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Blair Witch Volume 1 - Rustin Parr Cheats

Blair Witch Volume 1 - Rustin Parr

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Andrew
Submitted by: jens lohse 

Hit F10 and enter the following cheats: 

Code              Result 
IWORKFORGOD     - God Mode [invicibilty and all weapons and ammo]
BIGHEAD         - Big Head Mode 
GIBNPLENTY      - Gratuitous Dismemberment 
T2000           - Terminator Skin 
GIVEMEFAITH     - Restore Health 
NOD3D           - Invisibility 
HELLFREEZEOVER  - Freeze Enemies 
MEDIUMRARE      - Get Crossbow 
GOODTIMESMAN    - Get Dynamite 
BURNYOURASSOFF  - Get Flamethrower 
SMILEYNOMORE    - Get Elephant Gun 
SUNOFGOD        - Get Charge Radiance Emitter 
RECHARGE        - Restore Flashlight Battery 
ICANSEE         - Night Vision Goggles 
WWBEWARE        - Get Silver Bullets/td> 
VAMPBEWARE      - Get Lith Bullets 
DEMONBEWARE     - Get Mercy Bullets 
ISUCK           - Easy Difficulty 
IRULE           - Hard Difficulty 
COMBATISSCARY   - Easy Combat 
INSTANTCRASH    - Crash The Game 
THUNDERSTORM    - Create Storm (Even Inside) 
SNOWSTORM       - Snowflakes Fall 
FLAMEONASTICK   - Flaming Ammo 
ITISDARKNOW     - Darker color scheme
GONEAWHILE      - Unknown 
RAISE           - Unknown 
NUKEFART        - Kill all onscreen enemies
TIME            - Slow down or speed up time
OLDHAT          - Unknown 
BLANK           - Black, hot pink, and gray objects
DARK            - Darker graphics
STEP            - Unknown 

* The woods are full of deadly creatures, but your character's pretty swift
  you can usually outrun danger provided you've got a good idea of where you
  need to be headed. Call up the map to pause the action and decide on a 
  direction to run. 

* If you opt for gunning down enemies instead of fleeing, be sure to scour
  locations for ammo. You'll find two boxes of bullets in Parr's house, for
  instance, and a large cache of ammo in Asgaya's cabin. 

* Examine all the notes and drawings Doc collects throughout the course of
  the game. Except for a couple of trial-and-error puzzles, the solutions 
  to the problems you face are usually found here. 

Press [F10] while in the game and enter the following:

Code          Result 
godgames    - God Mode 
moreammo    - More Ammo 
goldmode    - Hidden Message
winblows    - All weapons
autoaim     - Auto-aimed weapons
skeletonkey - Skeleton Key
goremode    - Increased gore

High-detail flashlight effects:
To enable the more beautiful and complex flashlight effects known from 
Nocturne, open the file 'nocturne.ini' in the SYSTEM folder inside the 
game's installation folder.
In this file, look for the "haloMode=0" line and change the 0 to 2 (1 is
also possible, enabling only a part of the effects) and save.
Please note that the effect is not placed correctly with some models 
(for example the cone of light emanates not from the flashlight, but 
from a point about a foot in front of it).
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