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Billy Hatcher And The Giant Egg Cheats

Billy Hatcher And The Giant Egg

Submitted by: RM

Bonus emblems:
Successfully complete one of the following tasks to unlock an emblem: 
complete all missions with an "S" rank; collect all coins; complete all 
missions; unlock the entire Egg Gallery. 

Unlockable: Sonic Eggs 
Collect the following amounts of Golden Chick Coins to unlock the Sonic 
series characters

 35 - Chao 
 40 - Kapu Kapu 
 65 - Rappy 
100 - Amigo 
120 - Sonic 
180 - Nights 
200 - Tails 
220 - Knuckles

Defeating Dark Carvo:
Dark Carvo will first make two Bosses that you have defeated in the past. 
Do not try to attack them; just try to dodge them. Once they disappear, 
you will have a chance to attack Dark Carvo. He will make duplicates of 
himself and try to attack you. Try to dodge him. He will lose you and stop 
trying to find you. This is your chance to attack him. Grab an egg and keep 
attacking the Dark Carvo. Once you find the real one, he will get weak and 
you will have another chance to attack him. Repeat these steps to defeat 
Dark Raven. 

Sonic Team eggs:
Get the indicated number of coins to unlock a Sonic Team game character egg. 

Amigo     - 105 coins:
Chao      - 25 coins
Kapu Kapu - 35 coins
Knuckles  - 205 coins
NIGHTS    - 185 coins
Rappy     - 65 coins
Sonic     - 135 coins
Tails     - 155 coins 

Play as Bantam Scrambled:
Successfully complete the Save Bantam mission (Blizzard Castle mission 4). 

See all eggs:
Go to battle and eventually you will se every egg in the game, including 
the Sonic Team egg. 

Play as Chick Poacher:
Successfully complete the Save Chick mission (Dino Mountain mission 4). 

Play as Rolly Roll:
Successfully complete the Save Rolly mission (Pirate Island mission 4). 

Defeating Dark Raven:
Once you face him, he will make two flat circles. While he does this, try 
to make him make the circles separated from each other by jumping repeatedly 
on him. Note: The circles are usually together so this would work or you 
could run behind him. Clean up one of his circles. To make sure you cleaned 
up one, sparkles will form around the circle. You will have a chance to 
attack him. Then, he will shoot a boomerang attack. Run toward him so that 
his own attack can hit him. You will now have another chance to attack him.
He will shoot three or more circles. You cannot clean them. Repeat from 
when he shoots the boomerang attack. Once you defeat him, he will hatch 
the Giant Egg to change into a huge crow. Once you start to play against 
him, let him hit you. You will lose your suit, but this is expected. 
Once he shoots his dark energy ball, the chicken god will give you a 
Rainbow Chicken Emblem. You will get your suit back and be able to get the 
power to catch Dark Raven's energy balls and send them back at him. 
Note: It is very difficult to catch them. Once you hit him, he will turn 
into a floating ball. You will attack him with an egg. Repeat these 
steps to defeat Dark Raven. 

Secret egg animals:
Go to level 2 in two player mode with Bantam and Chick. You will eventually 
see a little stump with an egg on it. Keep hatching eggs in the area and you 
will get the "evolution" egg animals, evolution egg hats, and even an 
evolution bomb which goes out on a fuse. 
Go to level 2 in two player mode. Go to the white egg and hatch it. A 
secret animal will come out. Note: The egg may change colors, depending on 
the type of animal. 

Traveling mini-game seller:
When the time limit begins, get the number of coins needed for the emblem 
and then find the red coins (there are five). When the time limit ends, 
speak to the mini-game seller.
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