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Bird Hunter - Wild Wings Edition Cheats

Bird Hunter - Wild Wings Edition

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: nightraider
Updated by: Kel Johnson

Enter one of the following codes while playing the game 
press F2 and type in the following cheats: 

Code          Result
wwflock     - Go to Nearest Flock of Birds 
wwcovey     - Go to Nearest Covey of Upland Birds 
wwcallin    - Go to Nearest Animal 
wwnofear    - Brids Do Not Fear You 
wwgobler    - Brings You to the Nearest Turkey
wwflash     - Lightning
add avenger - Shoot minigun

type spawn sagegrouse and a sage grouse will immediately fly out
from right below your feet this is true also with: 
spawn ruffedgrouse, 
spawn woodcock, spawn pheasant,
spawn bobwhitequail, 
spawn californiaquail,

These cheats aren't counted as cheats and if you go to the settings
menu on your start screen and choose options and turn off bag limits
you can keep spawning and picking up your birds without any kind of 
cheating accused.

Birds are unafraid of you:
In the game hit F2 then type in wwnofear. 

Get to the nearest covey of upland birds:
When you are in the game hit F2 then type in wwcovey. 

Get to the nearest flock of geese or ducks:
In the game hit F2 then type in wwflock. 

Get to the nearest turkey:

In the game hit F2 then type in wwgobbler. 

Hit F2 and type in wwflash then hit Enter. Hit F2 again quickly.

Machine gun:
To get a machine gun press f2 and punch in the following (avenger).
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