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Bloons TD 6 Cheats

Bloons TD 6

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Use Benjamin:
Written by Corrupt_Angel

-=Why is This Guide a Thing??-
Everyone who has used benjamin might have noticed that you get a lot of early
game cash, but later in the game, it seems harder to afford stuff. ever wondered 
why? Level 7. bloon trojan. this as well as ben's second ability, syphon funding, 
have been the cause of a ton of lost money. 

So i decided to make this guide to show ways that i have either worked around 
his flaws, or done something else entirely.

-=Thing Number #1=-
So what if you want to place him down, then not worry about it? I feel you, so 
heres an idea. When he hits level seven, start to spam some banks. the bank buff 
from benjamin should help you recover some lost money from the bloon trojan.

Okay, but what if you dont wanna use banks? 3-2-0 farms. like 8 of them. all 
around a farmer. that'll do it.

Lol for real though, you technically can use a 0-3-2 bank, as wierd as it is. 
they will automatically collect when they get full, so you dont have to worry 
about them. the bank buff would help a ton with 0-3-2 banks, because they dont 
get as much money per round. but it is fun to use crosspaths that you wouldnt 
normally use.

As for when he gets to level 10, don't use the ability. Further beyond level 
10, get more farms or income generators, because he will end up buffing bloon 
trojan a lot, so you will need to compensate for it.

I know it seems like a lot, so... TLDR: if you wanna get money but not have to 
worry about it, spam 0-3-2 banks. spam more of them, then more.

If you wanna get the most amount of money, its like farming normally, you just 
need to get banks more.

Don't use the level 10 ability. Ever!

-=Thing Number #2=-
So, you want money. Understandable, i like money too. and you know that level 
7 ben makes you lose money.

Well imagine if you didnt have to deal with that.

So you sell him at level 7,its weird, i know. Selling your hero is weird.

Check his level every few rounds, sell him if hes at level 7 or higher. 
It makes more sense once you get started.

You wont really have to use farms that much, so i really like this strategy.

So, you might like these ideas, but keep this in mind:

* He is a hero, so you wont be able to use obyn or any other heroes.
* He takes a lot of micro if you use the second method.
* He takes a ton of compensation if you use the first method.
* His first ability can leave you very vulnerable at times.
* Why not use obyn? what does ben have over obyn?
* Farms are better, in every way imaginable.

How to Defeat Bloonarius (Elite Mode):
Written by guygombaa

How to defeat the new event boss, Bloonarius, in Elite mode

-=Step 1: Normal=-
Firstly, you have to unlock Elite difficulty by defeating standard Bloonarius. 
I recommend being at least level 100 first, as this is pretty challenging.

-=Step 2: Setup=-
Firstly, you need to pick a hero. The classic choices are, as always, Adora, 
Oberyn and Sauda. However, I find Etienne to also be viable since his UAV will 
save you a bit of money on camo detection.

Now, early on you're going to want to do your standard CHIMPS setup: A 4-0-2 
Ninja, a 4-2-0 Alchemist, a 2-2-0 (2-0-2 if you have Etienne) Village, and then 
a 0-2-5 Wizard. After this, I would recommend getting the Ninja to 5-0-2 and 
then either surrounding him with x-4-x Ninjas to buff him, or building a 5-x-x 
Mortar to deal with the waves between boss rounds. Your choice!

-=Step 3: Early Game=-
At time of writing, the map for Bloonarius is Monkey Meadows, but I assume 
there will be other maps later. With this in mind, further towers will likely 
depend on the map. Since this isn't actually CHIMPS and you still have your 
monkey knowledge, Farms are viable if you can squeeze them in. Other than that, 
as a general rule of thumb:

4-0-2 Subs deal great AOE for water maps! Always have at least one on a map 
with any water, but for heavier water maps you should invest in some other subs 
and some 5-x-x and x-5-x Pirates as well.

For maps with lots of straight lines, the Dartling gunners can be extremely 
powerful! Personally I use 5-x-2 supported by 4-x-x to make use of the monkey 
knowledge that creates pools where the lasers connect, but the other two paths 
are also very powerful. I leave them locked, but unlock them when Bloonarius 
appears. You'll need them.

If you're in a comfortable position, you should be working towards a Sun God or 
Dark Sun God. Bloonarius is insanely strong and you'll need the firepower.

Other than that, stick with high damage, single target towers. 
Range upgrades are essential to hurt Bloonarius.

-=Step 4: 5 Star Bloonarius=-
Get absolutely steamrolled by his 40 mil HP.

Now you'll need to exit the game and head into your steam library: find Bloons TD 6 
and right click it. Now you'll want to go down to the 'Manage' section and select 
uninstall. Then, go back to the manage section and select 'Hide this game'. 
Make absolutely sure you do both, this is essential to defeating Bloonarius.

To be certain that you've defeated Bloonarius: unplug your PC/turnoff your 
laptop/device of choice. Now you'll need to take it to your nearest beach. 
Procure a boat. It doesn't matter how, but I recommend hijacking.

To do that, simply wait until somebody docks their boat. Strike up a conversation 
with the owner, displaying interest in their boat. Ask them what they use it for 
and how long they've had it. This lowers their guard, making it easier to dispatch 
them. You'll be returning the boat, so it's okay! Now push them overboard, or 
subdue them, or trick them into leaving the boat! Personally, I called upon the 
dark powers beyond the edges of space of time in an ancient, forbidden rite to 
drag the elderly fisherman I had encountered into their unnatural world.

Then, take the boat out! Realistically we only need to go about 100 metres out, 
but you want to make sure Bloonarius is defeated, right? Go out at least five 
kilometres. I went about a hundred kilometres out. Now, dump your PC/laptop/device
 of choice into the ocean. Shed a tear of relief knowing that the evil is finally, 
truly, defeated.

Now go back, return the boat to it's owner, and flee into the night. 
Remember not to live any fingerprints or other possibly DNA identifier behind!

Now comes what might be the hardest part: ensuring that Bloonarius doesn't return. 
There are many ways to do this, but I recommend getting aversion therapy to Bloons 
TD 6. This way, there is no chance you'll face Bloonarius again.

How to Unlock the Cave Monkey:
Written bynightjar111

In Bloons td6 there are 22 monkeys available in the game (not including heroes) 
to unlock, however there is a secret monkey that can be unlocked, albiet without XP, 
being the cave monkey! this is a guide on how to unlock said cave monkey, 

note: the cave monkey can only be unlocked and used in the map “frozen over”*

-=How to Unlock the Cave Monkey=-
1. the map
first of all, you have to select the map “Frozen Over” on any difficulty, simple 
enough, once the map is loaded, you’ll see the cave monkey trapped in ice, and that 
brings us to the next part of this guide.

2. the unlocking-ing
after the map loads in, place down a mortar monkey and set it to target the ice in 
which the cave monkey is trapped inside, a total of 30 mortar shots are required to 
break the ice. (rapid reload upgrade is recommended to speed up the process!)

3. the monkey
after around 10 shots from the mortar monkey, the ice will start to crack, after 
10 more it cracks more, and after 10 more shots the ice breaks, and unlocks the 
cave monkey!
the cave monkey is a melee monkey that uses a prehistoric club to attack, it can 
usually hit up to 1-3 bloons per hit, it can also stun bloons which is pretty 
handy if you ask me, it can’t stun BADs, it can’t be upgraded, and also doesn’t 
have camo detection, but it can be given the ability to see camo bloons from a 
upgraded monkey town, it can also be buffed more by the alchemist, the engineer 
monkey’s overclock ability and other boosts and buffs.

How to Beat Bosses:
This tips will help you to get more trophies.

To beat bosses, you need quite a bit of money, which for the first 40 rounds that 
you need to get by on as little defense as possible.

Start with Geraldo or Ben, if they’re enabled. If you have Ben, get him as early 
as possible. If you have Geraldo, place the action figure as early as possible.

Build up 5 or 6 200 farms, while not purchasing much defense. Building into a 200 
boomer could be a good option for this boss, but only buy those upgrades when you 
need to, because otherwise you’re just delaying your farms.

Make sure you budget space for a village in the middle of those farms, because you 
can buy a 002 village in range of as many farms as possible to make your farms 
cheaper. After you have your 200 farms, start upgrading them to marketplaces, 
starting with the discounted ones. At around round 30-32, sell your action figure 
if you have Geraldo so you can get more farms.

At this point, buying a 014 bloon trap is a good option, because the 30’s give a 
lot of cash. Target the trap as far forward as possible to avoid the engi popping 
bloons that would’ve otherwise gone into the trap.

Through all of this, it’s okay to lose a few lives, such as the camo bloon on round 
24, or other random leaks. The lives are there to work with.

To beat tier 1, you can sell a few marketplaces to get up a sticky bomb and an 
overdrive+alchbuff, which should handle fairly well.

How to Beat Monkey Meadow on Easy:
Written by Pyxell

-=Starting the Match
* When starting the match, you should first place down your free dart monkey to pop 
  the bloons from round 1-39.
* Then you’ll want to place down Benjamin at the end of the track 
  (It is very important you place him down here).

-=Mid Match
* After you place Benjamin, you should start placing banana farms to help with 
  making money.

-=Ending the Match
* At the end of round 39, sell everything you’ve placed and start making a vtsg. 
* You should have the money for it if you farmed correctly. 
* Then you can start round 40 and win the match. 
* This is the easiest way (That I could find) to beat monkey meadow on easy.

Key Rounds:
Written by peterw18

A guide detailing which rounds contain certain bloons such as leads, ceramics, and 
MOAB-class bloons for new players.

-=Key Rounds=-
* Round 17 – Regrow Bloons
* Round 24 – Camo Bloons
* Round 28 – Lead Bloons
* Round 36 – Camo Regrow Bloons
* Round 38 – Cermaic Bloons
* Round 40 – MOAB
* Round 45 – Fortified Bloons (Leads)
* Round 51 – Camo Ceramic Bloons
* Round 59 – Camo Lead Bloons
* Round 60 – BFB
* Round 80 – ZOMG
* Round 90 – DDTs
* Round 95 – Huge amount of DDTs
* Round 99 – Fortified DDTs
* Round 100 – BAD
* Round 140 – Fortified BADs

CHIMPS Strategy:
Written by Penrosian

Disclaimer: This is not a CHIMPS guide, this is just a strategy I don’t see many 
people use that is extremely simple and effective. A good amount of game knowledge
and skill is still required, but if you have no idea what strategies to use for 
CHIMPS this works.

The strategy is pretty simple. Just make it through early game, get a Necromancer 
to deal with the early-mid game, and save for Spirit of the Forest. Try to place 
this guy in a central position near the track for maximum power.

Add a MOAB Glue at the front and a few MOAB Presses and Bloon Sabotages for utility, 
throw down maybe a spectre or two, and watch as SotF gets over half of the total pops.

I don’t see SotF used very often as the main T5, and it has a lot of potential. 
With the power of the underused Necromancer midgame carry to save up to it, this 
strategy can deal a lot of damage.

List of different heroes for beginners:
Written by Silee22

Guide to Beginners Which Hero to Use at Under Level 50

-=Rating List=-
Number 1: (Only needs level 28 to unlock) Obyn Greenfoot.
Number 2: (If you have 5k monkey cash) Adora.
Number 3: (If you have 5k monkey cash) Sauda.
Number 4: (If you have 5k monkey cash) PSI.
Number 5: (If you have 5k monkey cash) Geraldo.
Number 6: (For late game and only 3k monkey cash) Benjamin.
Number 7: (Only 2,5k monkey cash) Captain Churchill.
Number 8: (Only 3k monkey cash) Ezili.
Number 9: (Only 3k monkey cash) Pat Fusty.
Number 10: (Only needs level 14 to unlock) Gwendolin.
Number 11: (Only needs level 21 to unlock) Striker Jones.
Number 12: (If you have 5k monkey cash) Admiral Brickell.
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