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Black Squad Cheats

Black Squad

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Fix for Error Message 0x000007b:
Written by Daan

Hello! Welcome to my guide on how to fix error 0x000007b.

-=How to Fix=-
So let me start of with: the Neowizards decided to be stupid again and forces 
everyone to run the game in 64 bit. So how can i fix this? 

Well it's really simple:

Steam -> Steamapps -> Common -> Blacksquad -> Binaries -> Win32
Scroll down and u should see the "steamlauncher.exe" double click and start 
the game from there and the error msg should be fixed.

Note: You gotta start it from there every single time you play Black Squad, 
till Neowiz does something about it (never hehe).
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