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Bloody Spell Cheats

Bloody Spell

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Easy Blood (Currency) Farming:
Written by Manostion

The easiest and fastest way to farm Blood, so far...

In this guide I want to show you an easy, fast and safe way to farm Red 
Orbs/Souls/Blood. At the time of writing this works perfectly fine every

The easiest way I found, is to exit the game right before you face off 
against the Boss of the second level:

The game will save your position, inventory etc. and all enemies in the 
level will be dead (even ones you haven't killed) and all doors will be 
open (even ones you skipped). All chests will be restocked and randomized
and all destroyable objects will be back as well. All spots that have a 
chance of having an NPC, will be randomized, too, so you get extra chances
at playing one of the minigames each time. Watch out for traps, though - 
those are back, too.

So, after quitting to the main menu screen, load your game, safely backtrack 
through the whole level, collecting everything, head back to the area before 
the Boss, quit again, load again. You can do this infinitely and be rich and 
well equipped in no time.

Since the shopping pillars will also randomly be restocked, you can also 
improve some of your Bloodthirsties by buying Blood Ambers.

Beginner Tips & How to Fly:
Written by R Anaxxa

-=The Tutorial Area/First Area=-
The tutorial area can be very discouraging for new players at least in my 
experience. It is probably the hardest part of this game because of how many 
mechanics there are and you not knowing what the hell to expect from some 
random chinese game you bought off of a sale.

The first boss is quite easy. The main trick is to dodge his charge attack 
which can be done decently easily if you use the “flying” technique from this 
guide —> it’s explained later how to do it. (dw it’s easy)

For the best fighting experience try to use the BIG SWORD. A charged heavy 
attack (hold right mouse button) can stagger the boss by making him fall down 
onto his belly. I believe in the tutorial area you only need 1 charged heavy 
attack to CC him which is not a lot and it for sure helps while fighting him. 
I’d say after Staggering him switch to the small sword and wombo combo his ass.

After this boss the game gets a lot easier because you get access to blood 
spells which are (no ???? sherlock) the main mechanic of the game.

-=Tips & Tricks=-
You can follow the opponents easily in combat by using the “grappling hook”. 
It’s on C key and helps a lot with flying enemies.

Some chests are impossible to get before beating the game for the first time. 
Unless you know the flight trick that allows you to bamboozle the devs and get
 a lot more of them.

To fly in this game you need to:

* Jump into the air.
* Press shift or the assigned dodge button.
* Light attack (left mouse button –> don’t hold it just press once).
* Press shift.
* Light attack.
* Repeat steps 4 and 5.

With the right timing it allows you to stay in the air pretty much forever.

Also there’s a sword in the 3rd area (bamboo forest with villages) that you 
can get by using this trick. It’s a really good sword esp for 1st playthrough
so highly recommend!
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