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Battleon Cheats


Secret Pit:
Go to battleon near yuglars shop near valicena like 1 inch there a pit in the 
ground go down if you wanna fight dark monsters.

How to get gekko armor:
first u have to go in the rip in the sky then click on the gekko on the tree 3 times 
then it will eat you then click on the skelleton guy then put read book then go to 
the bottom right and this thing willcome then open the left drawr and you will see 
a gecko click on the gecko then you will meat this guy named pai beat his mini game
and then you will get a code number then go and put quit and you will go back to the
drawr and on the bottom enter the code they gave you and then on the top on the top 
you have to enter pai's last name his last name is gekkonidae then the right drawr 
will open and you will see a feather get the feather and then tickle left spot with
the feather alot of times until the gekko says stop tickling me then he will spit 
you out then keep on clicking more then put shop and then go to armors and get the
gekko armor for 1000 gold but you must be level 10 or up.

Easy money:
First go to the rip in the sky got in the do were there is a desk click on it go in 
it the click the scoll the is by the smoke and shoot but don't att him and you get 
free money.

easy steps to get a good weapon:
Go to rip in the sky. then click on the left bit over there....u should find it. 
Then click on the right and press enter. then click on ladder. the ladder will 
go to the top. press enter. then u meet this guy. press more until it says yes 
and yes. u will get a weapon called plunger. 5 to 21 damge but has 10 bonus. 
Good for noobs. but is a temporary item and will disapear after a while. when 
it does go do the wholke thing all over again. 

How to get a pet wolf:
click travel map. Then click on darkovia forest. Then click on werewolflair. 
Then look to the left of the werewolf king then u will see a wolf, click on 
the wolf and it wil say, YES! take the cool pet, then click on it. 
But when u log out u wil have to do the same thing again. 

Really REALLY good earth attack:
First buy the earth power armour,then go to Warloc's shop and buy the Earth 
rage spell.(lv 50) When you wear the earth power armour,your earth rage spell 
doubles,giving you from 10-54damage!
Earth rage spell does two attacks in one,so you could get 108 damage in total!

How to own carnax battles:
To kill carnax easy,u need to be a guardian and a lvl 9 necromancer.
you should have the ability undead mutant. when ur about to battle carnax there 
would be a treasure chest next to the carnax battle screen,open it and u will 
get a temporary carnax blade this does chaos damage to carnax.Next battle carnax 
and use undead mutant on him it would most likely do 60-150 damage and because of 
undead mutant u will do 6 hits.
it would be realy easy to beat him,plus u get easy xp and cash,how about that.

Get more than 10hp pots:
1st u must go to the pet shop n buy a spell called salad shooter. Then go talk to 
artix click 'heard any rumors?'then click on hunt the seed spliter. Then just keep 
using the spell n it will give u hp pots.then just keep repeating it.i got 4 hppots 
the 1st time though 

Werepyre armor:
First u need to go 2 Darkovia. When it shows the map click on the secret and it will 
take u to a deserted building. Kill the mechazombie and droag outside before u can 
enter. When u get inside wolfwing will. apear. Hell attack u sooner or later so make 
sure u have over 200 hp. After he attacks u tell him u want to become a werepyre. 
Hell make u one and u can buy the armor for 2000 coins. Ull then have half vampire 
half werewolf armor!

Donít Become An Ex-Guardian:
Donít bother becoming an ex guardian because it says that it gives you better weapons 
and 10000 gold and more experience. But it gives you the gold but it doesnít give you 
the extra experience points because say that you was fighting a monster. If you checked 
the opponents stats and look at how much EXP you was meant to get if you won and it 
said you was meant to get 450 EXP then you won you would get 400EXP and for extra you 
would get 50EXP so you would get the same amount in total but it would look like you 
was getting extra but you arenít. (apply to all amount of EXP)

Legendary Fighter's sword:
Keep canceling or fleeing until you reach a Legendary Fighter. If you defeat him, 
click on his sword. You will get it until you log out.

Legendary Hero's sword:
Keep Fighting random fights until you run into a Legendary Hero. When you find him, 
kill him and click on his sword. The sword will stay with you until you log out.

Special weapons:
At level 15 or higher, go to the Multiquest. Click on the girl in the black, then 
select the quest for the Kayda Reaver. It is best to have a good ice weapon. If you 
encounter a Drakel Air Raider or a Drakel Captain, kill them and click on their 
weapon before you click "Next". Alternately, fight monsters and eventually you will 
encounter a Drakel Air Raider. If you are a Fighter, the third boss is a Drakel 

Good Light secondary pet:
Get to level 5 or higher and go to Darkovia Forest. Go to the Werewolf Lair. If you are 
a vampire, go to the Cure and vs. Evil Eye (3), Moglin Phantom and 1,2,or 3 Vampire 
Slayers. Cure yourself, then battle Chico or flee or cancel. When you are at the Werewolf 
Lair, activate the curse and click on the golden wolf. Then on the top right corner, 
click take the cool pet and the bright wolf will be your secondary pet. It is stronger 
than a dark wolf. If you have the armor lycan, which you get from the wolf next to 
the bright wolf, have a dark wolf from aria, and everything on your side will be a 
wolf if you equip lycan to you.

Loada of health potions and mana potions:
Well first do the frogzard hunter quest part 3 first you fight one monster then you 
fight a swamp trog (he is weak so you will kill him no problem) Then once you kill 
him he gives you 10 health potions. After that you will see a zard master then you 
have to fight zard just flee instead of fighting them then you will be back in battle 
on. Then do the defender orb quest and get all the treasure chests and you will get 
potions or gems but there are a few potions as well.

Mana Potions:
First you need a spell called "light of mana". Then if you meet an undead enemy you 
cast the spell on it. If you are lucky you could get a mana potion! Only works on enemies 
with the word "Undead" in them. 

Beating monsters more easily:
At the beginning of the game get Robina Hood 2 fight with u her crossbow does about 32 
damage a hit!

when asked to choose a friend to adventure with choose robina!
If a monster has 200% wind then she will hit 60s sometimes!
If its just got 100% or lower ull hit 30s with her 

10 Potions:
Talk to Twilly, and ask him about the Frogzard Hunter. Click Frogzard Hunter lvl 3 and 
then at the start you'll fight a mosquito. Later, defeat the Swamp Trog and he will give 
u 10 potions. Then, just flee when you're fighting the InfernoZard to cancel the mission 
to get 10 free potions. 

Easy Z-tokens and good houses:
First, you need 200-300 z-tokens. Next you go to valencia and talk about houses. Either 
that or select balyhoo and and other items. then once you get to where you can buy a house, 
buy the tent(the only one you can afford at a low lvl.). you dont have to clear the forest 
to do this. now just wait a couple of weeks and your house will be worth even more Z-tokens. 
My house is currently worth 560 Z-tokens already. the z-token amount will increas by 10 every 
week. thats why i said wait a few weeks.after a long period of time, you can sell it for a 
lot of tokens and get a bigger house. every house is worth more than the last per week. 
forest tent 10 per week. next house Either 15 or 20 per week. next house is 20 or 25 per 
week. next week is 25 to... well... you get the point. eventually you can get the biggest 
house, or keep the z-tokens that you pationtly earned. its as easy as that.

Easter Egg - chiocalate:
It is verry large and is the same colour as the sun and it also has 6 layers of cream and 

The safe:
Go to rip in the sky. find the library and clik on the biggest flame and you wil see the safe.

Get 25 potions:
Firts go to twilly an go to frog zard hunter then qeast 3 after the swamp trog give you ten 
poitions go to aria shops then buy a spell then go to twilly again then click hered any rumors 
then hunt seed spitter then use the spell to attack it then somtimes he will give you some 
poitions attack it antell you get 25 potions.

"Death Scythe", the weapon of the reaper.:
When you die, you will always see the reaper, then click the hourglass (bottom right). You 
just travel and fight and defeat 10 monsters without dying once. If you succeed, the reaper 
will be impressed and he will give you his scythe. Death Scythe: Attack: 10-40 Special: 
Unleashes the dead spirits to attack your enemies for 4 hits, that can deal total damage of 
90 damage. (chance 30%)

Easter Egg - easy help:
What you do is go to keld naer and pick a side and then a weapon and a partner go into 
battle and when you have enough skill points run from the battle and there you have it 
some help until you log out.

Attack without a enemi:
Go 2 the guardian tower get a dragonrider armor then clik on the kid say yes and you 
chalang a monster then chanch yor armor and youl fale but leave the attak buton on.

How to make your name backwards Seriously:
Go to warlic's shop then look around mix all the stuff in top shelf into mixing bowl then 
you will be teleported.BEWARE!YOU WILL DIE if you are lvl 65 or under.then after that you 
fight with 0 hp and 0 mp. when you are back to full health, go look at your name.

Easy money:
First log in then click under BATTLE MONSTERS you see ballyhoo and upgrades click that 
then click ballyhoo then watch her clips when the clips done click get prize and your 
prize is money and also if your lucky you can get 10 z tokens (money goes up when you lvl) 
and its for free users as well as gardians.

Temporary Weapons:
For Those who have lousy weapons and want a new one.

Unlockable    How to unlock
Plungerizer - Escape from rip in the sky n click on take plunger.
Fangmaw Axe - Go to Adder's room and click on the grey axe.
Tusk Spear  - Deafeat Chrask and click on horn.
Drakel Tube - Deafeat Drakel Air Raider and click on gun.

Best ice team:
First go get a two bear form from gnuvain the shapeshifter and buy the liquisepter from 
jackel sano and if you are an aerodu clan member buy the gong of the wind or if not buy 
the nerfkitten. the nerf kitten uses the atak nerf can lower tthe defenses of your foe 
and increase its weakness and also get galrick or brontus or lavistra to help u in battle 
and poof you have the best ice team.

Easter Egg - Free and easy Z-tokens:
Hey guys i discovered a thing when u need tokens for something and got 100 or around that 
too less, just get too Ballyhoo she gives you gold everytime and when you viewed 4 or 
something then around each video u view u got i think 30% chance that you find 10 Z-tokens 
so keep watching and u make a lot of tokens! I made 1000 tokens in one hour!

Submitted by: John

When I search for the secret pit as carefully as I can, even when I move my cursor 
everywhere you said to move it it doesn't ask if I want to go down or show a hand.

Rare weapons:
Go south on map go to jagged peaks then talk to the girl then fight four ms then 
fight4-5more and you get an egg it has a rare weapon inside it.

Unlock Health Potion Re-fill:
In order to do the Health potion re-fill formula, you go to Warlic's shop and click 
explore, then sure thing, really.
1. Click,Drag Mermazon Kelp drag it into te bowl DIRECTLY south of the kelp.
2. Then Click, Drag Frogzards Tear into the same Bowl.(next to the ,Right bottle).
3. Then Click, Drag Magma Leaf (red Coral looking).
Then your potions will be restored to an amount.

Unl. health:
Go to jagged peaks then complete the mission twice next take two health potins then
take 2 mana potians while fighting a minitor.

How to find blade of awe items:
Go to the cross roads if you rea gredein its rerly founed there and go to the rip in 
the sky and go to the nerist door to the left and go to the water cumber and you will
gets cheasts and they will have 3 pointins or a peice of the blade awe.

Easy wins:
First become a necromancer then train it to level 5 if your a non guardian if your a 
guardian make it level 10 if your a guardian buy the obsidian cloak if non guardian 
necromancer then if non guardian if guardian use undead mutant.

Submitted by: Arlen

if u want to get a lot of health potions fast, here's what u do.
1.go to pet "buy pets". "shop spells". 4.choose to buy "salad shooter". 
5.exit pet shop. on twilly. hello. "heard any rumours". 
"hunt seedspitter". 10.use "salad shooter" and u will get a potion for every time that u 
use "salad shooter". 11.if u run out of mana,press flee then press on twilly again and he 
will refill all of your health and mana,then repeat steps 7 to 10 a lot of times to get a 
lot of potions.

Pet Rock:
At Warlic's mix Slottwab Dust, Magma Leaf, and Bad juice together. 
Pet Rock disappears when you log off.

Pyshco Fiend:
He can do a base damage of 30-52 damage If only use like water plate If ubers It's
damage will become 9-30 base damage.

2 grand a day:
Once in town look at the left bottem hand corner and you will see balleyhoo and upgrades 
click on it and watch the advertisment after go back to game and then you will see a 
button that says watch another advertisment watch it up to 8 times cuz it gives you 290gp
each time and sometimed z tokens.

10 health potions:
Goto battleon and click on twilly goto the frogzardhunter and click on quest3 defeat 2 
monsters and youll get 10 health potions, on the third monster flee.

Gekko armor:
First go to the rip in the sky. Then click the gekko three times then he will eat you. While
your in there click aroung to find a box then when u do the middle code is gekko and bottom
code is 86623 ater u open it u will get a feather. Click aroung till he lughs really hard then
he will let u out then u will ask for a reward and hell say sure y not or sumthin. Then it will
open a shop then buy the lv 10 Gekko armour for 1,000 gold!

Easy money:
Go to Battleon and click on rip in the sky. then go to library which is first door on the left.
Click on table behind the pool. click the scroll next to the one that is steaming. Now do shoot
carnax you dont have to do anything and each time you get around 450g. hint you can get a carnax
blade buy clicking on the chest in front of robina and warlic. you can do shoot carnax as many 
times as you want.

plungerizer         - goto rip in the sky find it there.
fight with galanoth - goto kaeld naer choose people and orcs then choose weapon then find galanth.
carnax blade        - fight carnax (for guardian only).
elite blade         - be at max level.
strong stats        - fight stats trainer.
fire dragon summon  - buy at beastmasters area buy feral garb or from galanoth unlocks at class 10.
best armor          - buy necromancer at obsidia's lair.

Galanoth fight by your side:
You must go south of batlleon to kaeld naer and fight with the humans and orcs once submitted 
choose galanoth to fight with you once submitted get avistrias bow or auger of brontus.

Strong pets:
Submitted by: cheats
Unlockable these strong pets.

Unlockable            How to unlock:
Truffle             - You can buy at arias shop.
Shark               - Buy feral garb at dark jungle.
Gatta               - At gatta island.
Thunder kitten      - Finish the quest at thunder mountain.
Dinozard            - Go to the frogzard hunter click Dinozard Island and finish the quest.
Random wild animals - Keep battling at the sign battle monsters until you end up with a crate.
Light wolf	        - Go to werewolf lair at darkovia forest fiund the yellow wolf.
Permafrost          - Keep battling mosters until you end up agaist lord arrgthas defeat him.
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