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Bonelab Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Unlock the Campaign:
Written by by I'm Walkin' Ere

One thing, the map toward the elevator will also tell 
you what to do vaguely.

* Go into and play any three of the six available mini games.
* After that’s done, go to the center, there will be a staircase 
  leading up to a generator and a map.
* Put the two nearby batteries into the generator.
* Use the “crane” to place the three “core keys” into their 
  respective slots near you.
* A tip for using the crane, the button turns the magnet on and 
  off, the left lever is up and down, and the right one is directional.
* Go through the Quarantine door.
* Profit.

How to Climb and Mantle Over an Edge:

* Grab edge or surface with both hands.
* Push your hands down to lift your body up.
* Crouch so your legs are tucked underneath you. Hold your crouch.
* Push your hands backwards to move your body forward and over the edge. 
  You’ll notice your body move when your feet rest on the platform.
* Once over the ledge, release your grip.
* Release crouch and stand up.

This is one of the more tricky maneuvers in Boneworks / Bonelab. It
takes practice to find the sweet spot to release your grip. Once you
get the positioning down, it’s second nature.

How to Jump with Vive Wands:
* Press in the center of the right touchpad to jump. 
* Pressing down will cause you to crouch and pressing up will cause 
  you to stand on your tippy toes.
* Just wanted to post this here since I initially had issues until I 
  played around with it for a while.
* Not super intuitive and takes a while to find the sweet spot, but 
  it should work more often than not.

How to Beat Pillar Level:
Written by Burnico

How to beat the pillar level of bonelab to get tall avatar.

* When you start the level, make sure the birds dont hit you or else 
  you could get the tiny cat and make everything really hard.
* If you get a normal/tall character, since you have an advantage go 
  the fastest you can and get to the end as fast as posible.
* To avoid the birds from hiting u, spam jump whenever you can so they 
  don’t hit you.
* And finally, at the end shoot the big ball and just push the button 
  on top, easy.
* I beat it on first try really fast, you should too ik you can do it.

How to Start Campaign (Spoilers):
Written by JackieTheDemon

Once the elevator falls and you’re taken to the hub. There will be 6 
key orbs that need to be collected by controlling a crane in the center
of the hub.

All you have to do is enter each of the 6 spaces (except mods) and leave 
back to the hub using the button. The crates for the orbs are now unlocked 
and you can shoot them open with bullets and pull them out with the crane.

The cage above the arena won’t open but you can still get the orb if it’s 

Once you place all 6 key orbs, you can access the huge quarantine door to 
the right and start the campaign.

Hope this helps. I got lost a bit, thought the entire game was just sandbox 
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