in Hard mode.
Well done!         - Complete your first 1 Star Challenge.
Who's bad?         - Complete all 1 Star Challenges.

Easy XP:
Play on the Security Tower map in Freeplay Mode, with 1-on-1 settings (Team Size 
should be set to 1, as should Max Team Size). Start as a Resistance member of the
Soldier class. Blow the door to access the next mission objective, then change to
the Operative class. Head toward the safe you are supposed to hack, and make sure
not to be killed by the security agent. When that security agent/engineer tries 
to remove your hack box, position yourself on the opposite side of the glass. If
you're positioned properly, your adversary will spray ineffectively and you will
gain XP, due to the "hacking" and "guarding" functions you are performing. As 
long as you aren't positioned too close to the safe, you'll be stuck in a stalemate
with your opponent and will earn XP the entire time. Then when you're ready, move 
closer to the safe to complete the mission and receive your points.

Using Heavy Guns on Smaller Body Types:
To use a heavy gun with a small body type, first, change to a heavy body type. 
Choose a gun (make sure it's exactly how you want it as you cannot edit it 
afterward). Pick any gun of any weight. Now do the same for your secondary. Now
make it your default weapon and go change back into a medium/light body type. 
Your default guns will stay the same, but your body will not, thus, when you 
play matches, you can have a light body type with a gatling gun.

Experience Requirements for Levels and Ranks:
You can reach new Ranks / Levels by acquiring the XP amounts shown below.
-=Rank 1=-
Level 1 - 1,000 
Level 2 - 2,000 
Level 3 - 3,000 
Level 4 - 4,000
-=Rank 2=-
Level 5 - 5,250 
Level 6 - 6,500 
Level 7 - 7,750 
Level 8 - 9,000 
Level 9 - 10,250
-=Rank 3=-
Level 10 - 12,000 
Level 11 - 13,750 
Level 12 - 15,500 
Level 13 - 17,250 
Level 14 - 19,000
-=Rank 4=-
Level 15 - 21,750 
Level 16 - 24,500 
Level 17 - 27,250 
Level 18 - 30,000 
Level 19 - 32,750
-=Rank 5=-
Level 20 - 37,500

Hidden Message:
On the mission where the Resistance is trying to steal the airplane, at the terminal 
they are supposed to hack there is a message warning you of robots taking over the 
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