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Blam! Machine Head Cheats

Blam! Machine Head

Level Easy Normal Hard  
1-2 Q58NM  LDZCQ 4HWGE  
1-3 TDM75  UH8OT X06BE  
1-4 VO1PP  JCP6V H4ULJ  
2-1 0F20F  0HX8Y OE95W  
2-2 42W3T  JGK-P 5K5H7  
2-3 VR4T2  6EZD5 SHCMM  
2-4 1NBCX  CXVI6 PA3K1  
2-5 ZF0XD  Y5KXJ Q2NGZ  
3-1 2XVSD  AHO3J S2MF-  
3-2 W0J8H  3Y8-D -7FRU  
3-4 1SOJ3  130BP V2MW8  
4-1 YCTS6  PUUKS 28SD1  
4-2 Q29LH  UDUY4 21FSD  
4-4 2RHK4  RB9RU Z1IT2  
End UP405  C42R1 2MP3P
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