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Betrayal at Krondor Cheats

Betrayal at Krondor

More money:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

Start the Dos. Goto that index-file where is the 
savegames location and write DEBUG. Then write these 
lines to debug.

NSAVE##.GAM   (##=savefile number)
E 0167 80

Energy, endurance, speed and strenght to MAX
Start the Dos. Goto that index-file where is the 
savegames location and write DEBUG. Then write these lines to debug.

NSAVE##.GAM   (##=savefile number)
E 01E3 FF FF
E 02A1 FF FF
E 0242 FF FF
E 01E8 FF FF
E 02A6 FF FF
E 0243 FF FF
E 01ED 63
E 02AB 63
E 024C 63
E 01F2 63
E 02B0 63
E 0251 63

Honest players must search every nook and cranny to find the 
rope, money, food, or other goods they need to finish a chapter.
Why bother?  

Go to the overhead map and hold down [Alt]+[right Shift]+[~] 
(tilde) keys for two or three seconds.  

A Moredhel lockchest will appear.

Instead of answering the usual riddle, enter the secret code 
to get free stuff.

That code depends on the level you're on :
1: 6478   2: 9216   3: 7702   4: 2132   5: 5052
6: 0680   7: 0194   8: 4743   9: 9995

Duplicate Items:
First, you need at least two stackable items and a place to store them 
(not a bag). Then you fill up the stash with all the items that it can 
hold, then remove one of them. Put one charge/unit of the item you want
to duplicate into the stash. Then put one more of that same item into 
the stash. The game will ask 'how many'. Select the highest amount.

Cheat Menu:
When you're on the Overhead Map, hold down Alt, Right Shift and Tilde. 
If done correctly, a sound will play, and it'll activate a puzzle lock. 
The code for each puzzle lock is different for the respective chapters. 
Solving the puzzle lock will activate the Cheat Central Menu, which 
contains two options: heal all characters, and get important items for 
that chapter. There will also be some flavor text in which the party 
reacts to the existence of a cheat menu.

Effect         Code
Chapter 1   - 6478
Chapter 2   - 9216
Chapter 3   - 7702
Chapter 4   - 2132
Chapter 5   - 5052
Chapter 6   - 0680
Chapter 7   - 0194
Chapter 8   - 4743
Chapter 9   - 9995
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