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Bear and Breakfast Cheats

Bear and Breakfast

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Quest Tips:
Here you can find some useful tips to beat in-game quests. 
There might be some spoilers.

* Some quests will straight up teach you the blueprints right away, so you’ll 
  find them in the Crafting menu already (that’s the popup with an individual 
  item) and some quests will unlock further options in the PV blueprint shop, 
  that you have to buy and learn yourself.
* So when in doubt, check the Crafting menu if they’re not there already!
* The quests you finish from the Placards will raise the needs of guests 
  overall for that area, so that’s why you’re seeing big numbers. You should 
  be able to come back with much more potent furniture and improve the place.
* You also don’t need the guest to leave a 5 star review for you to complete 
  the quest. Just needs to be pampered and finish their stay.
* Ultimately, the balance of Comfort and other types of Scores has been tricky, 
  and definitely not perfect, but we’re looking at what expanding on each 
  could look like.
* For “Valuables”, once you find a certain character in a certain area and 
  unlock a certain staff option, this will become much easier.
* Progression items are used later after their quests again.

* Julia’s Greenhouse quest: The Small Succulent Plant and Leafy Contrast Plant
  are bought from the dumpster with ‘valuables’.
* Gus and eggs: You can get the eggs in the shop that has a bird that looks 
  like a turkey but isn’t a turkey to the right of the A24 bus stop.

How to Resize or Delete Rooms:
Is there a way to resize or delete rooms after they have been built? 
Read below the answer.

* While not explicitly shown, it is possible to edit or delete any room 
  in the game.
* While using the Workbench, you can click inside any room.
* This will bring up the Room Details panel.
* It includes Edit and Delete options for each room.

For Delete just choose that option. For resize click Edit and draw like 
you build a new room.

How to Build Level 2 Bedrooms:
If you have no idea how to do it, and think no more quests apart from this 
one, no places to visit too then this guide is for you.

-=Useful Tips=-
* Continue onto completing quests in the Motel A24 area.
* You’ll eventually be asked to create rooms in the Motel and invite guests. 
  Guests will want bathrooms – ignore it and invite them anyways.
* After inviting them your next quest will be to build bathrooms and it will 
  give you the blueprints to do so.

Then after this quest, the Shark shop will update with Level 2 bedroom blueprints.

-=Important Note=-
* There will be other missions which seem pretty much impossible at first.
* That’s basically a hint that you need to unlock more blueprints, which means 
  focusing on story quests.
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