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Beasts of Bermuda Cheats

Beasts of Bermuda

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Here is the list of the different game commands available in War of Rights. 
While playing the game, press Tilde ~ (The key above TAB) to display the console window.

SetWeather Fog Rain Cumulus SkyGreyness WindIntensity WindDirectionX WindDirectionY 
Lightning Surge
Sets the various storm parameters.

Allows the player to see when the next storm will be, or, if it is storming, see how 
long it has been since the storm started.

Allows the player to force a storm to come, but not specify its intensity or duration. 
This command will take a minute or two to execute due to the way the storm system works. 
Be patient with it!

PauseWeather Boolean
Allows the player to pause the current weather system, keeping the effects as is for 
an indefinite period of time.

ToggleWeatherData Boolean
Allows the player to continuously see a stream of information about the storm.

Allows the player to call a lightning bolt to the location at the center of their screen.

Teleports the player to the location in the center of their screen.

TeleportAt LocationX LocationY
Teleports the player to the specified coordinates

TeleportToP PlayerName Mode( ID/N)
Teleports the player to an other one, either specified by their name (by default) 
or their ID on the server.

"TeleportToP SomeGuy" will teleport you to SomeGuy
"TeleportToP 325 ID" will teleport you to the player with ID 325.

Toggles display of the coordinates in the top center of the screen.

PossessEntity Species
Has an optional argument, Species. If Species is provided, the player will automatically 
spawn and become the specified species. If it is not provided, the player will possess 
the creature they are looking at in the center of the screen.

The player can spawn as the Observer by using this mode and specifying Observer as the 
Species argument. This allows the player to roam the map as a floating camera, useful 
for getting great screenshots or recording gameplay footage from different angles.
You are not allowed to possess a player-owned entity.

Destroys the creature in the center of the player’s screen.
You are not allowed to destroy a player-owned entity.

Allows the player to respawn.

Enables physics on the player’s creature.
SpawnEntity Species
Allows the player to spawn a creature of their choice in the center of their screen.

Allows the player to fill all of their stats to max.

SetPlayerStats Health Stamina Ability Water Food Comfort
Allows the player to specify the levels of their various stats. 
Specifying health of 0.5, for example, will fill health to halfway full.
Destroys all carcasses on the map.

Displays debug data related to the player’s state.

Displays debug data related to the player’s controller.

Toggles the boolean game state 'AllowAnyInput.' 
This command was important for debugging the notorious stuck bug.

Guide to Tyrannosaurus:
Written by Sebeden

How to survive as the Tyrannosaurus, tips, tricks, and insiders on the creature 
for the most efficient living experience. 

-=Starting Out=-
When you first spawn in chances are you'll have no idea what you're doing. The best way 
to start out is to immediately sniff out a water source and go straight to it, rexes 
have a huge water drain so unless you want to get water every 5 minutes that's the 
first thing you're going to pump your 5 points into. After you've gotten your 5 minute 
dose of water I suggest trying to find carcasses nearby, should there be none just keep 
walking and sniffing until there is one.

If you eat a carcass and there's still some left I suggest camping it, you'll need to 
milk every second of growth you can if you want to make it to adult. Then, once it's 
gone it's time to move, don't carry it with you, it'll slow you down and spoil in your
 mouth eventually.

The "I Keep Getting Killed" Niche

Choose a camouflage skin, choosing a good skin is just as good as getting 3/3 points 
in "Sneaky", with a colorful skin you will get spotted every single time without fail 
and at a later point in life rexes have crappy stamina drain so choose a CAMOUFLAGED 
skin. If you make your skin of good shades of greens you can hide in the grass and 
literally nobody will know you're there. 3/3 points in Sneaky means nothing if you 
possess a colorful skin. You are hunting humans, not actual dinosaurs, humans are very 
observant and can distinguish color much more than any animal can.

Second, steer clear of any dinosaur and run the moment you hear footsteps unless you 
know that dinosaur is your age or younger, if it's your age run away unless you're 
hungry and want extra food. Might I also mention flesh grazing pteras are a beast? But 
here's the thing; if you get in a cave they'll be too fast for such a small space since 
they're hit n' run they'll likely crash into something so if you're suffering head to 
cave, if there are none nearby back yourself up against a mountain, if they go for your 
side and hit they'll crash, if they go for the front of you they will likely crash and 
no ptera wants to take the risk since it's mainly instant death once they break their 
wing in front of something big, unless they have good talent points.

Finally, the cold hard truth, you're a rex, you can't escape something if it's faster 
than you and that's the end of the story best you can do is start running when you see 
it. Don't trust other rexes that are bigger than you either or rexes that are together 
they WILL kill you, the most friendly rexes seem to be the ones that are equal your 
age or smaller and alone. Also, reminds me, beware of any deep looking lakes or 
watering holes, something is likely lurking there so it's okay to drink out of them 
but just be observant.

-=Talent Points=-
First thing: get water drain to at LEAST 2/3 and hunger consumption to 1. From there, 
go into damage, health, and intimidation. Water talent points are almost useless, 
you're slow, weak in the water, and stamina is at cost, should anything be in the 
water especially if it's bigger than you- it'd be over, the best water talent points 
could do is help you during a flood so maybe at least try to get some points in swim 
speed. Overall, it's your choice.

Remember, talent points define you and your playstyle. It's best to shape them off 
of what you will or won't be doing the most.

Any new rex player may think they are superior "I am strong, stronger than anything, 
I'm a rex." that is not true, when you hunt you need to be reminded this is not real 
life, the herbivores will fight back if they're in a herd and you will die because
 you are ultimately slower than them, don't bother hunting herds unless it's small, 
as in, 2. Or, you can hunt herds of 3 or 4 if you're a really strong rex in a pack. 
You can also hunt large herds like paras, lurdus, etc, solo if they're all small in 

Also, keep in mind of water you can have overconfidence when you go to swim, if you 
don't have points in any water-related stress relief your comfort WILL drop fast, 
sometimes you can't make it fully across without losing at least SOME health, that's 
how rapidly it drops when you swim. I recommend just putting points into swim speed 
so you don't have to be in there too long. In fact, sometimes you WON'T make it over, 
more specifically if you're below .5 you can die of stress if the length is long 

Oh, Look, More Rexes!

The sentence you'll think moments before your death. Let me break the truth to you; any 
rex group out there will kill you without hesitation. You'll die. There's nothing you 
can do. But, yes, there is, don't approach Rexes, don't follow the scent of another Rex, 
don't take another rexes food if its bigger than you or grouped. However, by the time 
you see a rex group it's likely already too late.

Yes... Megapacks are in this game too but they're rare. I recommend just logging out if 
you hear a rex group close by, you're going to die if you run, you're going to die if 
you stay still. Might as well log out.

The best type of rexes to group with, are, as I said, rexes that are smaller than you 
or equal age and that are alone, because why let you into their pack? They've already 
found their buddy and more food couldn't hurt. Also, unless you're bigger than them by 
100 or so you're basically dead.

Finding Food and Hunting

Sniff and walk around until you get the pleasing scent of food, the most common ribs 
that will spawn are very small ribs but every little hunger point does count. Also, try 
not to move too far from water unless you have some points in water drain. You basically 
do this until there's nothing left in the area.

Everything needs to migrate eventually, herbis, carnis, everything. Soon, food will run 
out and your chances of finding more are slim, you'll need to move onto a new lake and 
eat the spawned carcasses on the way, if you're lucky you'll find a baby herbis or carnis, 
NEVER hunt something that's bigger than you unless you're in a group. Forget hunting if 
you're a fresh spawn, unless you're hunting other fresh spawns. Second of hunting, you 
don't need to stalk unless your prey is far away or it's a fast animal. In that case, 
stalk until it starts running then go right after it, don't back down because you're out 
of stamina just follow it while you walk, it's a part of hunting. Time.

Sometimes, you won't be able to find any players and the carcasses you find are too small 
or you don't find any at all. During tough times like these is why I suggest at least 2/3 
in hunger consumption. But don't fret, eventually, soon, you will find something to eat. 
If the server is barren of players or carcasses you can always log out and try again later.

Adult Life and How to Make It Stay That Way

When you're a young one you should find any other solo rexes out there and band up with 
as many as possible, this will keep you alive, increase your comfort, open up new 
creatures you can hunt since you're a pack, and is just overall more fun for you. When 
all of you are .9s you'll be furious and feared, you can almost hunt anything as a pack 
of 4-6 not including very large apatos.

Taking on this strategy is a smart approach and a long adult rex life though be wary of 
a few things. One, never meet with someone unless you group them (highly obvious) and 
two, never fully trust a rex you just meant. If it's hungry enough, it might turn on 
you so don't let your guard down. Ever.

I'd also like to mention you will die. Yes, you will die several times as an adult 
especially if you're new to rex. Just like I die several times as an icthy, what we 
both, me and you have in common is that we're new to the creature so it's okay and 
very normal to die loads of times but eventually you will adjust, learn every mistake, 
recgonize every scenario, and think about how you could've done it better, you'll learn 
new tricks and how to get out of some situations. It takes time, multiple playthroughs, 
and dedication and love towards this creature but yes.

Yes. it will happen.
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