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Baldies Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

Baldies Aplenty:
Hold down [F8] and click somewhere with the mouse to make tons of baldies.

Submitted by:: Spark Tcy

Breed constantly and make sure you have lots of soldiers andstrong

Secret levels:
Begin game play at level four or higher at the game speed set to the slowest
option. Drop a sheep in the water. Drop ten dolphins on your Science Lab, 
then complete the current level. Secret levels will replace levels 1 and 2.

Hints and Tips:
(from the official game website:

* The helicopter is devastating, especially against the computer who won't 
  often try to destroy it. The computer could be kicking your teeth in, then
  bamm-o, you make the chopper and clean house on the computer.

* In a net game, if you see an opponent build a Helipad, either destroy it 
  immediately or start inventing a Stage 3 storm to down the helicopter that
  will soon follow.

* When two people are ganging up on you in a net game, try keeping a constant 
  rainstorm on one of the players while you deal with the other one. This is 
  an extremely effective tactic on the Hell level set, since the storm kills 
  Baldies in hell.

* If someone is using those annoying rainstorms on you, keep that Stage 1 storm 
  charged. As soon as someone hits you with the storm, trigger the Stage 1 in an
  out of the way place. The new storm will cancel the old one.

* If your have a tough time completing a level, try turning the game speed down 
  to minimum, then dropping a skunk into the water. Then feed the piranha to the
  Hairies. This tactic is especially good at the beginning of a level, it cuts 
  down on a lot of the enemy starting forces.

* When an enemy keeps screwing up your aerial assaults with rainstorms or angel 
  dust, try making cannons and targeting them on an enemy house. Then drop a 
  bunch of Soldier Baldies into the cannons and watch them fly into the enemy
  house through rainstorms and angel dust.

* To prevent a enemy house from upgrading, try placing a mine field above the 
  house. It will be years before they can remove the field.

* In net games, sometimes it's hard to keep Baldies alive outside of a house when
  they're gathering energy. Try making a small two square island in the corner of
  the map, then move a bunch of Baldies there and pray that your enemies don't 
  notice them. 

* The Stage 3 mine is very effective and can be created after you have built a 
  Stage 2 Breeder house. Send a horde of flying soldiers at an enemy house, then
  place the large mine next to that same house. Just before the first soldier 
  gets to the house, drop a sheep on top of the mine. This will kill twenty of 
  the Hairies inside, clearing the way for your Baldies to take it over.

* To fill a house with Baldies without trying, place a trail of rocks leading 
  from the door of a Breeder house to another house. When the first house spits
  Baldies out, they will tumble down into the second house.

* A quick way to kill an enemy house is with your grenade toting soldiers. After 
  you have built a Stage 2 Barracks, put your shield over the target house, then 
  place a rock in front of the house to prevent the soldiers from entering. Any 
  of your soldiers outside of the house will be tempted to barrage the house with
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