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Battlefield V Cheats

Battlefield V

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Capture Objectives Inside Buildings:
In Conquest, you'll be capturing objectives, and you can actually do it while you're 
safely tucked away indoors. Wherever you can (like in the drainage pipe on Objective 
C in Narvik), crawl inside a small safe space and wait for the points to come rolling 
in. Having a wall to your back means there's one less place to get shot from, and if 
you lay prone inside the building, you might get the drop on an enemy with the same 

In-Game Challenges and Rewards:
Try to complete the Special Challenge and Daily Orders whenver possible as doing 
so will earn you Company Coin which can be used to unlock weapon and vehicle progression 
options. They also allow you to purchase cosmetic items such as face paint, jackets, 
and weapon skins. Special Assignments are a series of in-game tasks that Challenge your 
sills on the battlefield while Daily Orders tend to be smaller challenges that rotate 
daily. These can be things like destroying a set number of enemy vehicles or resuppling 
teammates a certain number of times.

Shooting Accurately:
Unlike most first-person shooters you will find it impossible to accurately shoot in 
this game while moving. To have a better chance of hitting the target you need to stay 
still and where possible, crouch or go prone when aiming.

Throw Grenades Back:
If you immediately use the interact button to throw back a grenade that has landed at 
your feet there is a good chance you will pick up multiple kills from that quick move 
because the enemy will not have time to get away from it.
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