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Blood West Cheats

Blood West

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Melee and Speed Explanatory Guide:
Written by It's Deerlord!

-=Melee Is Pretty Cool=-

This was going to be a list of general tips that help both when Going Fast and 
in more casual gameplay, but it ended up just being a list of reasons why melee 
weapons are awesome. So we’re just going with that.

* Press TAB and then your ‘Pickup All’ key to instantly pick up any nearby items 
  in your line of sight, even those outside of your usual grab range. This saves 
  time and helps you pick up items that are hidden in little nooks and crannies 
  you may have missed at first glance.
* Your detection meter will not go up while you’re in the air (it seems to only 
  go up on landing), and running jumps maintain your momentum.Combining these two, 
  you can get a lot of very fast and cheeky sneak attacks by running-jumping at 
  someone and hitting them with a heavy attack before you land. This will 
  henceforth be called a ‘lunging attack’.
* Speaking of, melee hitboxes persist for a VERY long time. OK, not super long, 
  but longer than you’d expect. If you get two corpses next to each other hit 
  one with a heavy attack and then flick your mouse to the other one – you’ll 
  hit both of them. It’s freaky. With this in mind, you can swing a bit earlier 
  than you’d expect when going for headsmacks and lunging attacks. In fact, this 
  seems to make them more accurate–
* Spirits can be dealt with safely and without expending resources by essentially 
  ‘matador’ing them. When they begin to charge at you, wind up a heavy melee attack,
  then swing while running to the left, mouse tracking them or the area they’re 
  about to be. It takes a bit of practice but it’s satisfying once you get good 
  at it and is very useful in the boss fight.
* When you land a headshot on a Vendigo with a melee weapon, or deal heavy damage 
  to one with an axe, they enter hitstun. With the skill that gives you faster 
  melee attack speed this allows you to stunlock them to death, making an isolated 
  Vendigo almost trivial with the right set-up, and even more so if you can open up 
  with a lunging attack.
* Coffin zombies can be one-shot by surprise attacks to the limbs. As lunging attacks 
  aim high (obviously) you may want to sneak attack them the ol’ fashioned way unless 
  you feel ballsy.

Run straight past the first enemy. Make it eat your dust.

* You can easily avoid damage by running up and jumping off the ramp on the way there. 
* Remember enemies can’t hear you while you’re in the air, so this gives you a very good 
  head-start on it.

* If you want to be safe and get additional healing, go into the side-cave just before 
  dropping to the axe and get the gold.
* Grab the axe and go straight for the shaman, picking up the revolver and gold ammo on 
  the way. Also pick up the items on both enemies in your path.
* Talk to the shaman. Once we have skill points to burn, we’ll take better gun aiming 
  and faster stamina regeneration while holding a melee weapon. This leaves us with one
  skill point to spare – there’s nothing good to spend it on right now, so save it.

* If you decided to play safe, you can talk to the shaman and sell the gold nugget plus 
  the golden bullets to afford a spare health potion.
* Talk to the totem and give away the gold coin you got to get the increased melee damage. 
  This gives us more reliable Vendigo stunlocks and makes killing the boss faster.
* Go through the cave the shaman would send you through on his quest. Don’t actually take 
  his quest, though – we only care about the path past the two ghouls, which is a shortcut 
  to the fort.
* Calmly walk up to the bridge until you’re just about to be noticed, then leg it across 
  the bridge, ignoring all of these enemies. Run at the ghoul immediately inside, 
  performing a lunging attack on it.

* From there, you can TAB+Pickup All in front of the cart it’s next to and quickly take 
  the potion on it. Though this loses time for safety, it takes so little time I usually
  just do it anyways.

* Whether or not you take the potion, we run into the nearest tower and climb the ladder, 
  then crouch in one spot so the heat dies down.
* Once the enemies are no longer hunting you, head straight towards the artifact and 
  stealth kill the Prodigal Daughter in the way. Take her shotgun.
* Make sure you’re over 75 health as you make your way out the fort through the tower 
  you ascended to get here, then leave out the front entrance. Go hard left to the cliff 
  overlooking the canyon and look down off he edge – you should see an alcove just above 
  the sheriff’s star. Fall onto it, drinking a potion as you fall to save time.

* If the Prodigal Daughter’s ammo didn’t have any ammo, or you just want to be safe, 
  on the ground floor of the tower you’re leaving out of there is shotgun ammo in the
  corner you’re looking at as you enter.
* Once you’re over 75 health again fall again right next to the star and sneak attack 
  the Birdman below. Take the star. Kill the nearby Humanpede and take the health potion 
  it’s guarding.

* Another safety tactic is to nab the golden cup in the shack just in front of the 
  birdman you kill. It and any items you find with it will pay for a health potion 
  by themselves.
* Go into the little cave on the other side of the canyon. Kill the prodigal daughter 
  with two revolver headshots (with the better aiming skill, it’s faster and more reliable 
  than simply waiting for her to move into sneak attack range). * Take her shotgun ammo. 
  Clear out the enemies and use the shotgun to help clear out the final cluster guarding 
  the unique axe we’re after. Take the axe, as well as the item that lets you teleport 
* You will probably level up here, or shortly after this point. We’ll spend our skill 
  points on higher melee attack speed and more health, for lack of anything better to 
  really spend it on.
* Leave the canyon through the big ramp to your left as you leave, killing enemies that 
  are in your path. Keep walking until you reach a wall and then hug it as you go right.
* You will soon find a set of big wooden platforms, and a back entrance to the church. 
* If you’re a little short on health, headshot the Birdman below before running through 
  the cavern and making a break for the artifact. Once you have it, use your home 
  teleportation item.

* From here, if you sell everything you don’t need, you should have enough for one or 
  even two health potions. For the second one just rest in bed and his shop will reset 
  – if you’re lowish on life you should rest anyway, so it works out.
* Make a break for the canyon and prepare to kill the boss, sneaking past the birdmen 
  guarding the entrance. Try to sneak attack the coffin ghoul just before the Vendigo, 
  then bait out the Vendigo with your revolver so you can smack it in the face with your 
  axe. From there, progress past the boss door.

* The path leading up to the boss is rife with revolver ammo, and should give you enough 
  to kill the boss with, especially since the majority of our damage to it will be via 
  lunging attack with our shiny axe.
* Have your health potions at the ready as you tackle the boss, jumping onto one of the 
  wooden supports to mitigate fall damage (falling through the platforms hurts a lot). 
  The axe, especially with the melee damage buff, will easily one-shot spirits with a 
  heavy attack and make short work of the Vendigos that spawn too. In terms of actually 
  damaging the boss, we’re looking to go for a running jump and a heavy attack when its 
  bark opens up and we won’t be hit by spikes, then run backwards. You take damage FAST 
  if you stay too close to the boss for too long, so play safe and plink away at its 
  health with your revolver if you’re not sure.
* Belt out a celebratory ‘yeehaw’ if you won, or a dejected ‘yeehaw’ if you died to the boss.

* This part is optional.

How to Get Various Artifacts:
Written by Ted 

This is a guide how to find the various artifacts that are available in Blood West 
(Episode 1 for now).

-=List of Artifacts, and where to find them=-
Acid Gland (+50% Acid Resist) 
- Loot dropped by Humanpedes. Search them after one dies.

Calumet (+50% chance to dodge spirit attacks) 
- Complete all gold object quests.

Ectoplasm (+20% chance for range attack to miss) 
- Small burnt room, highest point in the church among other items.

Eyeballs (+5 range on ranged weapons) 
- Farmhouse at the Farm, in a box of body parts in front of the Fireplace.

Feather (+25% Stamina Regen/-10% Stamina (Says -25% but this is incorrect)) 
- Find one of these when you sneak past the first enemy in the game in the cave 
systems, or on almost any Birdman/North side of the Burial Grounds.

Glove (+15% faster reloading) 
- Unmarked camp, between Jim Hooper and the Tower on the map at the front of one 
of the tents.

Golden coin (Keeps you from getting a flaw from dying(MUST BE EQUIPPED)) 
- On top of the skeleton rack when you start a new game/Various enemies and areas.

Necklace with fangs (+50 Stamina, +25% Sneaking) 
- Under the Fort.

Playing Card (+Loot chance) 
- Southern-most tower at the Fort, on a table with a couple bottles and a plate.

Mystical scalp (+30% HP/+25% bleed time/chance) 
- Burial Grounds, on one of two pair of pillars, one leaning against the other around 
the sacrificial circle where you find the Gold Ceremonial Dagger.

Shot Coin (+$3 per kill) 
- At the Tower.

Soul catcher (+50% stamina) 
- Collapsed skeleton rack, east side of Burial Grounds/Sold by Jim Hooper.

Vendigo heart (-10% hp/Regen 1HP/8 secs) 
- On Vendigos after death, south part of the Burial Grounds on one of the skeleton racks.

Watch (Slows time by 15% for 1 second when you aim down sights, only every 5 seconds) 
- Sold by Jim Hooper.

Locations of the Keys and Safes:
Written by Neutral Effect

* Train Bridge - On the lower level of the train bridge, next to a small chest found 
  on it’s northern end. Lots of lost souls floating nearby.

Tip: When you’re there, you might be able to get a Rusty Buffaloo Rifle as well, if 
you’re brave. or mad enough.

* The Pit - There is a small canyon leading from the fort to an open area with enormous 
  it in the middle. Coming from the fort and sticking to the left side, you will find a 
  cave guarded by a Wendigo. Key lies somewhere inside.

Trivia: If you look down the pit, you can actually see the final boss of Chapter One 
in there!

* North-Western Valley – There is a small valley in the north-eastern part of the map. On 
  one end, you can find an encampment there with a bunch of tents, an outhouse and a large
  wooden building with a couple of floors but no walls. If you try to leave the valley 
  using a natural ramp to the north side you should encounter a Wendigo; next to it should
  be a couple of broken boxes – key can be found on one of those.

* Fort - Small building next to the fort’s southern entrance (a Coffin Zombie and a Birdman 
  should be on the roof).
* Bar - Upper floor at the bar in the town.
* Train - Next to an overturned train cart, west of Shaman’s cave.

How to Save Scum / Cheat:
Written by monceber

This game is an immersive sim that actively punishes experimentation with the curse upon 
death mechanic. Let’s save scum it!

* Press ‘save and exit’ in the menu when you want to make a save.
* Load the save from the main menu to continue playing
* Quickly alt+f4 if you die
* Open the game and load the save. If you closed the game fast enough, you will start 
  from your manual save.
* If you are not quick enough on the trigger, you will start from the safe zone with a 
  curse. Better luck next time
* P.S. Verified that this method allows you to get a ‘don’t die in chapter N’ achievement.

How to Use Ammo:
* Save gold ammo for tough enemies.
* Silver ammo for rough spirits like the cowboys.
* Ammo is restocked at the vendor everytime you rest/travel so try to always buy 
  the vendor out whenever possible.
* Throwables are hit or miss (I think Molotov cocktail is only marginally useful) but 
  dynamite is awesome. Use it when you can on groups of enemies to conserve ammo.
* Anytime you kill an enemy that has a gun always unload the ammo from their weapon 
  even if you don’t take their weapon due to space concerns. You can search their body,
  click on their weapon, and click unload without even transferring the gun to your 
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