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BoneTown Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Press SHIFT + ~ (tilde) to open the console window and enter the following 
cheats for the desired effect.

Code                         Effect
sweetMoves(gamechar);      - Unlock all powermoves.
goodTimes(gamechar);       - Gives you some drugs.
vegasBaby(gamechar);       - Gives you some money 99999.
godlike(gamechar);         - Infinite health.
swingingbeef(gamechar);    - Maxes out your base ball level and fills the meter.
alloftheabove(gamechar);   - Grants all of the effects of the other codes at once.
pauseDaylight(1);          - Stops day/night cycle.
CharacterCreator.Toggle    - Opens the character creator, where you can make new babes, 
                             avatars, etc.
gamechar.setFightBuff (x); - Sets your combat level to the specified number. 
                             (I.E. setFightBuff (900);)
gamecahr.setSexBuff (x);   - Sets your stamina level to the specified number. 
                             (I.E. setSexBuff (900);)

Console Commands:
Cheats are enabled by default, you just have to open the console by pressing the 
Shift + ~ (Shift & Tilde) keys at the same time. Depending on your keyboard, the 
“tilde” key may change, but it is always the one in the corner, below Esc, above 
Tab and to the left of 1

Open the console, enter any of the cheats we are going to provide you and press 
enter on your keyboard

-=These are all the available cheats or console commands=-
– Allows you to make new babes, & avatars in the character creator.

gamechar.setS*xBuff (x) 
- Increases your stamina level to the desired number. 
  For example (I.E. setS*xBuff (999) console command =)

gamechar.setFightBuff (x) 
- Increases your combat level to the desired number. 
  For example (setFightBuff (999) console command =)

- Gives you invincibility effect.

- Get infinite health

- Get 100 of each substance.

- Get some dr*gs

- Pauses day/night cycle

- Unlocks and gives you allrmoves

- Gives you max base ball level and full meter.

- Get $99999 dollars.

- Get some money

- Get 100 of all the above effects and also $99999 dollars.

(*) Replace (gamechar) with your in-game character name

(**) You can use the cheats as many times as you want. If for example you run out 
of money, you can use it again. So all resource cheats will give you infinite 

(***) They are console commands, not codes, so these cheats do not expire, unless 
the game is updated and the developers decide to update the commands.

-=How to use Cheats?=-
These are the steps to use cheats or console commands

* Launch BoneTown on your PC.
* PressShift + ~ at the same time
* A console window with Text Box will open up now.
* Type or copy the codes from above to this text box.
* Press Enter to enable each effect.
* Enjoy the cheats
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