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Boom Slingers Cheats

Boom Slingers

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Book of Secrets Guide:
Written by Choppy

I will explain in this guide how to unlock the secrets in the Book of Secrets.

-=Everyone Wins=-
Have all Slingers KOed by the end of the match. (Basically, Get A Tie)

-=Quadra KO!=-
KO Four Slingers in One Turn

-=Penta KO!=-
KO Five Slingers in One Turn

-=Hexa KO!=-
KO Six Slingers in One Turn

-=Mega Lazer not op=-
Survive a Mega Lazer. Once you do this, talk to the Cosmic Cat Cosmo.

-=Cupid Boss Destroyed=-
In the Valentine‘s portal, some maps will contain the Cupid Boss Cupid that 
shoots Level 1 Fireball at the nearest Slinger every turn. To get this secret, 
you must team up with your opponent and attack him. Once he’s defeated, you’ll 
get an “Everyone Wins”. Talk to the Cosmic Cat Cosmo after.

-=Arena Master=-
Win an Arena Challenge with 12 wins and no more than 3 losses. 
You’ll also get a fish hat reward

-=Jump Master=-
Win a Jump Challenge with 12 wins and no more than 3 losses. 
You’ll also get a fish hat reward

There’s a specific map in the Breakfast portal (Seed: 4) where if you pan left, 
you’ll see an arrow pointing up. In that map, you and your opponent have to get 
at least one of your characters to the top. Once you complete this, you’ll get an 
Everyone Wins. Cosmic Cat Cosmo will then give you the secret and the mjolk hat.

-=Xmas Special=-
There is a specific map in the Xmas portal (Seed: 1) where all the blocks have 
eyes. You must get an “Everyone Wins” without destroying any of them. If you do 
this, you’ll get an Xmas Win. Talk to the Cosmic Cat Cosmo and they’ll award you 
the secret as well as the Santa hat.

-=Lazer Eye Master=-
Win a Lazer Eye Special with 12 wins and no more than 3 losses. You’ll also get
the Lazer eye hat as an award.
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