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Boiling Point - Road To Hell Cheats

Boiling Point - Road To Hell

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Dario
Submitted by: conner54

Type one of the following cheatcodes at the console:

Code             Effect
addarmor ##     - Add More Armor
addhealth ##    - Add More Health
addammo ##      - Adds More Ammo 
god             - God mode
supergod        - Invisibility
allmoney        - 1,000,000 Pesos
allweapons      - All weapons

Note: for ## you can enter numbers ranging from 1 to 99.

Unlimited gas for Cars:
Press and hold the Z key to turn off engine while driving. The car is still driving 
but no gas is used. 

Hello gys this is not acctuallay cheat.those r the tips to success:
Submitted by: codemastersnd

continue the previous clue-------

9. when all the mission which police given is complite,then u wark with RN-25 base. At
   the end of his aal mission u got a sum of 20,000 pesos.

10. give it to the bank manher(red corted).bank situated at the left side of the motel.

11. u got the second big clue.

12.then complite the mission according to the clue.

13.for the 3rd clue u need 200000 pesos,which is need for don pedro .lived in "banglo".

14.In the mean time all the gauralla,mafia,banger are ur enemy.thy try to kill u at sight.
   if they attacks with chopper then hideing in small trees or bellow the large tree. if 
   in car dont stop just go first and try to change direction frequently. The chopper will
   leave u when lost. They some time block ur road in grasspath way.then the only way is 
   go through jungal in the corner speciall 90 degree corner.
15.Now u need to go mine area.its really beautifull. be continued..........

Submitted by :JITHIN (Gamer Boyz X-907,\
In this game you don't waste your money. Begining of the game you should to find the 
editor. how ever you find him and you will speak in saul myres speaking manners. don't 
speak in saul myres manners speak in army mode i mean that shouted mod."where is my 
daughter you idiot" this shall be the word. (oh man idon't know english but iwill try 
that for you.) Then the editor told to you who is the guy don pedro.

secreat ways:
1, then you go to bar and you ask to him and you will gave 300 pesos or 500 pesos i did't
remember that.and you go to don pedro's site. you can get in there in a secret door way or
the river secreat way you should to gave money to the architect in petro sombra.
(the bar man tell to you that.)and you can go throw the secreat way.

2, the second door is in the XENUS

How to find all part of the xenus:
you will find firt part in the editor , the second part in the hand of jewellery he is the 
nearest room of architect that must the cost 7000 pesos, and the third part is in the hand 
of don pedro cost 10000 pesos,and the forth part in the civialian's hand he wore the army 
dress in the gas station near the militory base i forget the name of the place the name 
must be started in G and the gas station placed on the two way root of peublo faro and the
man tell to you that he did't want any money he want a gun and its new upgrades you want 
to buy sniper rifle and its newest upgrades firingrate reloadspeed magazine firingrange then
you will get the forth part of the xenus,the fifth part is hiding in peublo faro you can 
find a man in the opposite house of the upgrader then you find the man he will tell you he
want tequila go to yhe nearest bar of peoblo faro and buy two tequila and give to the old 
man and he will tell you the story about peoblo faro and he tell about the treasure you wil
find that in the moutain you can also see the passage and you get there with the TNT and 
blow up the rock then you see a cave under the rocks and you will find xenus and a lot of
jewellery,the sixth part of the xenus is in the hand of a indian i remember that is in kokki
bamboo village i can't accept that i don't know what is the name of the village and you 
should to complete all mission you will get the xenus.and you should go to the juwellierist
he will tell you what is it he tell that that is old indian path,and it is in the jungle 
where in the volcano and you find the secreat passage you wiil see a small pool get there 
and swimm you will see a necliase take it and sell last mission of game will be there
you can go through the old indian passage and the black soldiers can't see you.

Easiest way to finish important mission:.
you should go to editors room and you speak in shouted style and you will save your money
3000 pesos and you don't take any sub mission. then you will go to don pedros villa and 
gothrough the army style(i mean shooting mode) you find the swimming pool gothrogh there
and kill every one(not the ladies they all are Very poor they haven't no money that is 
the way to they wearing naked dress oh! poor girl - just joking don't be upset)and you 
see the path don't go down staires go to left then right and you see a right side door 
and open it the scene will start. then the don pedro says to you speak with the editor 
and he gaves to you how to fly a plane (first the editor give to you how to handle a boat
don't learn this)and don't learn will see the editor that will be the next scene.
A man will kill the editor and you will saw. go to the road block and speak to them they 
will tell you where is his friend .and you will goto the jungle bar and you can saw the 
friend. gave him your 3000 pesos and talk. he will tell you the killer's friend he is in
petro sobra top of the gun will find the killer kill him and take his weopons 
you have a sniper.and goto the police office say about that and you can take the mission
of have to complete the three mission and stop that.and go to the bar speak with 
jame (the guerilla) and he gaves you 3 rocket lauchers and how to handle a 
should study only the helicopter not others.
and you want to complete to mission go to the mafia site and select the mafia mission 
quickely you want to get to the helicopter and the mafias all will shoot at you not the
tank complete that mission you will become an enemy of mafia and then go and shoot the 
armies with your sniper (don't use the real bullet use silent bullet). and you must shoot
there head NOTE:- no army men saw you. and take the truck.go to jaim and talk with him he
will tell you where is the man alberto banko go to there and the third scene will start 
you want to get out from  the houe and kill everyone then his brother will come and take
us and go the island. and he will gave you a secreat number of the locker go to petro 
sombra and go to the editors room kill every one in there and unlock the locker. you will
get a accountnumber.go to the nearest bank it opposite on the motel go there and you will
speak with the manager and he tell to you he want 20000 pesos.don't be upset man don't 
follow him get out from the bank in there an old lady is selling flowers buy two flowers
it will be cost 30 pesos.and give to the flower to the bank girl and she atracted to you
and visit her for dinner and she will come in the bar at night .in night go to the bar 
and talk to her don't say directily to the bank things say drink and don't buy tequila 
or bear she like another one what is the name! i forgot that that name will be the last.
and se will be on your way speack about the bank things and she will tell you about the 
hacker go the hacker and speak with him and complete his sub mission then he will tell 
you he want graphics card(you are civiliance enemy the cards cost will be 1300 also or 
friend cost 800). you want to go in peoblo faro and speak with the upgraderand he will 
get you a graphics card .take the taxi that is the easiest way to get there no fear about
that.give the graphics card to the hacker and he will tell you whose account number is 
that. It is the owner of jungle factory go there be careful there will be a tank in there
go to the back side of the factory kill every one and go to the second floor kill everybody
and open that door.then the scene will start.then you want to find a man i forgot his name.
in here you want friend with guerilla go to pueblo faro and speak with the comanate (not to
the road block)and he told to you complete all our assingment.complete the pueblo faro 
guerillas assingment and you will got the man information and money.go to the mine not 
to the real way that door deosn't open you will be seeing the door then go to the left 
side you will see a cave that cave doored by sticks blow up that with greanades and  go
through there. and in the mine you will see mafias and guerillas.and talk to the man in
shouted style and he will tell you he want an U S passport and 10000 pesos(in normal mode
he want12000 pesos).get him that money. and get passport go to the cia or the upgrader 
complete that mission you will get a pass port. your own like mission then he will tell
you about the indian man. you will go to the nearest indian village (don't enemy with 
indians in this time)and go to the top of the pyramid and speak with the leader. he tell
you whereis the site of kidnapers go there and kill every body and free the indian he 
will tell you who is the don is the name of don pedro go to the don pedros site
and do you want to kill then kill or use the secreat way .that is the best. and he will 
run away from his villa to his island.goto there with boat (or car you don't cross the 
water but you can swim i think that there is no pyrahna fishes in there or in helicopter).
use in your own way.kill every one and go through the house and kill every one in house. 
then open the room thereis the next scene.and  he tell you where is your daughter.then 
walk to the jetty then the next scene will on.thene you don't go to the volcano.go to 
petro sombra and buy a lot of bullet proofer minimum6 (you want to level up your bag 
about 125)sell sniper rifle and other guns you only need assualt rifle and battle rifle,
granadesand 8 TNT.and buy a lot of bulletsthat the assualt rifles and battle rifles.don't
fill up your bag then you will walk very slowly.then you have it go to the site. there you
will be walking not running nevermind that that is his nature. you accomplished the xenus 
mission go to the old indian tunnel and walk with it. and go to the volcano. 
NOTE: You should to take the all key card the firt key card in the firt room when you get
in there you can see that, the next key card in the key locked control room kill every 
one in there and search for the key card in any of death body or find it in the locker.
the next key card in the doctors room.find all the key card i remember that that will be
3 key cards. and find lisa and the scene on.then the mission will be destroy all generates.
go go go you will find the weopon room don't get any weapon you have it (do not take rocket
lanchures you have the TNT)and go throgh the next scene wiil be on kill and complete 
mission the armies are repeating oh!very dangerous.blow up all the generates with the TNT.

HOW to level up yor bag power:
complete all guerilla, goventment, mafia, cia, indians and bandits mission.

upgrading bullets in guns:
You can find same bullets are like standard silent armour peircing to get these bullets 
first you have the standard bullet remove the bullet in your bag and shoot the balance 
bullet then buy silent bullet or armour piercing bullet.

Avoiding enemies helicopter:
when you are walking then enimies helicopter signaling to the central that is they saw 
you.find abig tree and hiding the opposite direction of the helicopter then run to another
tree they will lost you.if you arein vehicle hearing for the last word "roger that cenral"
then you hear it turn of the car and sleep one hour snap.

Avoid enemy in there site:
when you are going to a enemy site go through jungal in the corner specially 90 degree 

How to get driving licence book:
to get boat licence the editor will gave you the book biggining of the game,thene plaine 
licence book will give you don pedro you see him in first sight,the navy boat licence on
the table of the editor when the killer kill the editor,the helicopter licence book get 
in two ways one in the guerilla jame gave to you the second alberto banco gave to you, 
then the road blocking vehicles licence in the factory when the factory owner died and 
search there and you will get the book.then you can complete the all missions of guerilla
mafia and govt.

How to become friend of characters:
Submitted by: Alexis

In the case of the CIA if your are enemy go to see the cia agent that is below the briges
near the church that they are building talk with him the more money you offer he will 
clean your file until you become friend. With the indians find cachua not the one in the
bar the next one that is located in a cave close to the village. you get in the road that
is side of the cia house where only reach when they are building the road turn left and 
go to the jungle road that leads to don esteban base take the short one not the one that
lead to don esteban the short one go straight at the end you will find a cave with cachua
inside give him cash the more cash you give more friend or he will tell you a mission to 
do to forgive you kill mr.botanist and you will be there friend again. 
Finish first with missions that mr. botanist give you then kill him if you want but i 
dont advice yuo to do that.
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