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Big Biz Tycoon Cheats

Big Biz Tycoon

Update by:  Zerga
Submitted by: conner54

Press enter to open a command line then enter 
"cmd" with out the quotes.
This will enable the cheat mode.

Then enter the rest of the cheats.

Result                                Code 
Repair all objects in office        - repair  
Complete level                      - mission ok  
Fail level                          - mission cancel  
Spawn beggar (in some levels)       - beggar enter  
Spawn banker (in some levels)       - banker enter  
Spawn angel (in some levels)        - angel enter  
Spawn gangster (in some levels)     - gangster enter  
Spawn thief (in some levels)        - thief enter  
Spawn merchant (in some levels)     - merchant enter  
Toggle mission                      - run mission  
Log scenario                        - scenario check  
Increase PR rating                  - pr up  
Decrease PR rating                  - pr down  
Stop time                           - time stop  
Restore time                        - time default  
Set time multiplier; smaller 
values are faster                   - time  
Get indicated amount of money       - money   
Able to make up to level 5 projects - level up

Buy more things in the items shop: 
When a petty salesman comes by, go into the items shop. There will be 
more things available, such as cars and a keyboard that brings the 
development of a worker up 100 points.

Make desktop items float:
Place the item on top of the desk or table, then move the 
table out from under the item.
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