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Black Desert Online Cheats

Black Desert Online

Tips & Tricks:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Get More Carry Weight:
Written by GewoonRobbie

Everything in this game has weight, once you've reached the max capacity, 
you'll move very slowly and can no longer pick up items. In this guide, I 
will explain you how to get more carry weight.

-=Leveling Up=-
Every time you level up, you get a bit of carry weight added. This increase 
is between +2 to +4 per combat level. Just simply play the game and fight 
enemies to level up (this is basic).

There are some clothes that give you carry weight. Right now, there are 
two pieces of armor:

* Zeleth (+50 LT)
* Hercules’s might armor (+200 LT at 3 pieces) 

There are also belts that increase your carry weight, like the Ancient Weapon 
Core and the Rhutum Elite belt. The Rhutum Elite belt gives you +60 LT and 
when upgrading, you get even more. You'll have +100 LT at TET.

-=Silver Embroidered Trader Clothes=-
You can also buy the Silver Embroidered Trader Clothes, They start at +100 LT 
and goes up to +250 LT at a +3 enhancement. It will reach +350 LT at the +5 

=-Pearl Store=-
In the pearl store, you can buy weight expansion packs, 
there are 4 different packs.

* +50 LT (600 pearls)
* +100 LT (1000 pearls)
* +150 LT (1350 pearls)
* +200 LT (1700 pearls)

You can only purchase one of each per character, adding up to +500 LT. 
for 4650 pearls.

-=Loyalty Store=-
Every day you log in to Black Desert Online, you are rewarded with 100 loyalty 
points. You can use these loyalty points within the Loyalty tab of the Pear shop. 
With these loyalty points you can buy +50 LT. They cost 3500 loyalty points each 
and you can buy 4 of them per character.

You can gain +40 LT by maxing out on your strength skill. To do this, simply 
go to a trade manager and buy a pack. Walk around with this and you'll level 
up the stats. The change is minor, but luckily it is not very time consuming 
so it is an option to consider.

How to Start Your Work Empire:
Written by GewoonRobbie

In this guide, I will talk about the steps to set up your basic work empire. 
From here, it's just exploring the game, upgrading your workers, leveling them 
up and looking for what will earn you the most money. I hope this will help you 
in your journey.

Disclaimer: Workers don't work when you're offline!

-=Step #1: Connecting Nodes=-
To connect nodes, go to the node manager of the nodes you want workers at (You can 
see what your workers can do on the map and selecting the nodes). Talk with the 
node manager and go to "Node management" to open the map. At the left-top corner 
you'll see "Invest in node". Press this and you've connected a city to a node. 
You need to connect all previous nodes, you can check this on the map, you'll see 
a white line between a city and a node its connected with.

-=Step #2: Buying Lodgings=-
As you can only have 1 free worker per city, you'll need to buy some lodgings, 
you can do this by going to the map and selecting a city. If you click on a 
building which has lodgings, select them and buy that lodging.

-=Step #3: Hiring Workers=-
You'll need workers to do the work, you can buy those at the Work Supervisor. 
There is a marketplace for great workers, but also a normal market for cheap 
and unexperienced workers. The better the worker, the faster the work.

-=Step #4: Assigning Workers=-
To assign a worker, go to your map and click on the node you want a worker to 
work at, you will see an icon within that node on what job a worker can perform 
there. Simply press one of those jobs (Most nodes have only 1 job, but some have 
2-3). Then select the worker you want to assign and select the amount of work you 
want your worker to perform.

-=Worker Types=-
There are three types of workers:

Goblins - Goblins are the fastest workers, they require a lot of beer so there 
          is more to maintain on your goblin workers, but for a quick pay, 
          goblins are  the best to go for.
Humans - Humans are regular workers, they require a normal maintenance. However, 
         humans are great at finding rare items, so if you're collecting resources, 
         be sure to put your human workers at the spot that has the most rare 
Giants - Giants are slow workers, they require little maintenance as their slow 
         work consumes a tiny amount of stamina. They are best for if you're going
         AFK for a long time.

-=Worker grades:=-
Grey workers (Worst workers)
Green workers (Bad workers)
Blue workers (Regular workers)
Yellow workers (Good workers)
Orange workers (Best workers)

-=Step #5: Feeding Workers=-
You'll need beer to feed workers, you can cook them with:

5 Corn, Wheat, Potatos or Barley
2 Leavening Agents
1 Sugar
6 Mineral Water

You can also buy them at the marketplace. Open your menu (Escape) and select the 
Workers menu. You can feed your workers here.

-=Step #6: Collecting Work Resources=-

Resources are automatically stored in the storage where your workers live.

-=Providing Materials=-
If you've assigned a worker in a workshop, you need to put the resources in your 
storage. You can assign a worker to work in the workshop by going to your map > 
the city > the building > the workshop > assign work.

Beginner’s Tips & Tricks:
* Quests important to the story will be marked with an exclamation point. However, 
  there are many other quests, and some of them won’t give you experience. Therefore,
  you should take on non-story quests based on their rewards.

* Many quests will reward you with contribution points. These are part of an important 
  system dealing with trade and production. Use your contribution points to invest in 
  property for workshops and hire workers to craft resources. 
  You can also use them to buy storage space.

* Your tasks menu includes a list of rewards you can earn for various tasks. One of 
  these is a daily login reward, so be sure to collect it every day.

* Gear and equipment is not restricted based on your level. 
  You should also enhance your gear as soon as you can.

* Your knowledge will increase as you fight monsters, talk to characters, find items, 
  etc. Knowledge gives you more energy. The world is also filled with lore, if you enjoy 
  learning more about the game world itself.

* Your breath increases as you travel, based on the distance you cross.

* Your strength increases from carrying more weight in a trade pack.

* Finally, your health increases when you eat food.

* There are certain tasks you can perform while idle. For example, workers will continue 
  to work for as long as you’re logged in, and your character will automatically fish on 
  their own if left at a fishing spot.

Jade Starlight Forest Overview, Tips, and Tricks:
Written by Keysnow.

This guide will be showing you the basic overview of Jade Starlight Forest in Black Desert. 
In addition, we will also give you some tips and tricks on how to effectively utilize 
your stay on this area.

This spot consists of 3 different types of mobs that spawn around 3 different types of 
items which I usually refer to as ‘towers’. Destroying the towers applies beneficial 
effects that help you in killing the mobs. When a mob dies, it explodes, causing damage to 
the surrounding mobs which usually ends up in a nice chain reaction. This helps you clean 
up packs nicely and not be left with stragglers. Your rotation generally consists of 3 
towers, kind of like Mirumok. Sometimes, when you clear the mobs around a tower, elite 
mobs can spawn.

Brazier Keeper: Tiny smol dudes

Lamp Keeper: Mid size dudes. These have a habit of walking a bit further away from you 
and doing range damage. A bit annoying if they go out of the explosion radius when other 
mobs die and you have to kill a lone Lamp Keeper so make sure not to let them go too far.

Winter Keeper: Big dude

Totem: Applies a debuff to mobs that lets your bound/float them for juicy down attack damage. 
My favourite tower.

Lamp: When killed it explodes, causing the mobs AND you to be CC’d. Additionally it also 
spawns AoE circles that apply CC, the circles will be cyan, not red. When destroying this 
tower, make sure to apply the killing blow with a FG or SA ability so you don’t get CC’d 
and avoid staying in the subsequent cyan circles. My 2nd favourite tower.

Brazier: The simplest of them all, creates an area of fire on the ground that keeps applying 
a 5 second 30 AP buff on you while you stay inside it.

Not all elites are affected by all the towers, some towers work better than others. In 
case they spawn around a tower that is not effective against them, you can look around for 
spare towers. Every tower that spawns mobs has atleast 1 or 2 towers around it that dont 
spawn mobs and just stay there by their lonesome. You can drag the mob to one of these spare 
towers if you want. If no towers near you are the most effective solution, then you’re just 
SoL. Of course, you dont NEED to do all this, you can just kill them normally too if you 
can’t be bothered by this but it is a way to speed up your grind by a bit.

Brazier Keeper: Not affected by Totems. Most effective is to use a Lamp to CC them and 
get down attack damage.

Lamp Keeper: Not affected by Lamps. Most effective is to use a Totem to CC them and 
get down attack damage.

Winter Keeper: Not affected by either Lamps or Totems. Best way is to use a Brazier 
and get the bonus AP.

-=Tips and Tricks=-
* Try to keep mobs relatively close together so all of them get hit by the explosion 
  when one dies. 
* You can use agris on the elites for some extra loot

Note: Elites have longer aggro range so you can actually drag them to an adjacent tower 
with mobs around it and use the explosions from the normal less tanky mobs to damage the 
elites faster. However, I haven’t personally looked too much into this as its a pain to 
do. The elites can reset very easily and go back to their actual tower. Theres also a 
weird mechanic where the elites sometimes buff the tower and make it tankier. 
Can’t be bothered figuring that out.

Murrowak’s Labyrinth (Overview and Mechanics):
Written by Keysnow

Murrowak’s Labyrinth (aka spiders aka spooders) is a very interesting and fun grind 
zone, quite different from other grind spots in the way it works. When you enter you 
are placed inside a room which no one after you can enter. 
There are 6 rooms/spots per server.

Once inside the room mobs start spawning and coming at you. The general goal is to just 
kill all the mobs until the wave ends. Each wave lasts about ~15 mins. Once a wave ends 
you can stay inside the room you are in or interact with the exit to change to a different 
room if you don’t like your current one.

Once in a while you will get a message the boss has spawned, at this point you can interact 
with the exit and select the option to go deeper into the ruins. You will be brought to 
the boss room along with the other people from the other rooms on your sever. The boss’ 
HP scales with the number of players in the boss room so don’t panic if you are by yourself 
or just a few people.

The boss has a chance of dropping the flame, embers, iridescent lightstones and other 
goodies. After killing the boss you can talk to the npc by the exit to exchange your 
carapace’s for rng boxes that also have a chance at giving you flame and embers. 
Carapaces are your main way of getting embers/flames from this spot.

Murraska: Tiny normal mob, nothing special.

Ironclad Murraska: Tiny normal mob, nothing special.

Murraska Burrows: This is a stationary structure that spawns randomly around the room. 
Kill them as soon as possible, try not to let them build up. They spawn additional
 smaller mobs and spawn the kamikaze mob that rolls at you and 
explodes doing significant damage if you let them build up. You can find them easily by 
searching your mini-map for star icons.

[Egg – Brooding] Murraska: Lays eggs around the place. Once it has placed enough they 
all roll at you and explode. The eggs it has already placed will despawn upon its death.

[Earth – Shaking] Murraska: Very squishy mob, kill it as soon as you see it. If you 
let it live it will dig underground and start causing tremors. This causes AoE damage 
around the room. Very deadly if you let it build up.

[Leader] Murraska: Commander type mob, tankier than the others, causes the small mobs 
to organise and they all start coming at you.

[Violent Leader] Ironclad Murraska: Tanky mob, can kill you if you’re not careful. 
Drops carapace upon death.

Murrasto: Giant beetle mob, also tanky. When he’s at 50% hp he’ll spawn adds but they 
will despawn when he dies so just kill him off fast if you have the AP for it. 
Drops carapace upon death.

There’s not too many mechanics for the boss. After it spawns there will be grace period 
for all interested players to enter the boss room. After the grace period ends and no 
more players can enter the boss room it wakes up.

When you see the message that it is about to release a powerful attack, back away and 
avoid the attack.

The boss spawns adds, including Murrasto, but this one does not drop a carapace.

-=Tips & Tricks=-
If you are grinding for the flame, you do not need to use lootscroll or other drop rate 
buffs in the normal rooms since the carapaces have a 100% drop rate. I am not sure if 
the boss is affected by lootscrolls or not but I personally turn it on when I enter the 
boss room just in case.

I do not know if the boss spawns a fixed time after it was last killed or if its random 
or based on some other factor. However, if you want to be maximum efficient for now, 
assuming that its a fixed time spawn after previous kill, you can swap servers after 
killing the boss. This would allow you to kill more bosses, thereby increasing you 
chances for a flame or ember.
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