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Boneraiser Minions Cheats

Boneraiser Minions

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Beginners Tips:
Written by Kostet960604

When you appear, immediately run to collect the bones from the gravestones, you 
need to collect all that are lying around at the start, until they disappear, or
at least almost everything so that the scale of the bones shows more than 80. I 
occasionally even died on purpose to replay this moment, because every dice in 
this game is important. The first upgrades immediately after the start are 
important, because the faster your units can mow down enemies, the better for you.

-=Run for the Bones=-
Do not stand still, run around the map, carefully collecting the bones. Yes, Iím 
talking about them again Ė since this is your only source of survival in this game.

-=Run to where there are no enemies=-
When running, pay attention to enemies, while running, look for gaps not only 
next to you, but also in the distance, so that after a breakthrough you have room 
to maneuver. Are you surrounded? Donít stand still hiding behind your units. Think 
of them as just turrets, they also donít have shields to protect you. Although 
there are exceptions Ė when you are pinned, run towards their blades. Donít be 
afraid, there is no friendly fire in this game.

-=Donít touch the graves, donít go far=-
When dodging, in order not to get stuck, try not to get too close to the edges of 
the screen. On the left and right at the spawn site of the enemies you will not 
see how you will be killed, from below on top you can get stuck on the sharp 
corners of the wall. Also, do not hide behind the graves, this will definitely 
play against you, you will inevitably get stuck there and die.

-=Use your environment wisely=-
Donít forget that youíre not the only one who can get stuck traveling between 
graves. The graves can also slow down the enemyís progress a little. And not only 
graves, appearing chests are also physically impenetrable, unless of course they 
are real. Also, over time, you will be able to buy special graves with various 
useful features and in some cases increased dimensions, which allows you to better 
protect yourself from the enemy.
Attention, this advice is applicable only in emergency cases, in battles with the 
second boss-knight it is especially useful. Donít forget that you canít hide behind 
the graves, but you can try to calculate the expected course of the bossís travel 
from a distance and adjust it so that the barrier would delay him as long as 
possible at the moment of the dash.

-=Use everything to escape
If you have a sprint. Please use it constantly. Constantly keep your fingers not 
only on the run, but also on the sprint. But Ė do not pinch it all the time, 
because with a large concentration of enemies this is your trump card. This is 
your great way to most safely escape from the environment of enemies. Try to find 
the right distance and time for your sprint jump.

Beginner Guide / How to Start:
Written by cac1qu3

In this game you have different game modes which you must unlock during your 
progression. You start with 3 modes:

* Mausoleum Awakening
  This is the standard mode where you are starting to play your runs.

* Meta Progression
  Buy new unlocks to improve your run. Use your collected coins to increase 
  your abilities and boneraising powers. Find your perfect meta loadout!

* Grimoire Compendium
  There you can view your high scores, items and so on

All other game modes you must unlock.

-=Tip 1: Check Your Configuration=-
To avoid or decrease your confusion I would like to suggest you that you are 
entering the setup at first. There you can change the ďold English talkĒ like 
in the time from Shakespeare to a modern one. This is especially for non-native 
speakers like me easier to understand.

But thatís not all! Proof the visibility of your necromancer and the hordes. 
With that huge amount of units, it can be become very confusing: Whoís in my 
army and whoís aiming for me? I suggest you to give yourself and the enemies 
an outline. I choose the color yellow for me and red for all the enemies.

That makes it much more easier to handle the confusion.

-=Tip 2: Improving Your Runs=-
The first rounds you wonít be able to survive long. But with these few hints 
you improve fast. After you appear collect the bones as fast as you can because 
they are disappearing. Like you know already you need 100 bones for an 
improvement. Therefor every bone is counting! Why? Every upgrade at the beginning 
of a run is very important and helpful. The faster you can bring down the coming 
waves, the more bones you can pick up and you run will improve.

After a few runs you will have a few gold coins and you should go into the 
Boneraise Lore to spend your gold into new talents and more! 
My recommendations are in the following order.

-=Dabber Dash=-
This allows you to dash. Whether with mouse, keyboard, or controller. The game 
can be played with your preferred option. Dashes makes a run more viable. 
The third and last option offers you a super dash.

-=Cracked Hourglass=-
With this feature all pickups stay longer. Upgrade this one fast to the last 
level and no pickup will ever fade away.

-=Majikoumal Parchment=-
This gives you the option to spell casts. 

-=Boned Burrows=-
You may gain a Barrow Boner when raising a fresh normal minion.

You can earn much more abilities and if you upgrade them, they will be obviously 
stronger. Stay away from the Heroic Force until you feel strong enough. You 
pay for boost the enemies, but the extra resources will raise bone legions!

The third option is the Class Heritage. Tormented souls can be spent here to 
learn fresh talents for your chosen character class.

The game is very generous with its currency which makes the initial grind easy 
and fun! Donít worry you donít need to spend too much time before you are 
getting massive setups.

Useful Tips:
If youíre struggling with any part of the game, what Iíd recommend is 
the following:

1.Buy as many Class, Hero, and Boneraise options that you can afford. Hero 
powerups do NOT simply make the game harder with no reward like a lot of 
folks assume. Hero Lore will give you a bunch of bones and other resources
to increase your own power.

2.Donít sleep on the Augur (Flagwaver for Waxen), especially Deamonic Augur,
since it makes YOU move faster.

3.Donít sleep on Relics that increase your movement speed. I recommend getting 
at least 2 movement relics, even just one level of each. Ethereal Shoes, Aromatic
Mushroom, Spring Shoes, theyíre all good. Focal Flute is great if you like to 
Super Dash.

Samurai Tip: Be ready to Dash up or down (diagonal, whatever) when you see him 
disappear. I just kinda dash all the time anyway so a lot of the time I dodge 
him by accident.

For his throwing stars, you can either dash super far away from them or dash 
just before one hits you. Sometimes youíll have to dash towards him to dodge 
a throwing star.
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