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Bio Prototype Cheats

Bio Prototype

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Prologue: Simple Guide for New Players:
Written by L5RDM

I simple guide to get new players started with Bio-Prototype.

-=Game play primer=-
This is an autoshooting Vampire survivors clonne run around, kill enemies, 
pick up cells, don’t get hit.

-=Mastering Mutations=-
Mutations are, effectively, your weapons. There are several things you need 
to know to build a decent prototype.

1. Brain. The brain is you, you is brain.

* This is where you build your prototype.
* The default brain can hold 10 organs.

2. Organs. Organs are what you put into brains to make your prototype, 
   each organ takes 1 slot.

* The organ type is stated in its the top left hand corner.
* The two basic properties that are not immediately obvious are "Vessel 
  Amount" and "Rear Compatibility".
* Vessel amount can be thought of as how many nodes will LEAVE the organ, while 
  rear compatibility determines WHAT can be put into those nodes. So an organ 
  with “Vessel Amount: o o” and “Rear Compatibility Stomach” will have two nodes 
  coming off of it but you can only put a stomach organ in them (which is one of 
  the rarer ones).
* There are two basic archetypes of organs (there are more, but by the time you 
  see them you will be past the scope of this guide). Activators and Abilities.
* You have to chain your organs together activator -> ability -> activator -> 
  ability -> etc.
* They only way to get one activator to trigger more than one ability is if the 
  activator has more than one "Vessel Amount".

3) Activators. Activators are how you do things.

* There are two basic types of activators, spines and nerves.
* Spines will activate an activity on a set timer (ie 0.67 times per second),
  nerves will activate once a condition is met( ie activate the first rear 
  organ when the organ in front hits a target).
* It is important to note that the nerve will activate AT the location the 
  triggering item was at when it triggered. So, in the above case if a bullet 
  firing organ was set to trigger the nerve organ, the effect of the organ the
  nerve triggered would happen at the BULLET not at the prototype. Illustration: 
  bullet firing organ + activate rear organ when front organ hits any target + 
  exploding organ =  Explosion occurs at bullet, when bullet hits target

4. Abilities. abilities are actions that are activated by your activators.

* There are TONS of different abilities, too many to name here.
* Ranged damage, melee damage, shields, area damage are just a few of the 
  different abilities.
* I just really felt like I needed another bullet point.

-=Culture Class=-
Culture is what you spend the cells you pick up on. Most of these are self 
explanatory, but there are a few things of note:

* "Recombination" tricks you into wasting 100 cells to create a random organ 
  instead of using them to upgrade your character.
* "Brain" gives you an entire extra brain, complete with 10 more organ slots, 
  you can have up to a total of 4 brains.
* "Intelligence" gives you the capacity to have two more organs per brain, up 
  to a total of 20 organs per brain.
* That is 80 organs total, because math is hard.

Beginners Tips:
Written by t.error

This is the ultimate guide for all players who are looking for advice or a 
walkthrough on how to master Bio Prototype. Hoping that y’all can learn 
something here and take away something that makes you better at this game!

-=Tips for New Players=-
After clearing all achievements and clearing all Characters on Stage 5 (hardest 
max difficulty), I have compiled a list of tips and tricks that you can use 
to make it far in this game, and have better and more successful runs.

You will hear tips about how to start a run the best way, how to make money
 (cells), where your should spend your cells, and how a good build looks like. 
If you are having trouble beating this game, look no further!

-=Do not waste cells on rerolls in early waves=-
* From waves 1-5 (or beyond if possible), I suggest that you do not waste 
  your cells on reward page refresh or rerolls.
* Even though the reroll only costs 10-20 cells, these cells are much more 
  valuable to use in the Culture Shop (stat upgrades).
* Instead of rerolling in these early waves to find a better organ, just take 
  something that you can use (check compatibility on what your character starts
  with), or just take something and recycle/sell it for more cells.
* Take cells to the Culture shop instead (ex. some very useful upgrades only 
  cost 50 cells).

-=Sell organs that you do not need (recycle)=-
* Especially in early game, you should sell anything that you cannot use or 
  do not plan to use.
* For example, if an organ has no vessel (cannot attach another organ to it) 
  or if the organ does not work well with your build / character traits.
* Cells in the early game are very important to save because you can put them
  into the culture shop which can help you get much stronger and richer, faster.

-=Upgrade your economy early=-
To ensure you can get as much money as possible during your run, you should 
upgrade economy stats first.

The obvious economy stats in the Culture shop are:
* Organ Drop Rate (how often organs drop from enemies).
* Organ Quality (rarity of organs that are dropped or from rewards).
* Cell Duplication Chance (chance to give you 2 cells instead of 1 from enemies).

You should focus on maxing out Drop Rate or Cell Duplication, then moving on
to the other economy stats. 

Some example processes would be to:
* Max out Cell Duplication -> Organ Drop Rate -> Organ Quality.
* Or Max out Organ Drop Rate -> Cell Duplication -> Organ Quality.
* Try out both and see which you like more.

There are more stats that will help economy:
* Pick up range: Cheap upgrade, easy to max out. Helps you pick up dropped cells. 
  Max this out along with Cell duplication chance if you go that route.
* Movement speed: Helps you move around and pick up organs/cells, also helps 
  your survive. Grab the first point of this early (50 cells) but don’t spend 
  too much on it after that.

-=Find a way to multiply your attacks=-
The easiest way to increase your damage output is to focus the first part of 
your brain on multiplying attacks (first ~4 organs).

There are several ways to do this, but here is the way I find it is easiest 
(example shown in video above):
* Start the brain off with a tentacle that has many projectiles (Swordfish, Coral).
* Use a Cochlea or Nerve after that first tentacle, then attach another multi-hit 
  tentacle (same as above, or Beetle or Dragon).
* This should allow you to have a tonne of projectiles already. Anything you 
  put after these first few organs should be happening a lot more often.
* Again, this is not the only way to multiply attacks. Any AoE attack or multihit 
  attack, plus a Cochlea or Nerve after should help you multiply attacks early 
  in the brain.

-=Use a fast organ at the beginning of your brains=-
* This is my number 1 tip, I never play a run without doing this.
* I always use a fast organ at the beginning of a brain that shoots quick.
* This is because you want the first organ in a brain to be quick, not necessarily 
  strong. Especially if you only have 1-2 brains.
* As described in the #2 tip, you want the first few attacks in the brain to 
  multiply attacks, so using a fast frequency organ to send it out more often is 
  a priority.

The best fast frequency organs are usually:
* Spine of the Jackal.
* Bladder of the Martlet.

Just remember that even though your first attack may be weak, the efficiency of 
the first organ does not effect all other attacks. Your other attacks later in 
the brain can still be strong even though you start with a quick but weak spine.
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