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Biohazard - Gun Survivor Cheats

Biohazard - Gun Survivor

Rocket launcher:
Submitted by: RM

Play a game under the normal difficulty setting using no first aid sprays and 
end with a time less than 1:30:00 with good shooting accuracy to get an "S" rank.
Save the game at the end. Load the saved game to have a rocket launcher with 
unlimited ammunition. 

Defeating Neo Tyrant:
If Neo Tyrant is far away enough, unload on him with the handgun shoots and reloads
very fast. Never use any other guns. 

Defeating Mr. X:
To kill Mr. X (Tall man in a green coat), fire one clip of handgun B, run down to 
the other side of the hall, use another clip, and run down the hall again. Use one
last clip and run down the hall. Handgun B is a rapid firing pistol, so it is easy
to fire before he hits you. Use handgun D and fire one and a half clips (12 shots)
to kill Mr. X. Do not use the Shotgun, as it takes about two clips. 

Posters can be found at the following locations. 

* In the arcade stage's first room, search the walls to find a Dino Crisis poster. 
* In the Arcade stage's first room, you will encounter one UT Trooper after he 
  dispatches two Zombies to their second death. Once you have taken care of him, look
  around the room. You will see two "Dino Crisis" posters on the walls. Directly to 
  the right of each one is a poster that is hard to view. They appear to be Dark 
  stalkers posters because you can see Jedah's eyes at the top of the poster and to
  the right you can make out Lilith's head. 
* In Lott's room, take a minute to look around before you discover Lott's sister. On 
  the wall right next to the bed is a Street Fighter poster (the name is clearly 
  written on the lower-left hand corner). At the other end of the room, above the
  bookcase, is a poster with a knight, a princess, and a Demon. Those characters are
  Sir Arthur, Princess Gwenivere (or Princess Prin Prin), and The Demon Sardius from
  Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts. 
* In the Police station, before you enter the area where you find the "Young Man's 
  Diary", is a table with a couple cans and papers. Once you enter, turn and face the
  doorway to see a poster on the right of the door jam. On the bottom is clearly 
  written "Baby Punks", which may be the song possibly sung by the Asian band named

Death scene selection:
Tyrant will kill three different people towards the end of the game, based on where 
you go in the second street area that leads to the hospital, library, and arcade. 
Select the arcade to have Tyrant kill the leader of the Umbrella Cleaners. Select 
the library to have Tyrant kill the mole informant. Select the hospital to have 
Tyrant kill the man hanging from the helicopter in the opening. 

The following weapons are available.
Note: In order to collect all guns you must complete the game twice under the normal 
difficulty setting. 

Handgun A: Default weapon. This gun has a decent firing and reloading rate and is 
           useful when trying to conserve ammunition. 
Handgun B: Located in the hospital. It has a lightning-fast firing rate but is slightly
           slow on reload. 
Handgun C: Located in the arcade. It holds less ammo than Handgun A but has an improved
           firing and reload rate. 
Handgun D: Found in the library stage. This gun can hold eight shots and has greater 
           shot power. Note: Handguns A through D use the same ammunition. 
Shotgun  : Located in the prison shower. Very powerful. There is only a limited amount
           of ammo for it, so use it sparingly. 
Magnum   : Located in the factory. More powerful than any other handgun. It has two 
           flaws - it only holds six rounds and is slow to reload. 

Your points as calculated as follows. 

Hit average percent = score (for example, 75%=75 points). 

Time (minutes): 0-60 = 100 points, with a 1 point deduction for every minute over 60. 

Monsters killed: Killing 165+ monsters scores 100 points with a 1 point deduction for 
                 kill scores below total (for example 164 kills is a 99). 

Continues used: 0 = 100 points, 1 = 75 points, 2 = 50 points, 3 = 25 points, 
                4+ = 0 points. 

First aid spray use: 0 = 100points, 1 = 80 points, 2 = 60 points, 3 = 40 points, 
                     4 = 20 points, 5 = 0 points.
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