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Battlefield - Vietnam Cheats

Battlefield - Vietnam

During single player  mode,  press  the  ~ key to get the cheat
console, and enter the codes.

Code                       Result
Tobias.Karlsson          - Invincibilty
Johnathin.Gustavsson     - Kills enemy bots
Tomas.Skoldenborg        - Kills bots
BotsCanCheatToo          - Bots cheat
WalkingIsWayTooTiresome  - New spawn locatio
aiCheats.code ByeByeNow  - Invincibility
game.enableFreeCamera 1  - Once you die lets you move the camera

Skip opening sequence:
Begin your game with the restart +1 command line parameter. 

Unlike Battlefield 1942, players should take advantage of dense Vietnamese
foliage to  sneak around battles. 

Faster Start-Up:
To start the game faster when loading from a shortcut, right click the shortcut 
and choose "Properties." Append "+restart 1" at the end of the address in the 
Target field and save the change. 

Hope this helps.
Steven Mc Garr, Ireland

Scared "crapless":
This trick works best on the Flaming Dart level. Get in a jet and fly straight up 
until you cannot go any higher. Then, bail out. Everything should be white when 
you bail. When falling, your character will scream. A few seconds after the screams
stop, you can hear him crapping his pants.

Exceed Chinook limit:
To fit more people than the maximum amount in a Chinook, jump into the back opened 
hatch and run towards the front of the chopper. If you use the parachute in it, the
game will automatically put you outside floating down. This works well when you have
a short supply of transport vehicles for a good ambush. The same thing works for a 
boat. You can fit many people in it.

Using napalm:
Napalm will burn straight and backwards. This will help when hitting targets. Also,
if you get hit by napalm do not move and you will not burn.

Finding ammunition faster:
When you need ammunition for weapons that take a long time to find in an ammo crate, 
keep pressing [Action] to find it a lot faster. This obviously does not work in 

Bomb car:
You need to be a C4 engineer for this trick. Find a jeep and weaken it about 80%. 
Plant C4 charges on the hood. Get in it and hit a car, tank, or anything else. 
The C4s will detonate, and destroy what you hit. Note: You can jump out of the 
jeep just before you hit the target, but it may not explode at the first moment.

The Chinook can float on water.

Use your own music:
Enter the game's folder and place .MP3 files in the "My Music" folder found there. 
You can play them in the vehicles by using the "Vehicle Music" option. To use 
this option while driving any vehicle, press 0 and a menu will appear with 
corresponding letters to the custom songs.
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