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Brain Drain Cheats

Brain Drain

Level passwords:

Level Password:
1 	1467
2 	993x
3 	51744
4 	w99te
5 	1v3h
6 	eulb
7 	1j8b6
8 	71kck
9 	2um2s
10 	f4iy9
11 	s+g5,1
12 	ew289s
13 	8312n
14 	z555mp
15 	wegr8
16 	p51a2
17 	311803
18 	31fpk
19 	ctb29p
20 	ndu8gz

Submitted by: David K

1 = 1467 Use the arrow keys to move to the yellow dot

2 = 993x Again go to the yellow dot

3 = 51744 Press the space bar and the yellow dot will appear, then go to 
    it again

4 = w99te Hit the green squares till you find a red one then proceed to 
    the yellow dot.

5 = 1v3h Again hit the green square, it should go gray, hit it again 
    turning it green then once more turning it red then proceed to the
    yellow dot.

6 = eulb hit the green squares and find the red But you only use 3 of 
    the red squares and make sure all others are green.

7 = 1j8b6 Your keys are backwards. So for example the up key is down 
    etc also the red and yellow dots have switched meanings so you want
    to move to the red dot to complete the level.

8 = 71kck Go to the side of the frame for the game it should bring you 
    to another view and then go to the yellow dot.

9 = 2um2s Use your "mouse" and click on the yellow dot it moves it to 
    the outside of the little red box and then go to it to complete the

10 = f4iy9 Type the word: this exactly as it is and click the green square
    then move to the yellow dot.

11 = s+g5,1 This one is simple just move the green blocks one by one to
     make a path for you.

12 = ew289s this one is harder flow these steps right up left down right
     down right up left down right left up.

13 = 8312n Press the following keys till the green squares turn red. 
     i o h j k l n m then proceed to the yellow dot.

14 = z555mp this one is all skill just keep taping your keys and 
     manoeuvre the four squares so that the yellow dot is in the middle,
     this one takes time and patience.

15 = wegr8 hit escape then capslock and then p a s c to open locks.

16 = p51a2 hit up to turn on lights and move tough one.

17 = 3.1.1803 date when OHIO became a state make a red O and then hold 
     o on the keyboard and go on the green square to the same for HIO.

18 = 31fpk You have to ‘write out’ pi. First column the third box should
     be red, second column first box, third column fourth box, fifth 
     column first box, and sixth column fifth box. Make sure when doing 
     this the boxes at the bottom of the page, only on the column you 
     are using should the box be red.

19 = ctb29p push the end key on your keyboard read the note. Push space 
     and then the home key. Push and hold the home key and push and hold
     the keys "ASDF" at the same time then while holding all those keys 
     move up to the yellow circle.

20 = ndu8gz for this one you need all the codes. each green block will 
     change to a letter or a number as you put your blue dot over them. 
     use all the codes and take the last letter or number for each code.
     Start with level 1 till level 20. When you get to the end and if 
     you do it right, your blue dot should be on the other side ready 
     to go to the yellow circle.
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