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Bitlife Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Become a Queen?:
These are the requirements to complete the Red Queen Challenge:

* Become a queen
* Stay married for 25+ years
* Own a haunted royal estate
* Make 10+ friends
* Use 10+ different execution methods to kill your friends.

So, the first and the hardest requirement is to become a queen:
Of course the first requirement is to be a female character, then:
If you have god mode, you can choose to be royalty, and of course it 
is the easiest method

But if you donít have god mode and you want to be a queen:

You must have been born in one of Royalty Countries
* Belgium
* Denmark
* Japan
* Jordan
* Kuwait
* Malaysia
* Monaco
* Morocco
* Netherlands
* Norway
* Qatar
* Saudi Arabia
* Spain
* Sweden
* Thailand
* United Arab Emirates
* United Kingdom

Queen Through birth: just refresh until the character has a specific name of 
Prince or Princess, with an impressive banner at the top, itís totally random

Queen by marriage: To get his attention, you will have to put in the effort 
and get famous in the first place, but it is also totally random. So although 
it may seem exasperating, it is easier to refresh the character as many times 
as necessary until you are born queen

-=Rest of the Red Queen Challenge requirements=-
Youíve already done the hardest part, thereís just one more real complication, 
the haunted royal state:

* Stay married for 25+ years:  just keep your partner happy
* Own a haunted royal estate: the more dead family members you have, the better 
  the chance (of course depends a lot on luck)
* Make 10+ friends: This is the easiest part
* Use 10+ different execution methods to kill your friends: Just make sure to 
  use unique ways to kill your friends, it will hurt your reputation in the 
  dynasty, but it is a requirement.
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