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Brian Lara International Cricket 2007 Cheats

Brian Lara International Cricket 2007

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Gautam Kaviraj

Here's How to play ODIs and Twenty20 Matches with Original lineups...Actual
Jerseys...and Accurate Player Likeliness and Skill Levels ---> In the game 
menu.. instead of going ahead with the Custom ODI (i.e Single Match).... go
and select one of the ICC Tournament... 
(Champions Trophy 2006 or ICC World Cup'07) 
In here u'll find that all real players are present for each and every team. 
With their names...faces as well as signature skills and unique accessories 
all accurately done (like Vettori's Glasses and Harbhajan Singh's Turban)

Now u can go ahead with playing these tournaments... or u can find the single
match mode given by the name of 'warm-up game'.

Always play the ODIs from this screen unlike the main menu ...all
players are licensed (u have the actual Tendulkar instead of Tendelki... 
Gilchrist instead of Gilchurch....Shoaib Akhtar instead of Akhti etc) and their
skills are also adjusted to realistic values!

Submitted by: RM

The following codes can be unlocked through online purchase or by completing
the indicated task.

Note: You have to call a phone number to purchase the cheat codes. The reason 
why the codes themselves cannot be disclosed is that they are profile specific.
When you call that number, you will have to accept the phone charges, select the
system and game, then enter in the special number the comes with your profile 
(at the cheat screen). You can then select the code you want to purchase and 
carefully make a note of it when it is revealed over the phone.

Heat Seeker     - Lock on to middle stump and bowl with 100% speed
Bat Out of Hell - Shots race to the boundary with increasing speed
Perfect hands   - Fielders never drop catches
Mad Skills      - Max out your fielding batting and bowling
Unlock Tools    - Unlocks tutorial tools
All Unlocks     - Unlocks everything

Submitted by. VIJAY


Easy "Bat Out of Hell" cheat:
The only way you can score 1,000 runs is to bat first in an ODI of at least
ten overs.

Easy "Slinger" cheat:
The only man with a slinger motion is Shoaib Aktar (or similar in the game), and
not Lasith Malinga (or similar in the game).

Easy "Heat Seeker" cheat:
While you cannot cheat by using a second controller, you can do this to face an
easier lineup. Create a custom team with bowlers with bad batting stats, then set
the game to anything over ten overs (a bowler cannot take ten wickets with only 
one over for bowling). When you play against this team, set the field to a hard 
field with hot or normal weather; even if you lose the toss, the opposite captain
will choose to bat. Using your team's fastest bowler as the number one bowler, 
try to get him out LBW or smash the stumps for as few runs as possible. When he
is resting, bowl a maiden over with a fast medium bowler aiming the off stumps, 
but swinging away from the stumps. If there are catching opportunities, drop them.
When the number one bowler is back on again, you can continue the assault. Once 
your bowler took ten wicket, just be patient and chase down the totals. You will
get that cheat, a few new photos, two ODI bowling trophies, all Kittnex bats 
and a pair of sunglasses. For this cheat or for other cheats, you are not allowed
to skip overs or innings.

Better created fast bowlers:
Use the following trick to get the most out of your created fast bowlers (from 
medium bowlers to fast bowlers). Redistribute the stats so that you max out as 
much as possible on his accuracy and speed, then distribute the remaining points
evenly over air (swing) movement and bounce (for cutting the ball). By doing this,
if you have a fast bowler you can beam up fast bowls of close to 90+ mph with 
accuracy. This is especially useful when you acquire the "Heat Seeker" and 
"Extra Tools" cheats.

Better created slow bowlers:
Use the following trick to get the most out of your created slow bowlers (spin 
bowlers). Redistribute the stats so that you max out as much as possible on his
accuracy and bounce (for changing the line of the ball), then distribute the 
remaining points evenly over air (swing) movement and speed. Unless if you want
another Daniel Vettori, who relies on the flight of the ball and speed, do not 
boost air movement and speed too much.

Knock the camera out:
In Brian Lara International Cricket 2005, the camera was behind the off stump of
the right-handed batsman or leg stump of the left-handed batsman. In Brian Lara 
International Cricket 2007, the camera is on the other side (leg stump of the 
right-handed batsman or off stump of the left-handed batsman). When you have 
bowled the ball to that stump, either by knocking the bails or completely 
uprooting the stump, watch the entire replay and admire how you smashed the
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