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Balls of Steel Cheats

Balls of Steel

Cheat Codes:
Press [Print Screen], then type one of the following
codes during game play on the indicated table to 
activate the cheat function.

Effect                     Table        Code 
Toggle ball blocker        (Any)        grand canyon
Set to final ball          (Any)        last legs
Time increased             (Any)        morlock
Time reduced               (Any)        eloi 
Points added               (Any)        pitchfork 
Video modes ready          (Any)        couch potato 
Powerball enabled          (Any)        warp core
Decision ready             Darkside     whodunnit
Kickbacks recharged        Darkside     bucket
2-ball ready               Darkside     evil twin
Extra ball lit             Darkside     freakshow
Super cannon ready         Darkside     nerf gun
Super pops lit             Darkside     popcorn
Crawler attack lit         Darkside     roach motel
Target practice ready      Darksid      t-minus 1
Bug hunt ready             Darkside     t-minus 2
Guard duty ready           Darkside     t-minus 3
Xenophobia ready           Darkside      t-minus 4
Meteor storm ready         Darkside     t-minus 5
Rescue ready               Darkside     t-minus 6
Showdown ready             Darkside     t-minus 7
Final assault ready        Darkside     t-minus 8
3-ball ready               Darkside     triplets
Mystery ready              Duke Nukem   whodunnit
Kickbacks recharged        Duke Nukem   bucket
Extra ball lit             Duke Nukem   freakshow
All keys                   Duke Nukem   gatekeeper 
Pickups                    Duke Nukem   meat market 
Come get some mode         Duke Nukem   t-minus 1
Let god sort'em out mode   Duke Nukem   t-minus 2
Nukem' til they glow mode  Duke Nukem   t-minus 3
Blast'em into space mode   Duke Nukem   t-minus 4
Mail the King, Baby mode   Duke Nukem   t-minus 5
More glory mode            Duke Nukem   t-minus 6
Final Duke mode            Duke Nukem   t-minus 7
3-ball ready               Duke Nukem   triplets
Mystery lit                Firestorm    whodunnit
Kickbacks relit            Firestorm    bucket
2-ball ready               Firestorm    evil twin
Extra ball lit             Firestorm    freakshow
Car chase ready            Firestorm    road rage
Countdown                  Firestorm    t-minus 1 
Freeway chaos              Firestorm    t-minus 2
Bomb Scare                 Firestorm    t-minus 3
Waterfront mode            Firestorm    t-minus 4
Airport mode               Firestorm    t-minus 5
Subway Alert               Firestorm    t-minus 6
Arson Attack               Firestorm    t-minus 7
Firestorm                  Firestorm    t-minus 8 
3-ball ready               Firestorm    triplets
Gift of the Gods           Barbarian    whodunnit
Death Savers lit           Barbarian    bucket
Extra ball lit             Barbarian    freakshow
Earth mode                 Barbarian    dry
Air mode                   Barbarian    cool 
Fire mode                  Barbarian    hot 
Water mode                 Barbarian    wet
Portal mode                Barbarian    yorick
Citadel ready              Barbarian    new york
Diamond mode               Barbarian    t-minus 1
Sapphire mode              Barbarian    t-minus 2
Ruby mode                  Barbarian    t-minus 3 
Opal mode                  Barbarian    t-minus 4 
Emerald mode               Barbarian    t-minus 5
Blade mode                 Barbarian    t-minus 6
3-ball ready               Barbarian    triplets
Mystery award lit          Mutation     whodunnit
Kickbacks relit            Mutation     bucket
2-ball ready               Mutation     evil twin
Extra ball lit             Mutation     freakshow
Super pops lit             Mutation     popcorn
Toxic Spores lit           Mutation     toadstool
Red Alert lit              Mutation     t-minus 1
Atom smashing lit          Mutation     t-minus 2
Feed the Beasts lit        Mutation     t-minus 3
High Voltage lit           Mutation     t-minus 4
Radiation leak lit         Mutation     t-minus 5
Mutation lit               Mutation     t-minus 6
Outbreak lit               Mutation     t-minus 7
3-ball ready               Mutation     triplets

Warcraft reference: 
Repeatedly press [Print Screen] to enable the cheat screen. The Genie
will make some Warcraft references. Note: Doing this too many times 
will disable the cheat screen.

Cow Madness Mega Points:
Follow these instructions for each table and a picture of a cow will
appear on the scoreboard dotpanel:

Darkside   - Bounce the ball between the slingshot bumpers a bunch of times.
Barbarian  - Light the "K" in the K-E-Y targets, then shoot the Blade of Power.
Firestorm  - Spell BOB with the BOMB targets (rotating the lights won't work).
Duke Nukem - Knock the ball back down the elevator from the upper table.
Mutation   - You've got to have both in-lane lights lit when you get the kickback.

Once you see the cow appear on the scoreboard dotpanel, quickly hit the HOME 
key before the cow disappears to gain mega extra points.
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