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Blackhawk Cheats


Submitted by:Dj Simo

Level codes
 1. DBQ7
 2. FBWC
 3. QP7R
 4. WJTV
 5. RRYB
 6. ZS9P
 7. XJSN
 8. CGDM
 9. TJLF
10. GSG3
11. BMHS
12. Y4DJ
13. HCKD
14. NRLF
15. JGBZ
16. MJXG
17. K3CH

Quick tips and first two level codes:
Play the practice mode to get used to the controls.

To kill the beasties, hide in the shadows (pressing up), 
and only fire at them when they are reloading their gun.

Don't stand on the small metals plates that are scattered about 
the floor, as these will reveal a big gun from the ceiling !!
Simply jump over them.

Level 2 : [FBWC]
Level 3 : [QP7R]
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