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Beyond Good & Evil Cheats

Beyond Good & Evil

Submitted by: rickHH

Bonus sequence:
Successfully complete the game and watch the credits. Do not press anything to advance past
the credits. Another FMV sequence will start after the credits end.

Unlock Marble Mini-Game;
Get all 88 pearls and a marble mini-game on an mdisk will be available.

Crystal Cargo:
If you wanna get some crystals and don't want to go everywhere and get hurt. In the hillys
you can go to a ship, (note: it only works if you see a box on the ship) and fire only at 
the box it will break open and crystals will come out. This is a way you can get crystals 
without getting hurt. It takes two or three shots to break the box.

Unlocking the Beluga spaceship:
The codes to unlock the Beluga spaceship are on the bottom of the Jet Boots. Select them 
and rotate them to see the codes.

Unlock Disc Mini-Game:
For those of you missing the last mDisk, it is in a locked item cabinet on the Akuda Bar's 
first floor (by Francis' table).

To get the code, you will need to register on and enter your sixteen 
character "save code" (this code is generated each time you save the game) to receive the 
four digit code for that cabinet (it will depend on your game statistics).

Easy pictures and money:
After you get the camera and photograph the beetle, take a picture of the kids, the dog, and
Pey'j to get some pictures for the scientific society, and some money. likewise, go to Mammago's
and take a picture of one of the attendants; and in the Pedestrian District, take some pictures
of the people there. Some might be an "unidentified species". 

Easy money:
You can get quick money by taking risky photos. When you you encounter a big monster in the 
hilly, it will be a fish-like sea monster. After the intermission sequence, take its picture
and send it to the research center. You will get 2,000 credits for it. When you enter the 
factory, you will encounter another monster. Take its picture and send it to the research 
center for 2,500 credits. Take all the pictures of fish, animals, rats, and friends and all
the people that roam in the street and bars and send them to the research center.

First DomZ creature:
When you take a picture of the first DomZ creature, it will actually be the eyestalks of a 
huge DomZ creature and you must battle it. The easiest way to defeat the huge DomZ creature
is to use Pey'js slam on the ground then attack it with a regular or a super attack. 
Do not forget to take a picture.

Soul control:
In the battle with the Domz priest, he will eventually tell you that you are out of control 
with your soul, and the directional controls will be reversed. A practical way to overcome 
this is to simply flip the controller upside-down.
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