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Blackthorn Arena Cheats

Blackthorn Arena

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips, Tricks & Strategy:
Written by Jircniv Rune Farlord El Nix.

Like many fantasy element games the trifecta of tank-heals-dps works well.
Defender genre has tank abilities, including some aggro management. 
Commanders heal & buff and for dps....

My own team also looks historically accurate, as I use a sword & board tank, 
a DPS with a Lance and a marksman. You will need 4 character to fight the 
tournament, but you should fill all 6 slots. At least one of those spares 
must be a tank to backup your main.

Battle damage to real damage conversion was recently reduced, making 
tournament more survivable. After each round the damage is applied to your 
actual health, so you can be disabled in one round but still fight the 
next at full health. The lower your true health is, the greater the chance 
for lethal damage to occur. I swapped my champion out for the spare on the 
last fight of the tourney even though she was not disabled, because 
I wanted to complete the final challenge.

No spoilers, but you do want to complete the final challenge, or you 
lose access to 1 of the 4 major arenas. These give the best competitions 
& rewards.

Tips to Pass the Spring Event:
-=Non-Combat Tips=-
* Donít have any guards. Just keep your prisoners gladiatorsí obedience 
  high enough (7+).
* Keep everyone busy. If they are at or near full health, they should 
  either be training or fighting.
* Get a dedicated doctor and trainer asap. The other roles donít matter.
* Slightly combat advice, but you will be out leveled. While on easy to 
  medium levels you can keep pace with your opponents, this is typically 
  not possible on the hardest difficulty. So you need to have strong 
  gladiators and a strong team composition.
* Minor combat tip, keep your tanks in defensive stance. Gladiators can 
  neither dodge nor block while attacking, so your tanks should attack 
  as few times as possible.

-=General Tips
Make sure you use your time efficiently. Always try to have your gladiators 
fighting, and if there happens to be no favorable matchups, then have them 
train. Favorable matchups are important because if you can win matches 
without taking much damage, you have less down time and can start earning 
exp and money sooner.

Also, make sure all your gladiators are doing something. If youíre about 
to do a 4v4 and you have one glad left over, send him over to auto battle 
at some other arena in a 1v1 if possible. Or have him train as mentioned 
above, but fights are always more desirable.

 More fights = more money = better equipment =...

Donít recruit as many gladiators as you can. I like to have four fighters 
for the most of my playthroughs, and maybe 2 extra, as some of the important 
events allow for 6 gladiators. These 2 extra may not be required for you to 
win these, but they are crucial for keeping your gladiators alive in extended 
multi-day tournaments, especially your tanks, as they tend to heal up then 
take more damage. I think others like to run more fighters, which is probably 
better, as longs as you make sure everyone is bringing money in and you arenít 
spreading your experience gains too thin.

A couple other not so relevant tips that may helpÖ

Donít bother with a cook or a smithy, at least not early on. You canít choose 
which weapons you research, so you might as well just buy them instead. 
Cooking is simply not worth the time and money ever, unless youíre super 
late game I suppose. Do get a trainer and a doctor as soon as possible, 
ideally within the first few days.

Donít pay for guards. If you have any guards, fire them. As long as you keep 
your gladiatorsí obedience high enough (7+ or so), they shouldnít try to 
escape. I donít even think morale matters.

Keeping up in level with the AI is very doable at normal difficult. Itís 
less so at max difficulty, but you can still win matchups where you are out 
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