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Bookworm Deluxe Cheats

Bookworm Deluxe

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Special Codes:
Type code on main menu to play special animation. Type it again to turn it off.

Code        Effect
winter    - Snow falling (Holiday season)
seattle   - Rain, coffee cup (Gneral purpose)
lovely    - Circle of hearts (Mother's Day, Valentine's Day)
gobble    - Turkey feathers (Thanksgiving)
celebrate - Party favors (New Year's, Independence Day, birthdays, misc.)

No new fire tiles:
When trying to eliminate fire tiles, try to spell words only using letters in
any one column (vertically). You can eliminate fire tiles and no new ones will

Tips and Tricks - Arena Tips:
* Save time by hitting the "1", "2", or "3" keys on the keyboard for potions. 
* Save time by hitting the "4" or "Enter" key on the keyboard to attack; 
  clicking the "Enter" button below the grid takes too much time. 
* When you're spelling a word, try to find a word in the remaining tiles so
  you're ready to spell it as soon as possible. 
* You don't need to wait for Lex's attack animation to finish before spelling
  another word; get the jump on enemies by spelling your next word as Lex is 
  carrying out his attack. 
* Don't be afraid to use the Scramble button if you're stuck for a word. It 
  only takes a few seconds so it's less of a penalty than in Adventure mode,
  and it absolutely beats staring at a letter grid with no ideas. 
* Though you should try to experiment with treasures, defensive treasures 
  that resist stun, poison and power down are particularly effective in Arena

Secrets/ Easter Eggs:
The Tome of Knowledge ("TOK") keeps track of the various secrets/easter eggs 
you uncover: 

* Click foes in Tome of Knowledge to make them flinch.
* Click foes in TOK continuously until they die.
* Click on foes' attack lore entries in TOK to make them perform the attack.
* Same as #1 but for Arena mode stats screen
* Same as #2 but for Arena mode stats screen
* Click on Lex in Adventure or Arena mode to make him giggle.
* Click repeatedly on Lex in Adventure or Arena mode to make him sneeze.
* Click repeatedly on Lex in Adventure or Arena mode to make him burp.
* Spell "Astropop" in Adventure or Arena mode for a special surprise.

Unlimited potions:
Submitted by: Misathecheater

Need potions??? (for HEALTH,POWER,PERTRIFY)??
Requirements:Cheat Engine 6.2
follow steps:
1.Open cheat engine.
2.Open Bookworm Adventures.
3.In cheat Engine press mini CPU icon at top left corner.
4.Select: BookwormAdventures.RWG
5.type in the box the number of potions you have right now (you must have 2 potions at least). first scan.
7.then use a potion the box delete 2 type 1 (example). next scan. left you will have 10-20 adresses
11.copy them all to down box them all and press ''Enter''
13.type in (maximum 99)
14.WARNING:close cheat engine after that...and if you want to exit the game will save but you potions won,t...

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