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Battlefield - Bad Company 2 Cheats

Battlefield - Bad Company 2

Submitted by: David K.

Predator reference:
On the second Bolivia mission where you start off sniping, after short amount of time 
there will be a cineamatic where you are looking at a group of guards, with one being 
in a watch tower. Sarge will say "They are dug in like an Alabama tick". This is the 
same phrase Jessie Ventura used in the movie Predator when they were taking out the 
enemies at the beginning.

Bonus Weapons:
Go to the "Multiplayer" menu and select "Unlockables" and enter in each phrase

Password                Effect
try4ndrunf0rcov3r     - M60 Machine Gun
your3mynextt4rget     - QBU-88 Sniper Rifle
cov3r1ngthecorn3r     - Uzi

Unlockables Wildcards:
Complete the indicated task in Multiplayer mode to unlock each Wildcard

Unlockable	How to Unlock	
1 On 1 Air       - In one round, destroy an air vehicle of the same kind without
1 On 1 Land      - In one round, destroy one land vehicle of the same kind without 
1 On 1 Sea       - In one round, destroy one sea vehicle of the same kind without
2 Pair           - In one round, get two of any two trophies.
Airtime          - In one round, get two seconds air time in a land vehicle.
Armor Buster     - In one round, destroy five armored vehicles.
Avenger Trophies - In Global, get 50x Avenger Trophies.
Beat the House   - In one round, get 15 grenade kills.
Cab Driver       - In one round, spend five minutes as driver in a vehicle with 
Destruction Site - In one round, destroy 50 objects.
Dueces are Wild  - In one round, kill two enemies of each kit.
Five of a Kind   - In one round, destroy five vehicles of the same kind.
Full Deck        - In one round, get 52 total kills.
Full House       - In one round, destroy 3+2 vehicles of the same kind.
Gunslinger       - In Global, get 80 kills with a handgun.
Headshots        - In one round, get 20 kills from headshots.
Parashooter      - In one round, get 4 road kills with any air vehicle.
Savior Trophies  - In Global, get 50x Savior Trophies.
Snake Eyes       - In one round, get 11 kills as two different classes.
Squad Wild Card  - In one round, get one Squad Member trophy per squad member.
Staying Dry      - In one round, get two seconds air time with a sea vehicle.
Straight Flush   - In one round, destroy one vehicle of each kind.
Strike           - In one round, kill ten enemies at the same time.
Tank Buster      - In one round, destroy five tanks.
Three of a Kind  - In one round, destroy three vehicles of the same kind.

Dr. Pepper bonuses:
Use the following procedure to get the bonus Dr. Pepper alternate clothing for each
class. Go to and register an account. 
Note: You can register three different accounts to redeem three different codes and
get each item. After creating an account enter one of the following redemption codes,
selecting the "No Purchase" option.

Select the "Redeem" button to see a login for an EA Account. Log in with your EA 
account information that is linked to Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Select Battlefield:
Bad Company 2 from the game list and select the desired bonus item. Repeat the steps 
with a new account to get the other items.

Continuous Sprint:
While sprinting, press the jump button every so often and you will never stop sprinting.

Dog tag ranks:
Complete the indicate task to earn the corresponding rank. 

Bronze : Knife kill a player ranked 1 to 21.
Silver : Knife kill a player ranked 22 to 45.
Gold   : Knife kill a player ranked 46 to 50.

Crack The Sky: Funny dialogue:
Kill all the enemies on the helicopter. Land and go through the level without making the
team stop. Note: If they get hit in the middle of a conversation they will not repeat it
for that game. After you take out the .50 caliber machine gun and go up the hill where the
soldier slides down, kill him and the person on the ledge near the sniper rifle, slightly 
to the right of the man that just slid down. Instead of going for the sniper, run on the 
roof of the computer room and kill all landing troops from the helicopter. Proceed by 
killing the remaining enemies on your right from the roof. After you are done, enter the
building and take out the remaining three or four enemies but do Not activate the console.
Take Sarge, Hags and Sweets outside the building by walking into them to make them move in
the opposite direction. This is done to eliminate the annoying echo inside the building. 
You can hear at least ten conversations. Some of them include talking about super powers,
the WWE, Hulk Hogan, Woody Allen, 50 Cent and other funny topics. If they do not talk for
over two minutes, the conversations are over. There is about twenty minutes of dialogue 
in this level.

Spotting Enemies:
You have to aim at someone that is not on your team, and if you cant kill him, press
the select button.

XP Farming:
Note: This requires a cooperative second player. Choose Hardcore Mode and become a medic.
Find a safe spot and kill and revive your friend with the defibrillator repeatedly. You 
get 80 points each time but you lose 15 for team killing.

* Go to one of the areas where it will tell you that you're leaving the combat zone. Have
  someone walk out there and when they die run in and revive them with you defib paddles.
  You get 80 points and it doesn't take 15 points away for team killing. 

Easy experience points:
Play with a friend in Hardcore mode. Become a medic. When in a safe location, intentionally
kill your partner then revive them with the defibrillator. Each time this is done you will 
gain get 80 experience points but also lose 15 experience points for team killing. Repeat 
this as many times as desired. 

Mission 4 "Upriver" Easy Sniping! 
* When you start the fourth mission "Upriver" you will have to take down a guard on a 
  sniping post, just sneak by him by crouching or walking quietly, when you are close 
  hit him with your knife.

* Now to the sniping part, it is pretty easy, you will have to shoot some guardians before
  you can regroup with your units. Shoot ONLY when you hear a thunder sound, you can predict
  it coming by noticing the flash, so your shots won't be heard.

* First take out the one on the left pier when thunder strikes, next aim right where you 
  can see two other guardians on two piers. The thunder will strike, and if you are fast 
  enough you can take them both, otherwise wait until the thunder strikes again. 
  Now reload.

* Aim a little bit up, a guy will come down the stairs, hit him when thunder strikes. Now 
  the tricky part, you will have to take out two guardians at the same time, ONE SHOT KILL
  when thunder strikes. This can be hard since the alarm goes on when gunshots are heard. 
  You are done sniping now, go down there and regroup.

Upriver: Easy sniping:
When you start the mission you must take down a guard on a sniping post. Crouch or walk 
quietly to sneak to him. When you are close, attack him with your knife. You must now shoot
some guards before you regroup with your units. Shoot only when you hear thunder. You can 
predict when it happens by noticing the lightning. Take out the one on the left pier first
when thunder strikes. Then, aim to the right where you can see two other guards on two 
piers. The thunder will strike, and you can take them both out quickly. You can also wait
for thunder to strike again and take them out individually. Reload, then aim up slightly. 
A person will come down the stairs. Hit him when thunder strikes. You must now take out 
two guards at the same time with a one shot kill when thunder strikes. This can be difficult
because the alarm is sounded when gunshots are heard. 

Out of map:
You cant actually get out of any map in BFBC2 but you can get to places your not supposed 
to by doing so. There is a countdown when you go out the map that will kill you if you dont
get back in before its reached over which gives you time to get out, around and back in 
again. There will often be walls or hills to stop you getting out but you can jump on rocks
to get onto them. then the countdown will start, get close to the edge of the hill and it 
should go away even if your still on the hill because the line separating what area is in 
and what isn't, isn't very defined so if you stay on this line when you go to somewhere you 
normally cant, you won't die. E.g in Arica Harbor, second base when defending go to the 
left of the map (facing the enemy's base) one go to the rocks, jump up onto them and then 
onto the hill, then walk along until you reach the end of where you can go (because there 
is a cliff in front of you)and from there you can either stay there and have a good vantage
point of the attackers coming under you or go left and up between the rock and the sand 
where you then have a good vantage point of the enemy base BUT you are also very exposed.

Mirror's Edge reference:
There is an intermission sequence immediately following the first modern-day mission. When
the squad is speaking to the captain, there is a photograph on the top right of the screen
on the wall that depicts Faith, the main character from the Mirror's Edge series.

Rush mode: Destroying M-COM stations:
Note: This trick works better with three players. Have the following conditions in Rush 
mode: Non-hardcore, two or more squads, and be on the attacking side. Have a player pilot
the UAV. Have a second player play as Recon with C4 enabled. Note: Having the Perk that 
gives you more C4 is recommended. Have the Recon player strap all his C4 to a UAV. Have 
the Pilot player fly the UAV next to an M-COM station. Have the Pilot player tell the 
Recon player to detonate the C4 when he is close to the station. Because friendly fire
is turned off, the UAV will be unharmed. Six C4s strapped to a UAV does approximately 50%
damage. The third player can either be Recon and put more C4 on (to destroy or severely 
damage the MCOM station in sortie), or be Assault and supply the Recon player with another
batch of C4 explosives.

Battlefield - Bad Company 2 Multiplayer:
Submitted by: Amit

-Auto shot
-Auto Knife
-predilect shot
-no sky
-no recoil
-no reload
-player chams

Bonus Weapons:
To get one of weapons first go to the "Multiplayer" menu and select "Unlockables" and 
enter in each phrase.

try4ndrunf0rcov3r - M60 Machine Gun.
your3mynextt4rget - QBU-88 Sniper Rifle.
cov3r1ngthecorn3r - Uzi.
aw3somef1rep0wer  - Unlock Demolition Kit: USAS12.
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