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Bookworm Adventures Cheats

Bookworm Adventures

Special Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Type code on main menu to play special animation. 
Type it again to turn it off:

"winter"    - snow falling (holiday season)
"seattle"   - rain, coffee cup (general purpose)
"lovely"    - circle of hearts (Mother's Day, Valentine's Day)
"gobble"    - Turkey feathers (Thanksgiving)
"celebrate" - party favors (New Year's, Independence Day, birthdays, misc.)

Hidden animations:
Repeatedly click on Lex in Adventure or Arena modes to make him giggle, 
sneeze, and burp. 
Repeatedly click on the enemy pictures in the Tome of Knowledge to see 
their hit and death animations. Repeatedly click the enemy lore entries to 
see their attack animations. Note: This can also be done at the stat screen 
in Arena mode.

Tome Of Knowledge:
Complete Book 1 in Adventure mode. 

Complete Book 2 in Adventure mode. 

Complete Book 3 in Adventure mode. 

Lex's special word:
When you beat Codex, the word that Lex spells (it is a really long one that 
is always the same and does not use any words on the tile grid) is (Get ready, 
This word is so powerful it traps Codex in his pen, therefore beating the game,
gaining the magic pen as your last treasure and unlocking Arena mode. 

Professor Codex battle secret:
In chapter 3-9, (Dracula's Castle) after you beat Dracula, there will be a 
cloaked figure behind him, which turns out to be - Professor Codex? 
-=This is a tip for beating him=- 
Use the Aegis of Athena, the Hand of Hercules, and the Endless Gem Pouch. Then 
spell ~7 letter words and power them up to defeat the summoned bosses. When you 
battle Codex, spell words that are as long as you can, and don't be afraid to 
use scramble! Make sure you have around 10 of every potion, and after a while 
Codex will be finished!

Secret scramble in arena mode:
Need a scramble in arena mode, but are just about to start a battle and will 
lose too much time if you do? This cheat works, and will help you scramble 
easily. (Note: this only works in arena mode) When you hear someone say 
'3...2...1...Go!' you can scramble when it reaches '2', and you will start the 
next battle with a fresh set of words and an empty timer.

Boss listing:
Heres a listing of the bosses.

Unlockable         How to unlock:
Polydamas        - Easy. Just three hearts. Beggining of game and book.
Polpyphemus      - Easy, you level up before him.
Charybydis       - Easy, Same as above.
Circe            - Easy, but medium if you stink.
Cerburus         - Medium, twelvve hearts and damaging attacks.
Minotaur         - Easy, if you are good at mini-game.
Hydra            - 7 consecutive parts! Medium.
Nemean Lion      - Same as Minotaur
Nessus           - Medium, If you rock at Mini-game and got lots of potions, 
                   power ups and purifys.
Medusa           - Hard, but easy-medium if crystal tile. Book ending.
Myserius Assasin - Easy, just review and Book beginning.
Pharoh of old    - Medium, petrify is painful.
Sphinx           - Easy, solve his riddles to kill him one hit. 
                   Anwsers: Sky Wall Fist Truth Water.
Mama Roc         - Medium, bleed getting hard, but can't heal	
Mirage Xel       - Ridiculusly easy, Moves aren't hard and also can't heal	
Maladin          - Easy, this is the boss fight where your moves will do the 
                   most damage.
Shaitan          - Hard, Armored is HARD.
Twisted Vizier   - Medium, Armored and end of book but your getting used to it.
Angry Mob        - Hard. Welcome to book three, where every boss is HARD HARD HARD.
Eternal wanderer - Hard. I spelled alligator for no effect. Ruby tile kind of 
Frankenstien     - HARD. Get him down to ten hearts, he heals. HARD.
The wolf man     - Ridiculous! TOO HARD! Even harder than frankenstien.
The creature     - Hard, but almost medium.I killed him with three garnet tiles 
Grim             - WAY TOO MUCH HARDNESS! Harder than wolf man and Frankienstien
                   put together.
The mummy        - Hard. Kind of the same as grim, but a little easier.
Dracula          - Not the last boss, but hard. He's what everyone expects himk
                   to be.
Codex            - Last boss of the game. Fight cerburus, Medusa, Shaitan, And 
                   the wolf man with ten hearts, then face the hardest battle 
                   of the game.

Easter Egg - Make Lex look like a turkey:
Type in gobble on the main screen and "Poof." Lex is in a turkey costume.
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