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Blood And Bacon Cheats

Blood And Bacon

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy "Acid Washed" achievement:
On Day 20 stand in front of the Princess Boss and wait for her to vomit.

Easy "The Longest Yard" achievement:
Perform a milk jump from the roof of the tallest building. Simply jump 
and throw the grenade in the air.

Easy "Skidmarked" achievement:
On Day 20 stand behind the Princess Boss and wait for her to defecate.

Easy "You Are The Champion" achievement:
This can be earned by progressing all the way to day 101 to complete the 
game, or on Day 31. At that point, display the "Cheats" menu, check "Unlock
all days" and accept that option. Go to "Restart Day" and instead of 
restarting Day 31 choose Day 101. Day 101 is easy to complete.
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