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Battle Realms - Winter Of The Wolf Cheats

Battle Realms - Winter Of The Wolf

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Multi-player cooperation:
When playing in multi-player mode, your base to a friend's base. Your friend can
defend you while you build.

Lotus clan: Get Ying faster and great fighting:
Train a Warlock unit then set magic by the Brother that has a leaf around his head.
Then, get ice-blade for the Warlock. Your Warlock unit must have more than five 
(the more, the better). In battle, press B to destroy them all. However, it may take
a few minutes to get stamina for the Brother. 

Dragon clan: Break unit limit:
With a new character, train in the Bath House and Royal Academy. Train her to 20
units, then take them to train in the Shrine which provide them the magic. Select
all of them (press B for using the magic). Finally, your units will become 40 by 
using the magic. The sum of these 40 units plus your peasants will be more than 
the limit provided.

Lotus clan: Demon horse:
Tame a horse, then let your unit ride it to near another clan. Dismount to release 
it. Wait and see if they ride that horse. It will take life from them 

Serpent clan: More Yin:
Select a Ronin trained with the Yin Blade accompanied with Shinja. Together they 
will generate twice the amount of Yin that two Ronins would have normally accumulated.

Wolf clan: Ballistaman's bullet converts to totem:
Note this trick will make the Ballistaman's bullet converts to totem, which makes nearby 
enemies weak while you becomes stronger. Make as many Ballistamen as needed, then Bless 
them. Click the Ballistaman, press B, then click on the ground. After clicking B, press 
N at least three times. If an enemy approaches your base, the Ballistaman will shoot it 
with arrows made of Totem (infinite).

Destroy Building Instantly:
In Battle Realms version 1.00 (not WOTW) hit CTRL+D then press D to destroy buildings. 
This works only in that game. If you have WOTW, it will not work. 

Exploit - Yin For Lotus 
In Lotus, train an Unclean One and then build the Crypt of the Brothers, so that you will 
have a 1 yin bonus point. 
Next, upgrade the attack plus of the Blade Acolyte in the Forge. While it is upgrading, 
quickly train the Unclean One in the Forge. 
Of course it will be waiting for the Tempered Steel to finish before it goes inside the 
Forge -- so when the Unclean One is in front of the Forge, press the cancel quickly and 
you will gain yin points. 
The upgrade of Tempered Steel will stop and the Unclean One goes inside for the Rite Of 
Ascension, then it will be cancelled too. Watch the Yin points carefully, the yin points 
that is used for the tempered steel goes back and it will have an additional Yin points 
as you quickly press the cancel button. 

Invisible horse:
Note: This trick is not applicable to the Wolf clan. Train a horse by locking it on your 
stable. Then, let it out by using your Peasants. Click a unit and place it near the stable. 
Then, bring your horse back to stable. Click your unit, and while the horse is walking 
towards the stablem double right click the selected unit. If done fast enough, your 
selected unit will ride on an invisible horse. As you can observe, that horse is free. 

Horse killing:
Take one Peasant and your Solder in a group, then catch a horse. The soldier will 
automatically fight the horse.

Full life and Werewolf:
Give the Berserker his special ability.Use it while his life is red and he is full life 
and Werewolf justso he can fight longer (This also works without the Winter of the Wolf)

Yin Yang for Lotus:
Just follow the steps correctly.

Step 1: Build a Forge.
Step 2: Create a Unclean One.
Step 3: Upgreade or click Silvered Steel in the forge.
Step 4: While upgrading the Silvered Steel, enter Unclean One in the Forge.
Step 5: If you see the Unclean One waiting outside if the forge, click the cancel button
        or the X button on the bottom right of the forge many times.
Step 6: Finnish.

Kenji in keep:
First, make sure that your population is 39/40. Second, build a keep while the last 
peasant is generating from the Peasant Hut. Third and last, make sure that when the 
last peasant comes out from the peasant house, the keep is already built. 
Note: the peasant should come out at the same time with the keep done in building.

Rice Grow Faster:
If you want your rice to grow faster (In wolf). Build keep then summon Gaihla. Put gaihla
on the rice field, then your rice will grow faster!

Infinite Health (Dragon Clan only):
Submitted by: gRaybAck
-=in kill the keep mode=-
Choose the 4 dragon peasants then build one peasant hut when the building is done wait for 
the peasant come out then let him build Dojo then click the 4 peasant then let them help 
the peasant build the Dojo while building click on your keep then press [F1] and [ctrl]+D 
two times and your peasants and buildings will not die and destroyed.)
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