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Bloodwych Cheats


When you are being attacked by a monster that you think may be too tough for your 
team, get the other player to lock their team behind a wooden partition. 

Then you lure the monster past the section of the partition that hides your 
accomplice. That player then communicated with the monster with the monster 
through the partition (make sure that they are facing it). They then keep 
clicking on `COMMUNICATE AND RECRUIT' (this is better done using an autofire 
joystick). You then hack the living daylights out of the monster while your 
accomplice carries on hacking the living daylights out of the `COMMUNICATE' 
option. This works with Zendik and the Entropy as well as every other creature 
in the castle. 

If you're patient enough, then a good way of starting is to recruit your way 
through all of the Bloodwych characters taking their belongings, then dismissing 
them. You can now sell all the weapons you don't want, to end up with about 200 
coinage. You will also have a plentiful supply of food and keys, so remember to 
have only one character carrying the keys to save on backpack space. 

Usually, the best combination of characters is to have two fighters at the front 
and two wizards at the back. It's difficult to say which colours are the best, 
since they all have spells which come in useful fairly often. The yellow Vivify 
spell is probably the best, but red spells such as Vitalise, Fireball and 
Firebath tend to be the most frequently used. Note that the first time you use 
the Vivify spell, you will need about 70 or 80 spell points if the character 
casting the spell isn't yellow. 

Any items you come across can be sold to any creature, so long as they're not 
one of the characters you robbed at the beginning of the game. You can quite 
easily reach and maintain the maximum of 99 coinage this way. 

As far as fighting goes, make sure you don't get trapped while using the `hack 
and step back' method, only to realise that you haven't saved the game for some 
time. Occasionally it is possible to worm your way out of this situation by 
using the Confuse and Terror spells and talking to the creature. Keep boasting 
to it about how great you are and then threaten it. Every now and then the 
creature will turn and run, but unfortunately this is quite rare. 

A tip which is used by quite a large number of Bloodwych players is the old 
`hiding behind the door, technique'. Stand to one side of a wooden door with a 
creature on the other side and keep clicking on the fight icon until the 
creature opens the door. Sometimes it is possible to get a hit in from both of 
your front characters and close the door before the creature hits you. If the 
creature then opens the door straight away, you don't need to click on the fight 
icon again. If, however, there is a delay, then you'll probably have to keep 
hitting it. If you're worried that one of your characters is going to die, then 
lock the door using Magelock, as it's quite easy to make the mistake of locking 
the door open if you use a key. With the door locked you can give your 
characters a rest, allowing them to recuperate and be ready for the next fight.
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