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Battlefield 1 Cheats

Battlefield 1

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips of Scout Class:

* All the Scout class weapons and Gadgets are meant for the long-range kill 
  so you need to find a safe place, from where you can help your teammates.
* You must be aware that enemies can spot your position via flash.
* While using your primary weapon, which is not well suited for medium or close 
  range combat, It is better to use your side-arm when moving between targets.
* While using your sidearm, you can't expect to win one on one against a player 
  Assault or Medic Class.
* It is not good to stay in a single place, after attacking enemies, keep 
  switching places so that enemies can't sneak up on you.

Hidden Cavalry Sword:
In the "Breakdown" mission in the "Through Mud And Blood" campaign, proceed to 
the French village where you need to collect parts for your broken tank. This 
is the village with the windmill on the hill overlooking the town. In the town
is a two-story structure with a mounted MG turret in the window, directly above
a corner door. This is a building on the main street, near the edge of town 
facing the windmill. Directly beneath the MG turret is the Cavalry Sword under
a table on the first floor.

Field Manual locations:
Search the indicated locations in the listed campaign to find the Field Manuals.
There are 20 Field Manuals in the "Through Mud And Blood" campaign. Each Field 
Manual is saved instantly when collected. Thus, you can quit out to the main 
menu immediately without losing any progress. You do not have to collect them 
again when you die and none of them are missable. You can view how many Field 
Manuals you have found in each mission and how many are missing under the 
mission selection screen. You can also pause a mission at any time to view 
your collectible progress. Every mission has a Codex Entry for finding all the 
Field Manuals in it.

The World's Tiniest Gun:
Reach Rank 10 in Multiplayer mode to unlock the Kolibri for purchase for 150 
warbonds. The Kolibri is a pocket-sized gun held between the thumb and index 
finger. It fires 2mm bullets, and was (at one point) available commercially to 
the public. The magazine holds 8 rounds. The gun is so small, it cannot be held
in the palm of your hand. Instead, you have to pinch the pistol's grip between 
the forefinger and thumb to get a grip. There really is no other gun quite like
it. The 2mm bullets barely inflict any damage to your opponents, but you can 
still earn kills with it. It is more used as a novelty taunt, as nobody wants
to get killed by the tiniest gun in history.

How to Destroy Tanks Easily:
In Battlefield 1, the Assault Class is an anti-vehicle class which has mines, AT 
Grenades, Rocket Guns, Dynamites and other tools which are very useful for a tank
hunter. First, you need to grab the tool which you know you are best with. Like 
for example, Dynamites, where you need to judge the tank's movement before you 
throw or attack it.
Note: Always take cover and keep moving in and out to avoid the return fire.
Next, you can try are the AT Mines which should always be placed in the area that 
leads to the Capture point. This will not only slow them down but also drains the 
nearby enemies health. Lastly, you can use the AT Rocket Gun to aim and destroy 
the mini tanks or half damaged tanks. Hint: If you have a Pilot in touch then, 
coordinate with them and ask them to help you with backup.

Tips and Tricks:
Once you get started with the Battlefield 1 massive multiplayer battles, charge 
in on foot as infantry, lead a cavalry assault, and battle in fights so intense 
and complex you won’t know which way is up. So here we are to provide you with 
simple tricks that you need to use and turn the tide of battle in your favor.

* Players who choose to be with Assault Class can use the AT Rocket Gun which 
  will auto-deploy when you are near Window at C. From here you can fire from 
  the cover and easily take down a couple of enemies.
* Assault class can also counter the armored train on foot by anticipating on a 
  cap with Assault Mines and mine the tracks before it reaches.
* Players using the assault launcher, to pop out of cover and fire off a shot. 
  Also, the Bipods will deploy when peeking around corners.
* If you are the one with Support Class and have anti-tank grenades then keep 
  refilling it with your ammo pouch by putting one down.
* For capturing F, keep an eye out for the snipers (above you), For capturing C, 
  try to cap it inside the building and finally for Cap D, try it from inside 
  the shed across the tracks.
* You can try to Lock the Steel Doors which the enemies can't open it without 
  destroying it. Also, stop unlocking when you are busy defending flags in 
  operation mode.
* Players on Ottoman side can try rushing C and using the emplacement Howitzer
  overlooking F. This will not only net you tons of kills but also stop the 
  enemy team from attacking C after they capture F.
* Looking for Big Weapons? Then take a look at Point B for Flamethrower, Point  
  F for Heavy Gunner and Point E for Anti-Tank Rifle. These weapons will spawn 
  in every 5 minutes after the flag is captured. Similarly, the AA guns can be 
  found at E, D, and C.
* While in rush game modes try to smash a small hole out of the bottom corner 
  of windows when defending to get a good field of view of the outer city 
  telegraph poles. When defending A, you can find a pathway which has the most 
* vehicles to attack. You can either plant both dynamite charges in that area 
  or get the free vehicle kill.
* In order to stop enemies in the area between B and C, you can always prefer 
  to use the Machine Gun turrets at D. The anti-air turrets at D and C will 
  make sure you get a good at killing.
* Using Anti-vehicle turrets? Try turning them with A and D then use the mouse 
  to make a precise aim. Mostly you will find these on the defender side with 
  one on the left flank behind the first telegraphs.
* In the settings, change the color of hitmakers so that when you take a 
  headshot its the same color and changes when you get a kill. Similarly, you 
  can turn on emplacement icons on the minimap in the settings menu.
* All the support class players that are using LMG, try to do short microbursts
  of 5-8 shots and avoid tap fire, holding down the trigger.
* While in an urban area, Cover is very crucial and try walking more and 
  peaking around corners instead of just blindly running around. The best 
  tip to avoid exposing is to sit next to the edge of a wall and aim down sights.
* The best way to kill your enemy is by shooting from the hip when in close 
  quarters and only aim down sights for medium and long range engagement.
* For a squad leader, the only place you can spawn is with your teammates. So 
  make sure at least one of the squad members is alive. To gain a lot more XP, 
  complete squad leader tasks.
* Light Transport Vehicle has a loadout with an AA gun which displays 6 shots 
  but actually has infinite ammo.
* While capturing the flag you can try to flank enemies instead of going 
  straight towards them.
* Spam the Q button to spot when you blink
* Simply Press 'V' to set the range of your scope to 75,150,300m(if Recon). 
  To test the distance, you need to Fire a few rounds at each setting.
* If you are taking cover and don't want to expose then simply Press 'Q' if 
  you are Medic, as this will throw bandages to heal your teammates.

Medic Class Tips and Tricks:
* The First and the most important tips to start with always stick with your 
  teammates. As your job is to heal and revive, make sure you are close to them 
  and safe.
* Healing one squad at a time. We have seen entire squad dying while trying to 
  take an objective as the Medic was busy healing another squad. Healing your 
  squad net you more points, but it saves a lot of time and energy. Stick with
  One Squad.
* If you are away from your teammate then always refer to your Mini-map and 
  know where what is happening. If any of your teammates needs Medic then it 
  will be displayed on the map and you know here exactly to go.
* You can always heal yourself so make sure you heal as your team won't win if
  the only Medic in the squad is dead. So if you are hit then throw health 
  packs and run over it.Your objective here is to throw health packs at your 
  teammates frequently and keep them alive on the Battlefield, but if you see 
  them surrounded by enemies and snipers then run away from that area to save 
  your points.
* If you manage to continuously heal and cover fire from the versatile Medic 
  rifle then you could hold a final choke point against very strong opposition 
  until the counter ran down.
* Firing will be the last resort and aim with Medic weapons is slightly 
  difficult due to lack of recoil. So it's better to keep practicing to 
  perfect and make sure every shot deals damage to the enemies.
* The Best loadout for Medic is the  Auto Revolver(M1911) which you'll only 
  need to hit them once if they're hurt already. Cei-Rigotti Factory for 
  medium range as it has quick recoil and spread reset allows you to shoot 

Morse code translation:
While at a capture point and calling in an artillery strike, you will hear a short
radio message and a string of Morse code over the telegraph. The translation of 
the Morse code message used in-game is simply the word "Morse".

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst reference:
During the opening cutscene of the "Through Mud And Blood" war story, you can 
see the word "Faith" marked in white chalk on the interior of the tank. This 
is a reference to the game Mirror's Edge: Catalyst, which is another game by 
the same developer, DICE. Mirror's Edge: Catalyst starred Faith Connors, a parkour
expert that helps expose corruption in the futuristic city of Glass.

How to see what other players have ordered:
* As Squad leader, hold down the quick chat.
* Go to the Order section.
* You will be able to pick a flag to order.
* At the lower level, you will see how many other squads are currently attacking 

Faster ranking in Multiplayer mode:
To get approximately 500 to 600 score per minute, do the following:

* Always play in a squad. Try to play in a squad where all teammates communicate 
  with each other.
* Play Quickmatch Domination. You get points much quicker in this mode than other 
* Make sure your team focuses on the objective. 
* Have your squad leader issue useful attack commands that get your team points.
  For example, you normally get 200 points for capturing a base in Domination. 
  However, if your squad leader marks the base, you get an additional 100 points 
  for following his orders. You will also get an "Order Followed" bonus worth up 
  to 80 extra points. Additionally, the squad can separate into two separate groups.
  The squad leader can then issue commands to attack two separate bases at different
  times, alternating between bases. If successful, you will get an extra 100 points 
  even though you never captured the other base. You can get a possible 480 points 
  in ten seconds by using this method.
* The squad leader must always pay attention to all bases. If a base is about to 
  be captured, the squad leader needs to make sure to change the attack orders so
  everyone on the team gets at least 100 points, even if they are not at that base.
  Even if you are dead and none of your teammates are at the base being captured, 
  you will still get 100 points for it being captured if the squad leader has attack
  orders on it.
* Make sure your squad always sticks together and the squad composition has variety.
  It is recommended to have at least two medics and two support players. Since there
  are no vehicles in Quickmatch Domination, assault units are not too useful. Since 
  you are running around a lot and trying to capture bases, the sniper class is also 
  not very useful.
* If your squad always sticks together, you will get extra points since you will be 
  spawning on each other, spotting enemies, and suppressing enemies with gunfire. 
  You will also receive signifiant points for healing your teammates and resupplying 
  them with ammo.
* Play the objective and focus on only killing enemies that stand in your way of 
  capturing a base or getting to the next base to capture. 
* The best situation that can occur is circling the map while following the enemy,
  capturing points that they just captured.
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