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Blade of Darkness Cheats

Blade of Darkness

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: rickHH

Cheat Mode:
Use a text editor to edit the "" file in the "scripts" folder.
Add the following lines at the end of the file to enable cheat mode: 

import cheats

Then, press one of the following keys during game play. Start the game, 
press [F1], enter one of the following codes, then press [F1] again to 
activate the  cheat function. 

Result                    Key
Small sword             - 1 
Big sword               - 2 
Big shield              - 3 
Small shield            - 4 
Create lightsaber       - G 
Start lightsaber        - K 
Toggle invincibility    - [F10] 
Move camera left        - [F5] 
Move camera right       - [F6] 
Change MOV              - P 
Sleepy Hollow type gore - H  
Mutational gore         - M 
Matrix type gore        - X 
Level skip              - [F9] 
Level up                - [F8] 

Cheat mode (alternate):
Enter one of the following codes. 
Note: The game may need to be completed first before they can be activated.

Result                         Code 
Maximum HP and stamina       - allmighty  
All weapons                  - tothepoint  
All items                    - itemsgalore  
All keys for current level   - doorsnomore  
Level skip                   - levelend  
Maximum level gain           - levelheaded  

Use a text editor to edit the "" file in the "config" folder. Add the 
following line at the end of key binding section, where is any available key: 

Add the same line in the "" in the "scripts" folder. 
Press the key that was bound during game play to toggle invincibility. 

Edit character:
Use a text editor to edit the "" file in the "stats" folder. 
Any character stat can be edited.

The Archer:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

Even if you pick a character whose skill with a bow is pretty weak, keep using 
until you become proficient. It really pays off for enemies above and below you.

Submitted by: Ganjar Darmawan

1.since the startup video is rather boring to be seen from time to time, you could 
  change this video with any video you have, all you gotta do is find the file 
  "main.mpg" which is located in the data/video/englishus (path could be different 
  from yours) you know the character name are tukaram, sargon, zoe, and naglfar, well i 
  like to put my own name as tukaram and my girlfriend name as zoe, if you like
  to do the same thing then all you gotta do is find the file whic is 
  located in the data/text/englishus (path could be different) and all you gotta
  do next is just edit the file using the good old notepad could edit your character through the file rather than doing 
  some long editing on the power and life values and enabling invulnerability 
  through key press which no longer work once the game is saved you could change 
  the damage perimeter from 0.00 to 1.00 and you will be a superman and immune 
  from any jeopardy, except from plunging from high places or immersed in lava, 
  that is a constant value not a changeable variable.
  for any of you who thinks cheat is stink this is what i got to say, hey man
  this is just a game, do anything that you can't do in life in a game just 
  don't take it seriously.

Submitted by: ravikanthreddyvinta
wanna full of blood........ and power try this..

u can edit characters blood level and power for each stage in char. folder. 
just keep a high value so that no body can kill u ... even u didn't harm them..
u can also decrease the blood levels of ur enimies in the same way.. this 
does not sound interesting but good for new gamers who want to see the game..

Submitted by: Karan Th

Marakamda Level:
When u reach the graveyard area where u have to kill 6 to 8 skeletons, there
on left (nearby the lever) u will find two carved paintings on the wall,
just smash the one on left,thats it a secret room with power potion...

Another secret in this level is the closed door u get before the temple door,
no body knows how to open that door(obviously,bcoz the lever will be behind 
the door cool huh..)U will get one full life potion and death sword behind 
the how to get there..
Just Read below...
The Trick: Before arriving at that door just jump into the pit,which gets 
triggered when u walk on it or pass by...That's it Hurray...

Island of Karum:
In this level u will find a life potion and a bracelet behind a wall...
I don't remember the exact area... But I know that u have to smash a 
discoloured wall with lantern hanging on it...

Temple of Ianna:
Well,u will probably miss an extra power potion in this level which u 
will get when u submit the second temple,there a passage in that
room leading to a power potion after geting that follow the straight path 
to exit(don't go back..)

Hint: Look at every corner in this level bcoz it has many stuffs lying...

Tower of Dal Gurak:
Humm, to defeat Prince of Darkness..i.e Dal Dude don't forget the ghost
medallion it is really a life saver (that u know how) u will get it while
going down the steps it is easy to find just keep your eyes open...

Q: There is an amulet(hidden behind the wall) in the Temple of AL Farum I 
don't I now how to use that???
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