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Big Pharma Cheats

Big Pharma

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

1.Open the Game.
2.Click New Game Then choose a scenario. Once opened, click on the menu 
 (Down right Corner) and then click save. Save The Game. When you save 
 the game, the game will write down in the left corner where the game 
 is saved usually in documents.
3.Open Documents.
  Open My Games.
  Open Big Pharma Folder.
  Open Saves Folder.
  You will now see a picture and a sav. File
4.Open The save File by right clicking then choosing open with
  Open With Notepad
  Click on ctrl+f
  That will open a search
  Type in Money
  You may find a lot of moneys so only edit the one which have the number 
  you wrote down in the second step if the number matches, Edit The Number
  as you wish then click on file Then Save (Ctrl+S)
  Close The Notepad
5.Open The game again
  Click Load 
  Click on your save file
  Check how much money now you have

(If the Number hasnít Changed You Edited The Wrong Money in The notepad Or 
Edited another save file if you have multiple)
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